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Wellstone 4th Grade Assessment PowerPoint Handout


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Wellstone 4th Grade Assessment PowerPoint Handout

  1. 1. Question 1 Minnesota History What ways did early American Indians use to record their History? A. Pencil and paper. For each question please circle the answer you B. Pictures on animal hides and rocks. think is best. C. Sound and video recordings. Question 2 Image 1 What is this a picture of? A. Rock for making tools. B. Graffiti or vandalism. C. Petroglyphs or rock carvings. Question 3 Question 4 What is a Winter Count? What groups exchanged items and cultures during the fur trade? A. A picture drawn on an animal hide to A. Dakota, Ojibwe, and Europeans. remember the past. B. A count of how many cold days there B. Navajo, Apache, and Europeans. are in a year. C. A picture drawn in the snow to C. Dakota, Ojibwe, and Mexicans. remember the winter. 1
  2. 2. Question 5 What are these women doing? Image 2 A. Looking for birds. B. Fishing. C. Collecting wild rice. Question 6 Question 7 What job did a clerk do during What items were traded at the the fur trade? fur trading post? A. Translated Dakota into English. A. Candy, stamps, and shells. B. Moved trade items into and furs out of Minnesota by canoe. B. Tools, cloth, and beaver fur. C. Traded items and kept records at C. Fur, wood, and money. the fur trade post. Question 8 Question 9 Which are things that are found What was this used building for? near the mills in Minneapolis? A. St. Anthony falls, Fort Snelling, and the Mississippi river. A. People made trains here. B. Minnehaha falls, Cherry Spoon bridge, and B. People made flour Minnesota river. here. C. People lived here. C. St. Anthony falls, the Stone Arch bridge, and C. Waterfalls a. the Mississippi river. 2
  3. 3. Question 10 Image 3 What are three places grain visits before it becomes flour? A. A grain elevator, a train car, and a mill. B. A bakery, a farmers market, and an airplane. C. Both A and B. Question 11 Question 12 Why did they build mills at St. Why do refugees leave their own Antony falls? country? A. Waterfalls are very powerful and the A. They are looking for a colder place to power can be used by people at the live. mill. B. Waterfalls are very beautiful and the people a t the mill liked to watch B. Their own country is no longer safe. them. C. Waterfalls are very powerful and can push the boats in front of the C. Their own country does not have mill. enough land. Question 13 What story does this quilt tell you? Image 4 A. People taking a walk and a swim. B. People who are leaving their country to find food. C. People who are leaving their country because of war. 3
  4. 4. Question 14 Question 15 What are some challenges for What two major groups of refugees refugees living in Minnesota? are living in Minnesota today? A. The language and the weather. A. Hmong and Somali B. Finding jobs and missing their B. Russian and German homeland. C. Swedish and Hmong C. Both A and B. 4