The Incans


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The Incans

  1. 1. D: 11/19/12A: Notes on the IncasS: How were the Incans similar to the Mayans and Aztecs?H: Incan Religion Reading due TOMORROWw.o.d: quinoaWarm-Up: Answer questions 1 & 2 under IncanRoads on pg. 235. Write the questions andanswers.
  2. 2. Word of the DayWORD DEIFINTION SENTENCE PICTURE Quinoa was Domesticated A native plant so it could bequinoa to the Andean grown for region that food by the Renders Incans. nutritious seeds
  3. 3. I. Historya. There is no written history of the Incas. All we know is from Spanish writings and artifactsb. Ruled from 1438 to 1471 in the Andes mountains of Peru, Chile, Bolivia & Argentinac. They were conquered by the Spanish
  4. 4. II. Religiona. They worshiped many gods & goddessesb. The creator was the God of nature named Viracochac. The sun god was named Inti and they used gold to represent him i. The Incas believed that Inti made the first Incan Manco Capac who went into the wilderness and built the first Incan city of Cuzco ii. The sun god became the father of all Incan rulers
  5. 5. II. Religiona. Incas believed that you could figure out what the gods and goddess wanted by divining. To do this you had to find magic signs by studying objectsb. They also worshiped huacas or sacred things like mummies & templesc. They had daily religious ceremoniesd. Monthly ritual ceremonies were held that included dancing, feasts, games, songs & paradese. The Incas did animal and human sacrifices but only sacrificed children
  6. 6. III. Agriculturea. Incas grew potatoes, corn, tomatoes, avocadoes, peppers, strawberries, peanuts, cashews, squash, beans, pineapples, & chocolateb. The potato was the most important food to the Incans called papac. They had over 40 varieties of potatoes and would freeze dry there to last for years. They made the first potato chipsd. Corn was also important and they grew over 20 varieties called sarae. In order to grow in the mountains the Incans used terrace farming to allow them to create farmland in tiers.f. Men & women worked together to farmg. They dug trenches & tunnels to get water to the crops and cities
  7. 7. IV. Arts & Craftsa. Weaving was the most important & well known craft i. Cloth was made of cotton alpaca, llama & vicuna fur & dyed to make many colors ii. They created looms to weave their cloth iii. The chosen women live in the temples to weave the rulers clothing that was only worn once then destroyedb. They used silver, gold, copper & bronze to make metal objects and decorate clothes, buildings and potteryc. Anyone who worked had to pay a work tax and part of their finished products went to the governmentd. All gold become automatic property of the rulers
  8. 8. V. Roads & Bridgesa. The Incas built the best transportation systems.b. Over 12,000 miles of roads were built for pedestrians they did not use the wheel to move objects or people.c. Roads were built as part of the labor tax to the governmentd. All roads belong to the government and were only used with permissione. They built causeways or hanging bridges to get over water or had pontoon bridges that floated on top of the waterf. The last bridge was a basket that hung on rope and moved by a pulley system.
  9. 9. VI. Governmenta. Inca was the name of Incan rulerb. The ruler was a descendant of the godsc. The ruler had many wives but the main one was the gueend. The ruler also had many children and the council picked the most promising one to become Incae. A borla or crown was worn by the ruler
  10. 10. VI. Governmentf. They only ate and drank off things made of goldg. Servants carried the Inca on a platform he never walked farh. Each new ruler had a new temple builti. There was a 30 day mourning period when the Inca diedj. The priests and generals all became nobles and ruled the commonersk. The government oversaw all work
  11. 11. VII. Major Citiesa. The Incas were the best builders of Ancient Latin Americab. The cities were planned in gridsc. The center of the city had a plaza with the temple priest and nobles’ houses then commoners around thatd. Close to the cities the Incas built stone fortress in case of dangere. All the buildings were made of stone and shaped to fit like a puzzle so no cement was used to hold them in place.f. The two most famous Incan cities are Cuzco & Macchu Picchu
  12. 12. VIII. The Llamaa. The llama was the most important animal to Incasb. It was used to carry goods, water & peoplec. It gave the Incans clothing for warmth, rope, sacks & woold. They used the meat to make jerky