The Mayans


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The Mayans

  1. 1. D: 11/7/12A: Notes on the MayansS: How did the Mayans influence life in Mexico’s?H: Mayan Worksheet Due Tomorroww.o.d: slash & burn agricultureWarm-up: Mayan Mystery Reading
  2. 2. Word of the Day WORD DEIFINTION SENTENCE PICTURE A type of Slash and agriculture were forest are cut burnSlash and and burned to agriculture Burn clear land for was usedagriculture planting. by the Mayans.
  3. 3. Race for U.S. PresidentCandidate Party VotesOBAMA DEMOCRATIC 72.96%ROMNEY REPUBLICAN 23.00%Abstain N/A 1.28%GOODE INDEPENDENT 1.21%Write Ins N/A 0.92%JOHNSON LIBERTARIAN 0.64%
  4. 4. I. Mayan Basicsa. Settled in the Yucatan Peninsula and current day Honduras, Belize, El Salvador & Guatemalab. Men were 5 feet and women were 4’8” tallc. Straight black hair with bodies painted black, red & blued. Often had tattoose. Valued crossed eyes and flattened babies foreheadsf. Flourished from 2,500 B.C. to 250 A.D.
  5. 5. II. Mayan Religiona. Worshiped many gods. i. Each day, month, city & job had a god or goddessb. There were lots of festivals & celebrations that included human sacrificesc. Priests named ahkin served as religious leaders, doctors and keepers of knowledged. They believed the earth was flat & they lived on the back of a crocodilee. There are 13 layers of heaven and 9 underworlds. They lived on the 5thf. People were made from corng. Worshiped the dead because they become one with the gods
  6. 6. Mayan Governmenta. The halach uinic which means true or real man ruled each city- stateb. Believed to be a living godc. When he died his oldest son or brother would take over, or a council would elected someone from the family
  7. 7. Mayan Citiesa. Ceremonial centers were the heart of each city surrounded by plazas, temples, palaces, and ball courtsb. Rulers & Priests lived in the center, wealthy just outside the city and the peasants in huts on the edgesc. Everything was made out of stone
  8. 8. Mayan Writing, Mathematics & Astronomya. Used glyphs to writeb. Made paper out of ficus and tree sapc. Created codex or booksd. Mayans were the first to use the idea of zero dots equaled one, bars equaled five
  9. 9. Mayan Writing, Mathematics & Astronomye. Observatories were built to study the stars/godsf. They used all this to create calendars i. The standard calendar had 260 days ii. The 365 day calendar was 18 months of 20 days. Las 5 were unlucky
  10. 10. Mayan Arts & Craftsa. Cloths, feathers & baskets were the three Mayan craftsb. Pottery, sculptures and paintings were also very important
  11. 11. Mayan Agriculturea. Slash & Burn farming where they cut down all the trees and bushes they burned them.b. Ruined soil after harvest for two - three yearsc. Grew corn, beans, chilis, squash, tomatoes avocadoes & pumpkins
  12. 12. Mayan Economya. The ppolm or merchants traded with other tribesb. They made slaves carry their goodsc. Used the river for quick traveld. Used the bartering system not moneye. Cacao beans were most valuablef. Salt, honey, turtle eggs, cloth, skins, feathers, shells, gold & gems were tradedg. Slaves were a major source of “income”