MLOVE ConFestival 2011 Sponsor Kit


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The MLOVE ConFestival brings together CEOs, innovators and entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinate ideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders. The event exposes the mobile industry to the best minds outside of mobile to maximize the opportunity of creating life-changing services and applications that can impact us all for the better.

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MLOVE ConFestival 2011 Sponsor Kit

  1. 1. MLOVE CONFESTIVAL2011, June 29 - July 2Sponsor Kit supported by:Photo: Thomas Neidhardt & Light-Art: Helge Neidhardt, MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  2. 2. About MLOVE“Life changing” Simone Loesch, YOC “wow” Allison Mooney, Google “best event” Alan Moore, SMLXL “inspiring” “future of mobile” “passionate” Amish Patel Annabel Cooke Nick Heller MICROSOFT SYMBIAN / NOKIA GOOGLE “a Meetup for the IT Avantgarde” Süddeutsche Zeitung MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  3. 3. Inspiration.All I can say is WOW. Future Cubes - Ideation WorkshopThis was the singularly most inspired andinspiring event I have ever attended. Itsrare that industry conference are filledwith fun, interesting people that just wantto learn from one another. The venuemade it that much more special.Allison Mooney, Google, Head of Trends & Insightsformerly VP, Emerging TrendsMobileBehavior, Omnicom / Tribal Allison Mooney, Google Antonia Neidhardt, Student (15)
  4. 4. Passion. How inspired were you by MLOVE ConFestival? 65% 26% 9% Very inspired Quite inspired A little inspired How likely is it that attending MLOVE will change your life positively in the next 12 months? 47% 44% 6% 3% Very likely Likely Not likelyDefinetly Not
  5. 5. Positive Change.Kazi Islam, Grammenphone IT, Bangladesh Nick Heller, GoogleMLOVE was an inspiring and open gathering,comprised of a group of like-minded, yet diverseindividuals, all of whom are passionate about using themobile device as creative tool and source of positivechange in the world. The event truly lefta lasting and profound impression on all inattendance. Thank you!Nick Heller, VP New Business, EMEA, Google
  6. 6. Speakers 2011 Thorsten Dirks Thomas Goetz Corvida Raven Adele Waugaman Daniel Graf CEO, E-PLUS / BASE Exec. Editor, WIRED, USA Blogger,, Senior Director, Director, GOOGLE, TED staff, USA UNITED NATIONS Foundation Mobile App Lab (USA)Peter Vesterbacka Kei Shimada Jonathan MacDonald Russell Buckley Will SamsonMighty Eagle, Angry Birds CEO, Infinta, Japan, co-founder, this fluid world, UK Blogger, MobHappy, UK Editor / Analyst, w/ guest from DENTSU (founding team BLYK) Ex-Evangelist, Google/AdMob Contagious Magazine More speakers from: NOKIA, VW, Alcatel Lucent (Head of Innovation, USA), GBH (Agency for Virgin Galactic) Invited: Smart, Audi, Pepsi, Ogilvy (NYC), Vodafone (CMO) MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  7. 7. Speakers 2011 Yuri v. Geest Beverly W. Jackson T. Mizukawa K. Kitamura Jean SchmittSingularity University Director Marketing, Director Mobile Arts Lab, CEO, Butterfly Inc., Japan Managing Partner, JolTech/(Alumn & Future Med) GRAMMY’s (L.A., USA) DENTSU, Japan Sofinnova Partners,FranceToni Neidhardt Bernd Kolb Justin Ellington Jérôme Nadel Amish PatelCo-Curator, Teen Camp CEO, Club of Marrakesh Grammy Winning musician, CMO, EVP User Experience User Experience XBOX, (Former CEO Telekom Innovation) composer, L.A. MobiWire (Sagem), France Kinect - Microsoft, SeattleThemes: How will Mobile change the Future of these industries / Aspects of life?Mobile &: Automotive/Mobility, Sustainability, Health/FutureMed, Emerging Markets, Advertising / Media,Singularity, Music, Games, Augmented Reality, Education & Youth - plus a Start-Up competititon MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  8. 8. Agenda 2011Wednesday, 6/29 Thursday, 6/30 Friday, 7/1 Saturday, 7/2 Opening Speakers Conference Speakers Open Space Innovators & Ideas Conference De-com- Speakers pression Future Cube Workshops Welcome Theme Dinner, Vernissage & Dinner Art Show BonFire The MLOVE ConFestival is designed to maximize networking opportunities, get inspired, exchange new ideas & share learnings with a practical ideation outcome. MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  9. 9. MLOVE Participants • Entrepreneurs • Mobile Developers: CEOs, CMOs, CTOs • Designers & Mobile Experience Agencies • Mobile Advertising & Media Specialists • Innovators • Brand CMOs & Innovation Managers • Innovation Labs at Mobile Operators • Mobile Business Consultants & Evangelists • Mobile Product Managers & Practice Leaders2010 participating companies: • VisionariesNokia, Google, Microsoft, WPP, BMW,Omnicom, GRAMMYs®, Alcatel-Lucent, •Musicians, Artists, Futurists, Editors, ScientistsFishlabs, Telekom, T-Mobile, Vodafone, • Art Directors & Creatives in interactive designSmaato, Yoc, Huawei, Otto, Asics,BASE, Daily Mail, Sapient, Burda,TrendOne, Sagem, ... MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  10. 10. Ideation FormatsOPEN SPACE FUTURE CUBES 200 people discuss 1 big question, 10 Intense Ideation Workshops: split up in small groups & 20 participants each discuss 1 theme; vote with their feet ... highly interactive take awaysThough the backdrop is Mobile, the goal is to stimulate new ideas and thinkingwhich you can apply to your life, your business and to inspire others. MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  11. 11. Media Partners 2011
  12. 12. Sponsor BenefitsHow will Mobile change your Future? One question and an infinite number of answers Achieve professional feedback from thought leaders in challenging conversations & workshops Advance with a highly motivated target group in a very creative and open environment Gain customer loyalty through top level presentations • Engage the mobile innovation elite • Launch Apps, Products & Services • Intense sponsored workshops • Seed the IT Avantgarde • Ideation, learning & networking • Find Talent, Partners & Co-Founders • Inspiration for your mobile strategy • Improve your business MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  13. 13. Premium SponsoringEmperor of Mobile Presenter of Illuminator ofCASTLE ART SHOW 10 FUTURE CUBES CASTLE LIGHTS€ 65,000 € 50,000 € 35,000•Castle Art Show Night Sponsor •Future Cube Workshop Presenter •Color of Castle Front Illumination•Logo presenter of Online Video •Logo present in 10 Future Cubes •Logo in Online Video•1 Outdoor Tent Presentation •Logo in Online Video •1 Expo Space•1 Expo Space •1 Expo Space (next to Future Cubes) •3 Conference Tickets•5 Conference Tickets •10 Conference Tickets •2 Exhibitor Tickets•5 Exhibitor Tickets •3 Exhibitor Tickets •Panel Seat in Conference•Panel Seat in Conference •Panel Seat in Conference •Press Release Listing•Co-Press Release •Co-Press Release •Premium Logo Placement•Premium Logo Placement •Premium Logo Placement MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  14. 14. Select SponsoringOPEN SPACE SHUTTLES 1 FUTURE CUBE€ 10,000 € 15,000 € 5,0002 Tickets, 1 Expo Table, 3 Tickets, 1 Expo Table, 1 Ticket, 1 Expo Table, Sponsor Logo Placement Sponsor Logo Placement, Partner Logo Placement Logo at Airport & train station and shuttle busses1 DINNER VISUAL RECORDER € 15,000 3 ConFestival Tickets, 1 Expo Table, Sponsor Logo Placement,€ 10,000 Logo close to stage / Artist1 Ticket, 1 Expo Table, Sponsor Logo Placement MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  15. 15. Expo Opportunities App-Zoo: Showcase your App & Service € 10,000 Maestro Panelist & Jury Member for stage Presentations (App Launch-Pad), 1 Expo Space, 3 tickets, Sponsor Logo Placement € 7,500 Sponsor 1 Expo Space, 2 tickets, Sponsor Logo Placement € 3,000 Partner 1 Expo Table, 1 ticket, Partner Logo Placement € 1,500 Individual Available upon Presenter 1 Expo Table, excl. ticket price Packages request Partner Logo PlacementProduct Placement, Shoes, WiFi, Research Report,T-Shirts, Bags, Gifts, Simulcast Room ... MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  16. 16. MLOVE Teen Camp € 3,000 Sponsor 1 ConFestival ticket, 1 hour Research Panel with Teen Camp (Video), Sponsor Logo Placement € 1,000 Supporter Attend 30 min. Q&A session, Partner Logo Placement, excludes Ticket15-20 Teenagers from ages 15 to 18 are invited to attend the first MLOVE Teen Camp 2011 Activities include: Future Cube ideation sessions, simulcast ofConFestival speeches, media camp, panel presentation on stage, Gifts Friend baking, ...The MLOVE Teen Camp is collaborating with the Hasso Plattner (20 Gifts & Products), Institute School of Design Thinking Partner Logo Placement Individual Available upon Packages request MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  17. 17. MLOVE Hotel PartnerTemporary Hotel Cabins (20 Rooms)€ 15,0003 ConFestival Tickets, 1 Hotel Cabin,1 Expo Space Individual Available uponSponsor Logo Placement Signage request MLOVE ConFestival 2011 - How will mobile change your future?
  18. 18. June 29 – July 2, 2011www.mlove.comStefan Hoyer Dr. Robert DaubnerSales Manager Head of 178 5297 358 +49 160 9372 5230supported by:Media Partner: