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m.LOVE Introduction Mwc 2009


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Intro-Presentation of m.LOVE - m.LOVE ( is a movement that brings together people with a passion for mobile from around the world.

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m.LOVE Introduction Mwc 2009

  1. Hello.
  2. The more we are connected with each other and with information, …
  3. … the more over-loaded we become.
  4. This makes it harder to work out and act on …
  5. ...things that matter most.
  6. We need help to cut through the noise, …
  7. give enough space for understanding.
  8. Welcome to
  9. Accessing truth. Growing trust. Reducing prejudices.
  10. Recruiting starts now for Summer camp 2009
  11. © 2009 m.LOVE is a trademark of the mlove Society. All rights reserved. © Photos by Harald Neidhardt
  12. One more thing ...