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MLOVE Lifestyle of Mobility - Preview


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The book features 15 essays about the future of mobile and our connected lives from CEOs, strategists and international thought leaders. It also shows mobile art from iPhotographers and touch-painting artists plus a fictional short story.

In addition it includes the MLOVE 100: quotes of inspiring mobilitas from companies like: WPP, AKQA, Rovio, Ogilvy, Isobar, Edelman, GSMA, Singularity University and many more.

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MLOVE Lifestyle of Mobility - Preview

  1. 1. ED ITORIAL
  2. 2. ED ITORIAL
  3. 3. ESSA Y
  4. 4. MLO VE100
  5. 5. MLO VE100
  6. 6. MLO VE100
  7. 7. ART
  8. 8. MLO VE100
  9. 9. MLOVE
  10. 10. M EDLO ITVE OR