Curriculum vita


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Curriculum vita

  1. 1. Curriculum VitaeDr. Manoucher KhosrowshahiProfessor of Political ScienceE-Mail:
  2. 2. Education• Five Post-Doctoral Fellowships and Certificatesfrom Rice University, University of Texas atAustin, and United States Institute of Peace• Ph.D. in Political Science: University of NorthTexas, Denton, Texas, 1983• M.A. in Political Science: Tehran University,Iran, 1978• B.A. in Political Science: National University ofIran, 1976
  3. 3. Professional Appointments• Professor, Department of Government, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tyler Junior College, Tyler,Texas,1987-2013; and Director and Founder of Middle East Center, Tyler Junior College, Tyler,Texas, 1992-2013• Designing innovative curricula and teaching Political Science Courses, Cultural Studies,International Relations and Learning Communities, Academic advising students,Incorporating technology, Teaching hybrid and online courses, Committee work; and serviceto the college.• Project Director; International Education since 1987 and Travel/Study Projects in Turkey since1996• Adjunct Professor, Department of Social Sciences, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler,Texas, since 1989• Visiting Faculty at UT Austin, since 2005• Associate Professor and Chairman, Department of Political Science, Texas College, 2404Grand Ave., Tyler, Texas, 1986-1989• Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Texas at Arlington, 1984-1986• Teaching Fellow, Department of Political Science, University of North Texas, Denton, 1979-1985• Adjunct Faculty, Tarrant County Community College, NW Campus, 1981-1983• Research Assistant, University of Tehran, The Center for International Studies, l976-l978•
  4. 4. Grants, Honors, Scholarships• Selected as the Best Student Advisor 2012 by the student senate• Selected as a Piper Professor of 2010• Received the Endowed Chair Award for Teaching Excellence, January, 2009• Selected as “the Texas Professor of the Year” by Carnegie Foundation, 2008• Selected by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and CulturalAffairs to review scholarship proposals for the study abroad program during thesummer of 2008“Excellence in Teaching Award”, The Mattie Alice Scroggin Baker, by the TJC FacultySenate, Aug. 15, 2006• Post Doctoral Fellowship Grant from the University of Texas at Austin to advanceMiddle Eastern Studies, summer of 2005• Fulbright Grant ($51,000) from the U.S. Department of Education to take fifteenpeople to Turkey for five weeks of travel and study project in 2001;• “Excellence in Education Award” by the TJC Student Senate, April 2001• Fulbright Grant ($50,430) from the U.S. Department of Education to take fifteenpeople to Turkey for five weeks of travel and study project in 1999;• Fulbright Grant ($50,000) from the U.S. Department of Education to take fifteenpeople to Turkey for five weeks of travel and study project in 1997;
  5. 5. Professional Affiliations• The Middle East Institute, Middle East StudiesAssociation of North America, Middle EastPolicy Council, and Texas Community CollegeTeachers Association, American PoliticalScience Association, American AssociationCommunity Colleges, Middle East OutreachCouncil, North Texas Community CollegeConsortium;
  6. 6. Courses Taught• American Politics; Texas Politics; Middle EasternPolitics; The Far East: Japans and ThailandsPolitics, Society and Culture; The Near East: TurkeysPolitics, Society and Culture; Introduction toInternational Relations; Theories of ComparativePolitics; Comparative Politics of Developing Nations;Research and Method in Political Science; AncientPolitical Thoughts; Foundations of Modern PoliticalThoughts; Judicial System and Process; PoliticalParties, Pressure Groups and Public Opinion; History ofthe U.S.; U.S. Constitutional Law; Presidency andLegislative; Military in the Third World Politics;American Foreign Policy; Basic Political Statistics
  7. 7. Committee Assignment• Financial Aid Committee, Universal Set of SkillsResource Team Leaders, Member of StudentsEnrichment Committee, Chairperson of FacultyGrowth Committee, Project 2001, Faculty SenateMember, The Academic Council, College AffairsCommittee, International Education Committee(Consortium), Pluralism Committee, Organizationand Administration Committee (Self Study year2000), Business Relations Committee (Chamberof Commerce), Board of Directors (East TexasCouncil on World Affairs)
  8. 8. Dr. K.’s Webpage
  9. 9. Outstanding Advisor Award
  10. 10. Resume
  11. 11. Course Taught
  12. 12. Courses and Projects
  13. 13. Projects
  14. 14. Middle East Outreach Program
  15. 15. Middle East Outreach Program
  16. 16. Middle East Outreach Program
  17. 17. International Day
  18. 18. International Day
  19. 19. International Day
  20. 20. Travel/Study Project in Turkey
  21. 21. Travel/Study Project in Turkey
  22. 22. Dr. K. Piper Professor
  23. 23. Dr. K. Piper Professor
  24. 24. Dr. K. Piper Professor
  25. 25. Dr. K. Texas Professor of the Year
  26. 26. Dr. K. TexasProfessor ofthe Year
  27. 27. Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence
  28. 28. Dr. K. Fulbright Scholar
  29. 29. Dr. K. Leading Rose Parade
  30. 30. Middle East Class
  31. 31. Turkey Class