Texas National Association for Multicultural Education Honors Dr. William Allan Kritsonis


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NAME Honors Dr. Kritsonis as Professork, Scholar, and Pioneer Publisher for Distinguished Services to Multicultural Research Publishing

Ceremony held on the campus of Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

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Texas National Association for Multicultural Education Honors Dr. William Allan Kritsonis

  1. 1. William Allan Kritsonis, PhD Honored as Professor, Scholar & Pioneer Publisher The Region 6 Texas National Association for Multicultural Education honors Dr.William Allan Kritsonis as a Professor, Scholar, and Pioneer Publisher for DistinguishedService to Multicultural Research Publishing. The ceremony was held on the campus ofTexas AS&M University, College Station on April 28th 2012. Dr. Kritsonis is Professor of Educational Leadership at Prairie View A&MUniversity – Member of the Texas A&M University System. He teaches in the PhDProgram in Educational Leadership and the Master’s Program in Administration withemphasis in Principal certification. Dr. Kritsonis taught the Inaugural class session in thedoctoral program at the start of the fall 2004 academic year. In October 2006, Dr.Kritsonis chaired the first doctoral student to earn a PhD in Educational Leadership atPVAMU. Dr. Kritsonis has chaired 23 dissertations wherein students have graduated andearned the PhD at PVAMU. He lives in Houston, Texas. William H. Parker Leadership Academy Hall of Honor In 2008, Dr. Kritsonis was inducted into the William H. Parker LeadershipAcademy Hall of Honor, Graduate School, Prairie View A&M University – The TexasA&M University System. He was nominated by doctoral and master’s degree students.
  2. 2. Lectures at the University of Oxford, Oxford, England In 2005, Dr. Kritsonis was an Invited Visiting Lecturer at the Oxford Round Tableat Oriel College in the University of Oxford, Oxford, England. His lecture was entitledthe Ways of Knowing through the Realms of Meaning. Recognized as Distinguished Alumnus at Central Washington University In 2004, Dr. William Allan Kritsonis was recognized as the Central WashingtonUniversity Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus for the College of Education andProfessional Studies. Dr. Kritsonis was nominated by alumni, former students, friends,faculty, and staff. Final selection was made by the Alumni Association Board ofDirectors. Recipients are CWU graduates of 20 years or more and are recognized forachievement in their professional field and have made a positive contribution to society.For the second consecutive year, U.S. News and World Report placed CentralWashington University among the top elite public institutions in the west. CWU was 12thon the list in the 2006 On-Line Education of “America’s Best Colleges.” Educational Background Dr. William Allan Kritsonis earned his Associate of Arts Degree from EverettJunior College in 1966 where he was named to the All-Conference Baseball Team andrecently inducted into the Trojan Baseball Hall of Fame. He earned his BA in 1969 fromCentral Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington. In 1971, he earned his MEdfrom Seattle Pacific University. In 1976, he earned his PhD from the University of Iowa.In 1981, he was a Visiting Scholar at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York,and in 1987 was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. In June2008, Dr. Kritsonis received the Doctor of Humane Letters, School of Graduate Studiesfrom Southern Christian University. The ceremony was held at the Hilton Hotel in NewOrleans, Louisiana. Professional Experience Dr. Kritsonis began his career as a teacher. He has served education as a principal,superintendent of schools, director of student teaching and field experiences, invitedguest professor, author, consultant, editor-in-chief, and publisher. Dr. Kritsonis hasearned tenure as a professor at the highest academic rank at two universities, includingsuccessful post-tenure reviews. Books – Articles – Lectures - Workshops Dr. Kritsonis lectures and conducts seminars and workshops on a variety of topics.He is author of more than 500 articles in professional journals and several books. Hispopular book SCHOOL DISCIPLINE: The Art of Survival is scheduled for its fourthedition. He is the author of the textbook William Kritsonis, PhD on Schooling that isused by many professors at colleges and universities throughout the nation and abroad.
  3. 3. In 2007, Dr. Kritsonis’ version of the book of Ways of Knowing through theRealms of Meaning (858 pages) was published in the United States of America incooperation with partial financial support of Visiting Lecturers, Oxford Round Table(2005). The book is the product of a collaborative twenty-four year effort beginning in1978 with the late Dr. Philip H. Phenix. Dr. Kritsonis was in continuous communicationwith Dr. Phenix until his death in 2002. In 2011, Dr. Kritsonis was the lead author of the textbook Practical Applicationsof Educational Research and Basic Statistics. The text provides practical contentknowledge in research for students at the doctoral and master’s levels. In 2012, Dr. Kritsonis’ book Non-Renewal of Public School Personnel Contracts:Selected Supreme and District Court Decisions in Accordance with the Due Process ofLaw is scheduled for publication by The Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York. Dr. Kritsonis’ seminar and workshop on Writing for Professional Publication hasbeen very popular with both professors and practitioners. Persons in attendance generatean article to be published in a refereed journal at the national or international levels. Travels Dr. Kritsonis has traveled and lectured throughout the United States and world-wide. Some recent international tours include Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania,Turkey, Italy, Greece, Monte Carlo, England, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland,Russia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, and many more. Founder of National FORUM Journals – Over 5,200 Professors Published Dr. Kritsonis is founder of NATIONAL FORUM JOURNALS (since 1982). Thesepublications represent a group of highly respected scholarly academic periodicals. Over5,000 writers have been published in these refereed, peer-reviewed periodicals. In 1983,he published the National FORUM of Educational Administration and Supervision. In 1987, Dr. Kritsonis founded the National FORUM of Applied EducationalResearch Journal whose aim is to conjoin the efforts of applied educational researchersworld-wide with those of practitioners in education. He founded the National FORUMof Special Education Journal (1989), National FORUM of Teacher Education Journal(1990), International Journal of Scholarly Academic Intellectual Diversity (1996),National FORUM of Multicultural Issues Journal (2003), International Journal ofManagement, Business, and Administration (2004), Focus: On Colleges, Universities,and Schools (2006), and Schooling (2010). Besides working with university professorsand authors in the public/private sector, Dr. Kritsonis is committed to working withdoctoral students on manuscripts while they are enrolled in course work in their doctoralprograms. In 1997, he established the Online Journal Division of National FORUMJournals that publish national and international refereed articles daily on the website:www.nationalforum.com. Over 800 professors and practitioners have published online.
  4. 4. Professorial Roles Dr. Kritsonis has served in professorial roles at Central Washington University,Washington; Salisbury State University, Maryland; Northwestern State University,Louisiana; Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge; and McNeese State University,Louisiana in the Department of Administrative and Foundational Service. Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration In 2006, Dr. Kritsonis published two articles in the Two-Volume Set of theEncyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration published by SAGEPublications, Thousand Oaks, California. He is a National Reviewer for the Journal ofResearch on Leadership, University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA). ___________________________________________ William Allan Kritsonis, PhD Professor Dissertation Chair for 23 PhD Graduates at Prairie View A&M University The Texas A&M University System Teresa Ann Hughes ~ December 2006 Roselia Alaniz Salinas ~ October 2007 Yolanda E. Smith ~ February 2008 Clarence Johnson ~ September 2008 Frances Craig Worthey ~ October 2008 Nasrin Nazemzadeh ~ November 2008 Grace Thomas Nickerson ~ December 2008 Rhodena Townsell ~ January 2009 Robert Marcel Branch ~ March 2009 Jennifer T. Butcher ~ March 2009 Michelle Annette Cloud ~ March 2009 Janetta Carolyn Gilliam ~ March 2009 Eunetra Ellison Simpson ~ March 2009 Desiree Adair Skinner ~ March 2010 Rebecca Hoa Duong ~ May 2009 Donald Ray Brown, Jr. ~ July 2009 Debra Denise Watkins ~ July 2009 Monica Georgette Williams ~ July 2009 Steven Norfleet ~ April 2010 Alex Elias Torrez ~ April 2011 Mary Ann Springs ~ July 2011 Sheri L. Miller-Williams ~ September 2011 Simone Alicia Gardiner ~ March 2012