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no brand is your friend


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Inspired by the the work of Alex Noriega ( and Banksy's take on advertising ( some random thoughts about brands and facebook. Images are from all over the Internet. If you see one that is yours and you want me to take it down let me know :-)

if you want a copy pls sent me an email at thecuriousbrain (at)

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no brand is your friend

  1. A brand will never wipe your tears or even care if you are sad!
  2. A brand will never buy you dinner
  3. A brand will never take you out dancing
  4. A brand will never keep you company when you feel lonely
  5. A brand will never be as loyal as your dog
  6. or playful and funny like your cat!
  7. A brand will never be there to catch you if you fall!
  8. A brand will never marry you
  9. A brand will never visit you at the hospital when you are really sick
  10. The ugly truth is that a brand A brand will never attend your funeral
  11. You can’t really form any real relationship with a brand
  12. Thus it is safe to say that a brand will never support you and it will never care for you, as a real friend does!
  13. However what a brand does best is to follow you around everywhere and all the time just like your shadow
  14. Brands are with you even in your most private moments!
  15. They touch you in your most private places
  16. You use them on your skin
  17. On your loved one’s
  18. You consume them daily and you put them inside your body
  19. You wear them all the time in fact you are wearing one now !
  20. Brands know your every move and collect your personal and private data from here ..
  21. and here
  22. They know almost everything about you !
  23. In fact they know you better than you actually know your self
  24. They know every little secret that you have
  25. They know your deepest fears
  26. and they know how to dictate and invade your dreams!
  27. ! It extremely easy for them today to manipulate your image
  28. and your self worth
  29. since you gave them access to everything!
  30. They now have all the power!
  31. ! “ You see them make flippant comments from buses that imply you’re not sexy enough and that all the fun is happening somewhere else” *Banksy
  32. “They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small” *Banksy
  33. “They are on TV making you and your girlfriend feel inadequate” *Banksy
  34. Sometimes they disguise as caring
  35. and sometimes as green
  36. But the truth is that the most of them show
  37. the majority still care only for their profits!
  38. With friends like these who needs enemies?
  39. & brands
  40. “You owe these brands nothing. Less than nothing, you especially don’t owe them any courtesy. They owe you”. *Banksy
  41. Your like matters and it is the ultimate defense mechanism you have against them!
  42. Like the brands that treat you better !
  43. Like the brands that are cheaper & affordable!
  44. Like the brands that entertain you more
  45. Like the brands that offer back something of real value to you!
  46. Like the brands that work harder and more ethically for your attention!
  47. It should be the people controlling the brands not the other way around. It is time to use their “friendship” to your advantage