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Does Generation Z hate our ads?

My presentation @ #youthmarketing of Marketing Week in Greece. The info/ the pics are not mine they are copied from all over the internet. If something is yours and you want me to take it out.. pls let me know. As always I'm very dyslexic so if your find a mistake pls do not kill me! Further reading and sources at the end! Happy Reading

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Does Generation Z hate our ads?

  1. 1. Does Generation Z Hate our Ads? as imagined by Gen Xers
  2. 2. Who am I? Michael Paredrakos, online I play …. @mpared I am also the Managing Director of …
  3. 3. Do I know anything about young people?
  4. 4. The answer is No. I know nothing about them!
  5. 5. I’m in my 40’s and my only way 
 to learn something about them 
 is by reading insights, trends and 
 various researches done most probably by people as OLD as I AM
  6. 6. In my view the biggest problem 
 we need to face 
 as an industry
 in order to understand more young people’s attitudes today in brands/ advertising, digital etc.. is the 
 Generation Gap between us and them
  7. 7. Most young people, to me at least, seem to change day by day. Their mood, character, attitudes, needs 
 the things they consider cool (does this word still even exists for them?), 
 how they use and consume digital or other channels 
 is always changing and evolving.
  8. 8. They are in constant flux and this why is difficult for us to target them effectively or depict them in a way that is relevant to them in advertising. By the time we discovered a trend or an attitude about them … they have moved to another thing. The fact that our creative directors, brand managers, planners etc are older than they are does not help things either!
  9. 9. What Lies Ahead So every time you hear … in terms of young audiences always take them with a pinch of salt! They are probably imagined by Gen Xers or Millennials So be a bit critical about them… Always note that Generations are not monoliths. 
 And alway wonder can a generation-level insight really help your brand engage with such a large and diverse group of people in a meaningful way?
  10. 10. But since most of us here hope to sell stuff to kids born after 1995/6 — the so-called Generation Z and like new generations before them, they're arriving with their own set of attitudes and expectations around brands and advertising. So let’s see some key insights and trends 
 that “might” be true Studies highlight their buying power of $44 billion, that they’ll be 40% of the population of US, Europe, and BRIC by 2020, and that they are naturally immune to advertising.
  11. 11. So how are kids these days? They view their identity as a curated composition.
 All it takes to change their outward identity is a simple swipe and an upload to Instagram Uses Facebook as an “information hub” rather than an “engagement platform” Checks social media 100 times per day Source: They are all about technology Generation Z grew up since birth on the internet, apps, social media and text messaging as their information streams. 
 Face-to-face conversation is not the usual course of communication. Gen Z have become overly reliant on their mobile devices and they are a mobile 1st generation They love ephemeral and rarity
 and are being drawn to social media which disintegrates and self- destructs for privacy They suffer from FOMO
 - fear of missing out - more than Millenials, so being culturally connected is critical.
  12. 12. Less Focused . Their attention spans might be significantly lower than Millennials. They communicate in bite sizes, and research studies suggest that their brains have evolved to process more information at faster speeds Can’t live without YouTube and prefer YouTube influencers to Hollywood or tv celebs They prefer to communicate with symbols and images, speaking in emoticons and emojis as symbols and glyphs provide context and create subtexts so they can have private conversations. They are far more open-minded 
 and permissive
 than their older millennial counterparts when it comes to issues of gender and sexuality. They also rejected 
 the gender binary while shopping Source:
  13. 13. So How Should You Advertise to Gen Z? Millward Brown has just released its latest annual AdReaction study, measuring consumer attitudes and receptiveness to advertising via a survey of almost 24,000 Gen Z (16-19), Gen Y (20-34) and Gen X (35-49) consumers in 39 countries including Greece According to them it’s particularly tricky to get Gen Z to engage. 
 In the online space Gen Z are significantly more likely to skip ads, suggesting they have a lower threshold for boredom. 
 They are also more turned off by invasive, interruptive online and mobile formats. This is paradoxical, given that Gen Z consumes more mobile and digital media than others, if only by modest margins. 
 Gen Z should (in theory) be more positively inclined toward digital ads, less interested in traditional media. But the opposite appears to be true. Source :
  14. 14. According to the same report 
 Gen Z seem to have more positive attitudes toward selected types 
 of branded digital content and are also more receptive 
 to ad formats they could control, skip or mute Source :
  15. 15. What characteristics make Gen Z more positive toward ads? The study found that Gen Z members were not as interested in ads that featured celebrities or novel technology but seem to be more receptive to ads that offered solid creative, told interesting stories, were humorous and had compelling music. Source:
  16. 16. So how can brands relate better to the first generation of kids who learned to swipe before they could wipe? Generation Z
 has little to
 no impatience 
 for things that
 don't work
 as intended. If something doesn't work, they're gone. If something is slow, they'll move on. If something errors out, they won't come back. This is a huge reason why big brands are (and those that aren't, should consider) spending money on building exceptional and cutting edge mobile , digital, phygital experiences. Generation Z 
 doesn't pay
 attention to ads. 
 They pay attention
 to value.
 They want resources, channels and profiles that give them 
 what they’re looking for, whether that is entertainment, knowledge or tutorials. 
 If you put too many gates in front of them, they won’t even bother complaining. They’ll just move on and find the next great resource.. If your advertising strategy entails mobile pop-up ads or banners, you are way, way behind Generation Z watches a whole lot of online videos. 
 32% of Generation Z watches videos online for an hour or more, per day, 
 with 30% watching two hours of video, and 21% watching three hours. 
 That's a lot of video. If your brand isn't investing in this medium, 
 again, you aren't paying attention to where things are headed.
 It's going to take you a bit of time to figure out what kinds of videos resonate with your target audience source:
  17. 17. Generation Z truly wants to impact the world for the better. This is a trend that began with Millennials, but will only gain momentum as Generation Z begins to step into the workforce.60% of Gen Z-ers want their career and everyday work responsibilities to impact the world. 76% said they are also concerned about the planet, and are conscious of humanity's impact. If you want to succeed in retail, you need to realise that 55% of Gen Z-ers would rather buy clothes online. You have to acknowledge that more than half of your consumers are at home browsing your online catalog. If your mobile site is clunky (or worse, cluttered with annoying pop-ups, click baits ) then you've already lost. No you were 
 not downloaded! You were born! A survey conducted last year by digital agency Deep Focus found that 
 63% percent of Gen Z prefers to see “real” people in ads. 79 % of Gen Z is interested in VR According to a study conducted by Greenlight VR and online research firm Touchstone Research, 79 percent of U.S. internet users 10 to 18 are interested in VR— 6% points more than millennials. Generation Z wants to participate Don’t expect Gen Z to simply sit back and watch, on Facebook or anywhere else. Based on a global study , PR and communications agency Zeno Group believes companies must give Gen Z “a job to do” and “let them be brand advocates.” Interactivity and content collaboration, therefore, are key content principles. source:
  18. 18. Don't underestimate the power 
 of traditional media;
 Gen Z are generally more open to outdoor and TV ads than to digital ads, even though they spend more time online. Stop using invasive, non- skippable online formats which are disliked by all generations, especially Gen Z. Embrace branded content which is a more popular format. Make ads interactive and use innovative online formats like mobile rewards apps. 
 Pay particular attention to music and design aesthetics of your creative and
 If you have budget always test 
 and research your ideas with them You have 8 seconds 
 to engage them
 When developing video, ensure ads deliver early impact 
 and intrigue to avoid being skipped Your targeting 
 needs to change. 
 It has to be either behavioural or needs- based, but not gender/age specific. Time is important to Gen Z, and every second counts. So for your brand to ask them to sit through a 30-second advertisement is a big ask. But that doesn’t mean they can’t, or won’t, pay attention to worthwhile content. 
 Note that this is the same generation known for watching hours of live video-game streams and 20-minute YouTube beauty tutorials through to the end. Don’t spend
 your money
 on celebrities 
 try to engage them with youtube micro influencers Brand marketing and storytelling 
 needs to be 5-screen: phone, computer, TV, tablet, wearable, and brand engagement needs to be live-streaming video
  19. 19. So what do you think? Does Generation Z hate our Ads? You decide…
  20. 20. Further reading understand/&refURL=
  21. 21. Thank youfor your time :-)
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My presentation @ #youthmarketing of Marketing Week in Greece. The info/ the pics are not mine they are copied from all over the internet. If something is yours and you want me to take it out.. pls let me know. As always I'm very dyslexic so if your find a mistake pls do not kill me! Further reading and sources at the end! Happy Reading


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