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Like us on Facebook! Does your FB content build your brand?

My presentation in_AllThingsFacebook '17 slightly changed because my gifs unfortunately don't play here from my keynote :-( All the images are stolen from the internet if one is yours pls let me know. The info is also from all over the Internet check the sources at the end for further reading. As always I have dyslexia if you find a spelling mistake pls don't kill me :-) Enjoy!

Like us on Facebook! Does your FB content build your brand?

  1. 1. Like us on Facebook! Does your FB content build your brand?
  2. 2. Who am I? Michael Paredrakos @mpared
  3. 3. I also play the managing director over at
  4. 4. Are people still using it? Is it onthe decline? Can businesses still find it valuable? There have been a lot of questions about Facebook lately
  5. 5. As of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly acBve users so it’s safe to say that Facebook is alive and well. The way Facebook dominates the headlines, it someBmes seems like it’s the only “serious” ad plaIorm leJ on the Internet.
  6. 6. While it’s hard to predictthe future of Facebook and social media, it remainsthe major player in social media marketing today. The truth is that Facebook takes engagement to a deeper level than other networks can. 
 Since you aren’t limited by character count or to just sharing images, you can really say what you want to say. 
 This key differenBator and its ability to innovate and even copy other emerging social media networks
 has kept Facebook as the most widely-used social plaIorm, even as new networks are introduced every day.
  7. 7. How exactly Facebook fits into your overall marke7ng strategy will vary greatly depending on your industry, 
 your budget, and your brand. Even though it’s effecBve across industries, ideally Facebook shouldn’t be your only channel if you want to build your brand and for some brands it is definitely 
 not the most important marke7ng channel. Using Facebook in conjuncBon with other channels is a key part of understanding the plaIorm’s overall place in your markeBng plan. Facebook should be part of your mix, but it’s definitely not the whole mix for most brands out there
  8. 8. Because lately I tend to agree with Bob Hoffman from who believes that They are 3 Stages Of Online Adver7sing ( this applies also in Facebook )….. so let check which are those…. WhyI am saying allthis to you ?
  9. 9. Stage 1: "Fools Rush In This isthe stage we’ve been in forthe past 10 years Tens of billions of dollars have been flushed down the digi-drain with new markeBng buzzwords emerging constantly online along with people who actually never heard of Kotler or know what a brand really is with fancy Btles like digital evangelist, web strategist etc etc who promised to all of us that online was the absolute gold mine for brands and to reach our audiences. All of us were happybackthen….
  10. 10. Stage 2: "Wait A Minute” According to Bob “we are about to transiBon into the “wait a minute” stage.Most of us now know that digital evangelists are no longer going to have free rein to piss money away on digital. The numbers, metrics, and data that just one year ago were proof of how amazing the web is are suddenly morphing into proof on how crazy now everything is! WhyBob is sayingthatthough?
  11. 11. At one end we havethese amazing numbers By the end of 2017, global digital ad spending is expected to end TV’s 60-year reign and become the top adver7sing category in the world. Moreover, in 2016 digital banners, na7ve adver7sing and digital video overtook search ads for the first 7me and digital adver7sing is driving down costs across all media. Spend on content marke7ng is set to soar 186% to €2.12 billion in Europe alone by 2020, according to research from Yahoo and Enders Analysis. source: feeltherealwhitepaper
  12. 12. Facebook disclosed in a post on its “AdverBser Help Center” back in 2016 that its metric for the average Bme users spent watching videos was arBficially inflated because it was only factoring in video views of more than three seconds. The company said it was introducing a new metric to fix the problem. Consumers are increasingly going out of their way to avoid or block ads…Global Web Index just reported that 40 percent of the world’s Internet users have installed some sort of ad blocker, up from just 28 percent in mid-2015.Google alone is reported to be losing $6.6 billion a year to ad blockers.Which may explain why on February 3rd, 2016, Google moved to block ad blockers from its Google Play service Atthe other end…things are a bit scary 2014 it was revealed that 54% of online display ads are non- viewable, meaning that banners don’t load in Bme to be seen and ads did not even appear on screen. source: feeltherealwhitepaper
  13. 13. But non-viewabilityis not 
 digital advertising’s greatest realityproblem. According to a research by Igal Zeifman is the director of markeBng for Incapsula It is now clear that a significant percentage of digital display ads (viewable or not) are “viewed” by bots. And the majority of bots are malicious – web-surfing algorithms meant to mimic human traffic created by fraudulent botnets and distributed by millions illegally hijacking web browsers.
  14. 14. Maybe now all ofthese problems are now fixed…. Maybe allthese numbers belong tothe fake news that we all see online… Who knows…I don’t! Do you?
  15. 15. Stage 3:
 "Oh, Now I Get It" Some7me in the future — could be 2 weeks from now or 10 years — could be today aTer watching this presenta7on … someone’s going to figure out how to use the web for adver7sing in a sensible way. Bob believes that there will be numbers we can trust, social plaVorms we can trust, people we can trust, and results and data we can trust.
  16. 16. and untilthen …we all still have Facebook :-) And the truth is that without Facebook you have an incomplete brand. Complete brands are represented everywhere a consumer might look, so no majer where they do their research, online you at least have a fighBng chance of earning their loyalty. 
 Facebook is part of you own media and it is the first thing consumers check about a brand 
 and most probably even before your own website
  17. 17. As now,the truth isthat for mobile, targeting, and digital video,
 it’s hard to beat Facebook 
 in terms of what digital has to offer. If your markeBng goals are Bed to those elements, then Facebook is definitely your place. With its vast reach and content innovaBons such social vr, live, 360, Facebook tv, messenger, arBficial intelligence, buy bujons etc etc makes it very appealing for any campaign aiming at a broad audience, while its micro targeBng features make it worthwhile for a campaign aimed at a very specific one. The fact is that Facebook might be the only social media plaVorm that we we can currently s7ll “trust” however what emerges is that chasing Facebook’s algorithms and its constant changes leads to poor tac7cal decision making.
  18. 18. What you need 
 to look after more in myhumble view is what type of content your brand createsthere and whether this content adds some real value to your brand 
 or somehow effects the real world where everybody lives.. in the form of sales!!! The highest goal of markeBng always has been to build brands
 and this has not changed and I don’t think
 it will not change in near future. So maybe its Bme to stop chasing likes and weird metrics 
 and do what you always did. Build you brand and build it everywhere not just Facebook correctly!
  19. 19. So how are you going to dothis! The future belongs tothose who getthe following right: I think that 1st you have to decide is whether you want
 to build a brand or a publica7on? 
 In the case you are a small , medium 
 or even a large brand and not a magazine or a blog
 always go for brand building and be very strategic about it 
 and invest a lot in doing it correctly
  20. 20. The firstthing you need to do 
 is to idenBfy the value your brand offers to your real consumers ..not your fans! 
 What it stands for, and the percepBon you intend to drive, What USP’s you can bring to the table, what are your values, vision, etc, etc do research! Always do your research
  21. 21. You need to define who is you target audience and how you’re going to reach them not only in terms of Facebook but in all available channels depending on your budget . It's important to clearly idenBfy and understand who your target audience is 
 by both demographic and psychographic (amtudes, interests and behaviours), to help develop key messages and to idenBfy the best communicaBon channels to reach them. In Facebook you can even micro target them! So a basic M/W 25-50 will not cut it there. You shouldn’t create anytype of content anywhere and especially on Facebook unBl you’ve figured out who you’re creaBng that content for!
  22. 22. Pick your channels. "Not everyone needs to be on Facebook, or on TV. 
 You need to ask 'Which channels do my customers use?' What are the channels' strengths and weaknesses? How will they help me reach my business objecBves? 
 Are my consumers online?? Are they on Facebook? Would it be more effecBve to target them on other channels?
 If your budget is small maybe it is more effec7ve to use Facebook but if you have more money to spend you need to consider other channels. 
 Different channels have different rules. You and your agency need to know and to respect always the channel you use. 
 If you choose Facebook make sure you know its rules, what type of content currently promotes, what kind of ads you can use there, what are the latest innovaBons you can use to your advantage to build your brand. You need to know all the latest trends that are changing at phenomenal speeds. Never be lazy about this. Never be lazyaboutthis.
  23. 23. Never go likethis….
  24. 24. You and you agency needs to create a unifying idea across media channels offline and offline that can build your brand message across media. 
 This does not in any way mean here is my 30 or 20 sec tv ad that I will now play on youtube, Facebook and Twijer . This is an ATL mentality that will never work online Demand from you agency to bring you an idea that can be easily adapted to the rules of each and every channel. See how it can spread before you approve a campaign. If you use it on Facebook make sure that every piece of content whether it is a 360 video, live, social vr, posts, etc supports the same brand idea/ message. If you use micro targeBng that Facebook offers you will need to adapt this to every single target group in the same manner and even change your messages accordingly Inthe casethat you are a huge brand
 with a budget to do a 360 integrated campaign … Then comesthe most difficult part.
  25. 25. You need to be consistent 
 both in terms of visual identityand messages! 
 This will help your audience to trust you and build a connecBon with your brand. If you are not consistent your message will fail to engage. Consumers need to see the same message/ idea/ visual idenBty everywhere. They get bombarded with many messages all the Bme. The need to know who you are and what you are on about really fast. Visual idenBty is far more than your logo as a profile pick. It entails having a common design (look and feel), style of photography and graphics, consistent logo and video treatment , common colours and fonts across your communicaBon. Invest on that Your brand can not have a visual iden7ty on Facebook and then totally different on tv. Alway be consistent. You need to create the same brand experience everywhere even in your web banners!!
  26. 26. Also Never never never never forget
  27. 27. There is no digital/ content Strategy, it's simplyStrategy applied in a Digital World and platformsthat needs to address
 real business/ brand
 problems or opportunities .
  28. 28. To ask your self 
 whyas a brand 
 I need to use Facebook
 inthe first place! To sell, to build relaBonships, to build my brand, for consumer complains etc etc. Never go for the most likes or because everybody is there.
 It might not suit your particular business needs.
  29. 29. The factthat Schizophrenic brands 
 with no direction or strategy create schizophrenic consumers who have no loyalty. Never be one! Especiallyon Facebook
  30. 30. If you have available budget always check with research how your online communication or efforts on how Facebook effects the real worldthat people live in.
  31. 31. So does Facebook content build brands? Yes it does! But onlyif it is donethe right way!
  32. 32. Ending let see where to focus in terms of all of you content in 2017
  33. 33. 1: Be very strategic aboutthe content you produce and in which channels you choose to invest. 
 Focus 1st on your business goals and mainly on your audience needs, From what content formats they prefer, to where they hang out online. The technology, the plaIorms, the formats, the strategies – exist solely to help you engage your brand with your audiences more.
  34. 34. 2: Focus on avoiding zombie contentthat does not build your brand Many brands and agencies have started driJing asleep and flooding the internet with the same generic zombie content that we see in almost in all pages and that people just trying desperately to avoid. Zombie content : It is boring and uninteresBng for consumers, it does not create an emoBonal connecBon, it is not differenBated from other brands, It is mainly falling pray to quanBty over quality. Focus more on doing less ,becer and more correctly
  35. 35. 3: Focus on breakthrough storytelling. Brands need to start creaBng incredible content or else consumers are going to tune out completely or conBnue to block the content you create. Learn from film industry. The film industry has great experience in storytelling and knows that is not enough to just make a movie. In order to enBce people to come to the theatre, there has to be a good story. Which movies you tend to remember ?? Which one you pay to see at the cinema? The ones with a great story. Don’t be a straight to dvd brand or a b movie brand that someone downloads and that no one ever sees
  36. 36. 4: Focus on Tech-enabled
 and data-optimized content: The creators and companies that make smart use of data and tech will have a huge advantage over the rest. A great example is how NeIlix decided on how to produce its content. People watch NeIlix through its Apps/ Websites. Through its data, NeIlix knew three things: People who watch Kevin Spacey movies tend to watch all the way to the end. People who watch David Fincher movies tend to watch lots of David Fincher movies. And people who watch the BriBsh House of Cards tend to watch it all at once and all the way through. With this data, it didn’t seem so crazy for NeIlix to invest on producing the new House of Cards that everybody watches now.
  37. 37. 5: Personalisation and micro targeting 
 We will see brands focusing on gemng the right content, to the right person, at the right Bme, in the right place. Brands especially the bigger ones that have the available budget will develop highly contextual content that goes beyond the screen into the “phygital” world, enabled by beacons, sensors, and the Internet of Things. They will develop methods for making highly personalised and relevant real-Bme messages based on triggers such as purchase history, the weather, physical locaBon, and myriad more factors. Crea7ng more personalised, insight-driven content will be the next evolu7on of content marke7ng.
  38. 38. sources:
  39. 39. Stay curious…

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My presentation in_AllThingsFacebook '17 slightly changed because my gifs unfortunately don't play here from my keynote :-( All the images are stolen from the internet if one is yours pls let me know. The info is also from all over the Internet check the sources at the end for further reading. As always I have dyslexia if you find a spelling mistake pls don't kill me :-) Enjoy!


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