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How to Generate More Leads Through Pay-Per-Click Advertising


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Presented by the upCLICK team, hear these secrets directly from our top pay per click experts and learn how to easily apply to your business through the new year!

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You'll learn...

Why having thousands of keywords in your campaign is essential
What is quality score and how to optimize
How to write quality landing pages
How to respond to and manage Internet leads
How to nurture incoming leads and multiply return on investment

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How to Generate More Leads Through Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  1. 1. Craig Klein, CEO – SalesNexus Ricky Westbrook, Dir. of PPC & Client Relations Cameron Fenno, Lead PPC Account Mgr Fair Marketing Sales Growth Hub Webinar Series
  2. 2. What is the Sales Growth Hub? Trusted Experts in Growing Businesses! Webinars, Videos, Articles, eBooks, all FREE! Community where businesses and sales and marketing leaders meet.
  3. 3. Areas of Expertise • Lead generation • Search engine optimization • Social media • Web design • Web development • Sales consulting • Sales coaching • Sales tools and software • Customer relationship management • Sales training • Sales management • Marketing consulting • Email marketing • Branding • Video production • Public relations • Pay-per-click advertising • Digital marketing
  4. 4. Hub Members
  5. 5. Webinar Schedule January 7 : Decrease Sales Staff Turnover and All the Costs that Come With It! Michael Halper,
  6. 6. Questions Find Questions in the GotoWebinar control panel
  7. 7. source:
  8. 8. Call Tracking
  9. 9. SERP Conversion Capture - Adwords Call Extension - Adwords Site Link Extension - Adwords Location Extension
  10. 10. Tracking Site Calls Design by: Word Stream
  11. 11. Keyword Expansions
  12. 12. Auto-Complete Suggestions: Google’s auto-suggest as you type in your query. Third-Party Keyword Tools: New Keyword Discovery PRO TIP Use tools like iSpionage & Spy Fu to get information on the keywords your competitors are bidding on!
  13. 13. Raw Query Reports PRO TIP Add phrases that are not only relevant & targeted but also have performance history.
  14. 14. Negative Keyword Expansion • Determining what’s a negative keyword • Raw query reports to find those that are uneffective • Auto-complete suggestions Design by:
  15. 15. Source:
  16. 16. Third Party Bid & Budget Tools Features you can’t get from AdWords: - Automatic Budget Expansion - Cross Platform Tracking - KPI Dashboard - Bulk Client Worksheets - Advanced Reporting PRO TIP Acquisio is the cheaper third party tool, and offers all of the major features as the more expensive tools.
  17. 17. A/B Testing Ads
  18. 18. On Site Optimizations
  19. 19. Design by:
  20. 20. Landing Page Split Testing 56% % Loaded 46% 42 # Conversions 49 8.9% Conversion Rate 12.4% 3m 42sec Time on Page 4m 49sec PRO TIP VWO is the cheaper third party tool, and offers most of the major features as the more expensive tools.
  21. 21. Landing Page Multivariate Testing 56% % Loaded 46% 42 # Conversions 49 8.9% Conversion Rate 12.4% 3m 42sec Time on Page 4m 49sec
  22. 22. PRO TIP Page load speeds also affect your SEO and Organic rankings. Google Webmaster Tools can give you much of this information. Source: Effects of Load Time
  23. 23. Design by: Cloud.IQ.Co
  24. 24. Design by: Cloud.IQ.CoDesign by: Cloud.IQ.CoDesign by: Cloud.IQ.Co
  25. 25. Remarketing
  26. 26. Google Remarketing PRO TIP Upload 4-5 versions of remarketing banner ads in order to split test which banner receives more clicks.
  27. 27. Facebook Retargeting PRO TIP AdRoll is a great platform to run your Facebook Remarketing campaigns!
  28. 28. Lead Management • Response Time • Nurturing • Measurement
  29. 29. Lead Response
  30. 30. Lead Nurturing
  31. 31. Lead Nurturing 10% increase in sales!
  32. 32. Lead Nurturing Current “funnel” 100 leads each month 20 closed 80 “dead” or unsold each month After 6 months 480 “dead” leads Lead Nurture Campaign to “Dead” leads 2% “click rate” is typical 9 to 10 leads 10% more leads in your sales funnel ea. month, after 6 months 20% more in 12 months 40% more in 24 months!
  33. 33. Lead Nurturing Web Leads? 25% or more!
  34. 34. Case Studies Lead nurturing – Better Business Bureau • Growing online Ad spend • Conversions not closing • Automated lead nurturing solution • Increase sales 25%
  35. 35. Lead Nurturing 10% increase in sales! • New Web Lead • New Lead • New Client • Past Client • 3 to 5 emails per campaign • FAQ Style
  36. 36. Lead Nurturing 1. Write down 5 to 10 questions that potential clients ask sales people most often 2. Each question becomes an email. Examples: Are you spending money on expensive maintenance? If so, take a look at this recent article, “5 ways to reduce maintenance costs.” Are you wondering what will happen if your pump systems fail? If so, take a look at this recent article, “3 simple backup plans for pump systems”
  37. 37. Quick Tip Try 1. Calling Scripts 2. Qualifying Questions 3. Objection Responses 4. Pre-call, post call, follow up emails 5. Content Marketing Outline – Lead Nurture topics! 6. Much more!
  38. 38. Lead Nurturing
  39. 39. Lead Nurturing
  40. 40. What Next? Register at Read “5 Easy Ways to Grow Sales and Lower Costs” -
  41. 41. What Next? For more information about PPC management, please contact Fair Marketing at or 832-454- 2384 We’ll perform a free, no obligation audit of your current campaign and give you recommendations!