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Mihai Pruna Projects and Experience


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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Mihai Pruna Projects and Experience

  1. 1. Projects and Experience Overview Mihai Pruna
  2. 2. About Mihai Pruna Education Expertise o o Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering o Engineering Software Development o Data Mining, Software Integration and Automation Master of Aerospace Engineering, Aerodynamics and Propulsion o Aircraft Performance Modeling o Aircraft Structural Repairs o o Flight and Wind Tunnel Testing o CAD / CAE (CFD and FEA) User and Customizer o iPhone game development. Certificate of Proficiency in Aircraft Stress Analysis
  3. 3. Project Spotlight: OpenFOAM Pre /Post Processor 2012-2013 Set up design iterations in Excel  Simplified input interface  Distributed computing (cloud, HPC, local) 
  4. 4. Project Spotlight: Solving Supersonic Flow over a Flat Plate 2004 Computational Fluid Dynamics Code  Graduate course project  Written in MATLAB 
  5. 5. Project Spotlight: CATIA Automation 2008 Based on a planar grid defined by the user, structural framing is applied to a curved surface. Computational geometry techniques were used to ensure the framing adheres to the curved surface.
  6. 6. Project Spotlight: Interoperability Toolbar for Engineers and Architects 2007 CAD DATABASE SPREADSHEET
  7. 7. Project Spotlight: Stadium Seating Parametric Design Tool 2010 3rd PARTY CAD SOFTWARE SPREADSHEET STORAGE 3D VIEWER
  8. 8. Project Spotlight: Aircraft Performance Modeling 2004 Using formulas and available flight test data, cruise performance can be predicted for a variety of flight conditions. Batch processing allows rapid generation of reports.
  9. 9. Project Spotlight: Educational iPhone Game: MathFall 2011 Cocos2D API used for speedy OpenGL graphics. Physics engine developed from scratch using vector math. MathFall has been available in the Apple App Store since July, 2011