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trabajo de tecnologia.

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  1. 1. ENERGY
  2. 2. INDEX- Energy definition.-Types of energy.-Energy sources.-Renewbable and no renewbable sources.-Enviroment impact-Energy power estation
  3. 3. ENERGY-energy is the capacity of doing a work
  4. 4. TYPES OF ENERGY- Mechanical energy.- Electrical energy.-Electromacnetic energy. t-Sound energy.-Chemical energy.-Nuclear energyThermal energy
  5. 5. MECHANICAL ENERGYyThere are two types of energy.Kinetic energy: This energy is produced when objectsmove.Potential energy: This energy is prouced when a objectin a equilibrium position move to another position.
  6. 6. ELECTRICAL ENERGYThis energy have relationship with electric current. Machinesonly moves with an electrical suply.
  7. 7. ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGYThe waky talky use them , are electromagnetic waves. Thewaves are the means of transmision.
  8. 8. SOUND ENERGYThe mean of transmision is vibration. Like movil phoneswhen emit music it use sound waves
  9. 9. CHEMICAL ENERGYThis energy is extracted from chemical reactions our body getenergu by this way
  10. 10. NUCLEAR ENERGYEnergy is extracted from the nucleus of atoms. Central powerestations use this metod to obtain energy. The stars producethis energy.
  11. 11. THERMAL ENERGYIts pprofuce when particles are in contact thetemperature of an object its the thermal energy that ithave.
  12. 12. ENERGY SOURCESThis are natural and can provide us diferent kinds ofenergyTow types:Renewbable:This are sources that are unlimited likethe sun.Non-renewbable:This are sources that are limited likethe coal.
  13. 13. WIND TURBINESWind turbines have long produced renewable energy but a Frenchengineering firm has discovered another eco-purpose for the toweringstructures.
  14. 14. ENVIROMENT IMPACTAcid rain: This is caused by the gases that react with watervapor and produce acids and fall down to the earth.Nuclear waste: To produce energy nuclear power stationsproduce waste subtances that are very bad for our live. Theyare put in nuclear cementerys.Oil pills: When petroleum is trasnport in ships some timethey break and the petroleum kill all animals in the sea thatare there.Water temperature: Power stations need water for refligerateand they release then to rivers this change of temeperaturecan kill fish