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Agserv rapid equipment 2015


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Agserv rapid equipment 2015

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Agserv rapid equipment 2015

  1. 1. Worldwide equipment trends – with a focus on Australian applications Eris Hess Agserv 02 9647 2111
  2. 2. Why the increased focus? What factors are driving change? What trends re we looking at. • Prescription or low dose applications • New Rodent traps • Technology Worldwide equipment trends – with a focus on Australian applications
  3. 3. Why the increased focus? • 10 Million insect species. • Most successful life form in the world.
  4. 4. • Urban populations flourish. What factors are driving change in Pest Control. • Environmental concerns. • Health concerns. • Zero pest tolerance.
  5. 5. 1. Prescription or low dose applications 2. Humane Rodent traps 3. Technology What trends re we looking at.
  6. 6. What factors are driving change. • Regulations • Environmental concerns • IPM Directives Prescription or low dose applications Other Reasons • Efficient • Use less chemical • Less waste • Saves time & money • Reduced risk of exposure to you and the customer and environment
  7. 7. THEN NOW
  8. 8. Chemical Application System III B&G Accu sprayer B&G Spot SprayR
  9. 9. THEN SOON
  10. 10. • Uniform treatment zone with minimal disruption to your landscaping. • Injection system is equipped with an advanced digital on-board computer that prevents the over or under usage • Measures to make sure product is mixed at the exact label rate. • Unit mixes the termiticide and water on-board, providing an exact, finished dilution concentration for the treatment of your structure Termidor HP - USA
  11. 11. Termidor HP - USA
  12. 12. Termidor HP - USA • New technology that's revolutionizing the way termites are treated. • No trenching, rodding, or disruption to your landscaping. • Provides a more uniform treatment zone for your structure, and more confidence for you. • Advanced application technology cuts water usage by as much as 75%. • Precisely applies product where it's needed to protect your structure.
  13. 13. THEN NOW
  14. 14. Outcomes • Effective • Compliant • Professional Prescription or low dose applications
  15. 15. • Bait free • Humane • Discreet • Back to base monitoring possibilities Products • Wise System – From Flick/Anticimex • Radar – Gas rodents – From Rentokil • Alert 24+ New Rodent traps
  16. 16. Radar • Doors close via infrared • CO2 Kill • Single Use
  17. 17. Wise I Wise I Master • Control Box. • Wi-Fi. • Up to 50 Traps or monitors Wise I Pir • Monitoring devise • Range extender Wise I Box • Multi Catch mouse & Rat • Electrocution kill • Dispose dead into bag • Reseat automatically • Send SMS or data to advise
  18. 18. Wise I – Sewer Trap
  19. 19. Alert 24+. The new non-toxic system for the monitoring and control of rodent pests The Alert24 system continuously monitors rodent activity in your premises, trapping and killing rats and mice and alerting you to their presence. • 24/7 rodent protection & control • Poison free • Immediate warning of rodent presence • Continuous remote monitoring • Daily audit trail & full diagnostics
  20. 20. Technology • Radio-frequency identification (RFID). • Camera & infrared Cameras.
  21. 21. Radio-frequency identification (RFID). Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. Major popular use • Microchipping dogs • Tracking cattle RFID in Pest Control • Dow Sentricon System in USA • Tracking honey bees • Q Flies Possible future RFID in pest control ILT, Rodent bait stations, traps and monitors.
  22. 22. THEN NOW
  23. 23. Sentricon (RFID).
  24. 24. Tracking honey Bees (RFID).
  25. 25. Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly). Cause $6.9 Billion damage a year Swarm Sensing • Track Q Flies. • Establish patterns. • Flight distance • Average day flight • Congregation areas • Release Sterile Males to reduce populations.
  26. 26. Camera & infrared Cameras. • Motion activated . • Video or photo. • Works day and night with invisible (IR) Infra Red flash for night vision. • USB, Memory card or Wi-Fi.
  27. 27. Automated pest detection and monitoring using cell phone cameras. Columbia University • Use in expensive cell phone camera • Software analysis of images • Real time reporting Applications: • Tracking pests • Track the movement and habits of insects or rodents • Optical real-time identification of pests • Automates by transmitting data from a mobile device Licensing Status: Available for licensing and sponsored research support
  28. 28. CPD Questions. 1. Name 1 factor that is driving change in Pest Control. Possible answers: Urban populations flourish or Environmental concerns or Health concerns or Zero pest tolerance. 2. Prescription treatment are? A: More efficient B:Use less chemical C: Reduce risk of exposure D: All of the above 3. What does RFID stand for ? Answer : Radio-frequency identification 4. Name one thing RFID have been used for. Possible answers: Tracking bees, Sentricon, Rodent bait stations or q flies.