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More credit less crunch


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A five slides presentation from Portfolio Software

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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More credit less crunch

  1. 1. More credit, less crunch A five slides presentation from the Team at Portfolio Software
  2. 2. More credit, less crunch Live below your means 1. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures 2. Always pay yourself first 3. Know where you are spending 4. Create budgets and stick to them 5. More Credit, Less Crunch
  3. 3. More credit, less crunch Accrue assets 1. Know the difference between an asset and a liability 2. Plan to turn your liabilities into assets 3. Investments outperform banks 4. Trackers outperform equities 5. Properties outperform stocks
  4. 4. More credit, less crunch Invest in yourself 1. Personal growth is important 2. Do not neglect your mind, body and spirit 3. Know what you need to learn, and learn what you need to know 4. Learn for fun as well as for growth 5. Don’t spend time, invest it
  5. 5. More credit, less crunch Build lasting relationships 1. Your greatest assets are the people around you 2. Nurture relationships and build strong bonds 3. Give back, selflessly at every opportunity 4. Think about what you can do to help others 5. Laugh, loudly, often and share the laughter
  6. 6. More credit, less crunch Have a dream and chase it 1. Know what you are passionate about 2. Create goals and set a timeframe for achieving them 3. Keep a journal, write down all of your thoughts 4. Keep focus and be resilient 5. Just do it !
  7. 7. Portfolio Software was formed in 2002 We deliver great software solutions - you won't get what you expect from Portfolio Software. You'll get more. We take a different approach to software development, blending the strengths of best practices and methodologies - not just limiting our options to one. Our long- range vision focuses on your immediate needs first, developing a solution and a roadmap for future expansion. We work successfully with distributed teams - we recognise that the world is flat We are well versed with delivering solutions with teams distributed across 5 continents. We recognise the need, mitigate the risks and embrace the complexity. We use industry standard processes - successful Delivery of Your Solution is our Prime Directive Whether Agile or Waterfall, we pick the best method and process for the delivery of your solution. We manage the full lifecycle and have an open and transparent working policy which means we keep you with us every step of the way. Contact us: Tel: +44(0)845 644 7855 Email: