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Unwrapping Christmas


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By Mike Smith

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Unwrapping Christmas

  1. 1. Unwrap the Truth Found In the Bible•We can unwrap the truth about celebratingJesus birthday in the Bible. •Jesus birth is mentioned (Luke 2), but there is no command to celebrate it. The Bible’s big focus is not the manger but rather the cross!•The scriptures thoroughly equip us for everygood work (2 Tim. 3:16-17) if it’s not in thescriptures then it’s not a good work. Col. 3:17•No one today knows the exact day or monthof Jesus b-day, most certainly not in winterthough. Lk. 2:8; S.of.S 2:11
  2. 2. •Many true Christians understand that aChristmas holiday is not from God.•The religious world basically hates us forthis knowledge – we’re not like them.•Fact is we celebrate the Joy of Jesus’blessings every week not just a few timesa year. Eph. 1:3; Acts 2:42; 20:7
  3. 3. Where Did the Dec. 25th Celebration Start?•It is of Pagan origin! (Not from the Bible) •The first evidence of the feast is from Egypt. Pagan customs centering around the January calends [the pagan calendar] gravitated to Christ-mas.” (Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911 ed.) • They (Roman Catholics) copied it from the pagan Roman sun-god, …following Saturnalia, was the Brumalia festival (birth of sun god) on Dec. 25th (New Shaff-Herzog Ency. of Religious Knowledge) •Christmas was first celebrated in the 3rd century in Rome 354, and Constantinople in 379, and Antioch in 388 (Gospel of Luke Commentary, Norval Geldenhuys, p. 102).
  4. 4. What About the Christmas Tree?•The modern Christmas tree originated inGermany. But the Germans got it from theRomans, who got it from the Babylonians and theEgyptians. “An old Babylonish fable told of anevergreen tree which sprang out of a dead treestump. The old stump symbolized the deadNimrod, the new evergreen tree symbolized thatNimrod had come to life again in Tammuz!Among the Druids the oak was sacred, amongthe Egyptians it was the palm, and in Rome itwas the fir, which was decorated with red berriesduring the Saturnalia! (cf. Ezek. 8:14-16)
  5. 5. What About the Christmas Tree?•Jeremiah 10:2-5, 11, 23 • It originated from a form of tree worship/idolatry: God directly refers to it as “the way of the heathen.” Likewise, He commands His people to “learn not the way of the heathen,” calling these customs “vain” (empty).
  6. 6. A Look at Other Christmas CustomsIn the Roman world, the Saturnalia (Dec.17) was atime of merrymaking and exchanging of gifts.December 25 was also regarded as the birthdate ofthe Iranian mystery god Mithra, the Sun ofRighteousness. On the Roman New Year (Jan.1),houses were decorated with greenery and lights,and gifts were given to children and the poor.To these observances were added the German andCeltic Yule rites when the Teutonic tribes penetratedinto Gaul, Britain and central Europe. Food and goodfellowship, the Yule log and Yule cakes, greeneryand fir trees, gifts and greetings all commemorateddifferent aspects of this festive season.
  7. 7. Can Christ Be Honored By Christmas?•Is it a doctrine of man? Mt.15:8-9 •The World Book Encyclopedia: “Bishop Liberious of Rome In 354 A.D. ordered that December 25th be adopted as the birth date of Christ.” •If so, then it’s vain and Christ is not truly honored. Jn. 4:24; Col. 3:17•Some reject the commandment of God fortheir man-made traditions. Mark 7:9 •Some say, “It has more meaning since we remember Him so infrequently”. …i.e. Christmas, Easter, Communion sparingly
  8. 8. We Should Always Celebrate the Joy of Jesus!•Can one (individual) choose to observe a dayto the Lord? Yes! Romans 14:1-6•But we must remember it cannot be doubtful(sinful) i.e., violate God’s will. Rom. 14:1•The church cannot celebrate Christmas, thereis no authority to add holidays. 1 Cor. 4:6•Make sure that you are in the world but not ofthe world. Jn. 17:14; 2 Cor. 6:16-18
  9. 9. Let’s Unwrap the Truth in Everything that We Do!•God really wants us to buy the Truthand sell it not, also wisdom, instructionand understanding. Prov. 23:23•This is good for us to do always!“…That we may live soberly, righteouslyand godly in the present age, lookingfor the blessed hope and gloriousappearing of our great God and SaviorJesus Christ. Titus 2:12-13