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Finding Jesus


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A Lesson by Mike Smith Take a look at the topic of finding Jesus.

Published in: Spiritual
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Finding Jesus

  1. 1. Introduction: • Many say that there is no Jesus. • Others say, I must find Him. John 4:25 –We must at least have the interest to see if it is possible! Jn. 1:41, 45-46 • How can we find Jesus today? • Let us see what God’s word says about this important subject of finding Jesus the Christ!
  2. 2. Seek & Ye Shall Find! • Early in Israel’s history God plainly tells them to do this. Deut. 4:29 • There are details: –Seek for the LORD God with diligence! Prov. 8:17 –Seek Him with all thy heart! Jer. 29:13 • Today we are told to seek in order to find. Mt. 7:7, 14
  3. 3. We Find That Jesus... • Pre-existed before the Creation. Jn. 1:1 • Was prophesied about in the beginning. Gen. 3:15 • Was promised to Abraham. Gen. 12:3; Gal. 3:16 • Was prophesied to come as the leader. Deut. 18:18-19 • Was proven… Acts 3:20-26; 1:3
  4. 4. Jesus Can Be Found! • The New Testament says Jesus came, and that He’s coming back. Lk. 2:17; Acts 1:9-11 • Jesus is not far from us! Acts 17:27 • He is always with His people. Heb. 13:5 • Found through the Scriptures... Jn. 5:39 –We must hear and learn from the Father. John 6:44-45 –His word is the truth that we must abide in. John 8:31-32; 2 Cor. 11:10
  5. 5. Jesus Is Not Hiding, Nor His Message! • His message is to be taught to all. Mt. 17:5; Mark 16:15 • He wants all to be saved and know His truth. 1 Tim. 2:3-4 • Jesus is the only way to God and heaven John 14:6; Acts 4:12; Heb. 5:9; 1 Pet. 3:22 • Come to Him and find rest for your soul! Mt. 11:28-30; Jn. 8:24;; Lk. 13:3; Mt. 10:32; Mk. 16:16