Talk is Cheap


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FILM 315 Digital Media Theory presentation. How texting is surpassing phone calls as a means of communication.

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Talk is Cheap

  1. 1. image: jakub krechowicz, stockvaulttalk is cheap avalon mclean-smits
  2. 2. image: digi on stock.xchng image: Clueless (1995)communication via text message is going up,while calling on a phone is going d o wn .
  3. 3. why ? because...
  4. 4. phone calls are awkwardand they i nt errup t people, image: Suvi Korhonen, flickr
  5. 5. image: nicolasnova, flickr texting is efficient and brief,
  6. 6. and textingallows fordiscretion andprivacy. image: Rob Pongsajapan, flickr
  7. 7. people go to class, they travel on the subway, they drive in theircar, they go to work, they have meetings, they’re with friends,they’re in the library, etc ...image: Voka Kamer van Koophandel Limburg, Flickr image: taki, flickr there really isn’t a good time to call someone.
  8. 8. unless it’s an emergency,a phone call feels like anintrusion.Katie Couric,
  9. 9. image: siewlian, stock.xchngWhy people call, if they call...
  10. 10. image: Calvin, AwkwardFamilyPhoto.compeople call their parents or family to catch up or give location updates;
  11. 11. to get a hold of someone immediately; image: Neal., flickr
  12. 12. or, if takes too long to discuss something in their text message. image: zoutedrop, flickr
  13. 13. is this why is gaining popularity?it is planned during a portion of your day, the callisn’t an interruption, it is usually private, you wantto talk to the person, etc...
  14. 14. “A study by Nielsen found we talked on cell phones 188 minutes a month on average this year. But thats down 25 percent from 2007.” Katie Couric, CBSnews.comimage: UggBoy UggGirl, flickr
  15. 15. “Two-thirds of theteens surveyed saidthey are more likely totype out a text to theirfriends than to call,whereas 78 percentsaid they are morelikely to engage theirvocal chords whencommunicating withtheir parents.” Adam Hadhazy, image: AndrewElck, flickr
  16. 16. getting a phone used to be “a rite of passage”. now kids in kindergarten get phones and we don’t stay up talking to our friends for two hours, we stay up texting for two hours pamela paul, New York Timesimage: Caitlin Doe, flickr
  17. 17. “ 2.5 billion text messages are sent each day in the USA” Nicole, hireahelper.comimage: Mr. Lujan, flickr
  18. 18. image: screenshot of “the Rise of Text Messaging” by @shanesnow, Mashable “Most of the text messaging is being done in the 13-17 age range. The next most popular age range is 18-24. The number of text messages decrease with age” Nicole,
  19. 19. “The report also shows that girls text a lot more thanguys, sending and receiving about 80 total texts perday compared to teen boys daily log of about 30messages” Adam Hadzay, image: CarbonNYC, flickr
  20. 20. do girls have a need to connect more on a regularbasis?
  21. 21. “The average teenager now sends and receives anunbelievable 3,300  texts a month - morethan a hundred every day!” Katie Couric, image: emdot, flickr
  22. 22. image: ms. phoenix, flickr but text messaging is not just for friends...
  23. 23. “One girl got fired over a text message, and since shedidn’t have text messaging, she paid 40 cents to get fired.”Nicole, image: digi, stock.xchng
  24. 24. wouldn’t you rather a phone call? or, face-to-face?
  25. 25. most business relations have switched from phoneto email and texting, but firing is going too far. image: Scarleth White, flickr
  26. 26. how much do you text?do you prefer to text vs talk?how have you evolved from phone to message?What are the limits of texting?What is appropriate?Think about it.