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What Makes A Great Business Website?


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Websites have come a long way. So have website visitors. What makes a business website a success? What do website visitors want from a business site? Signalfire's President, Matthew Olson, discusses this and more.

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What Makes A Great Business Website?

  1. 1. Making A GreatBusiness WebsiteHint: It’s Not About Your Business
  2. 2. Evolution of the WebHow Have Websites, People,and Updates Changed?What Are the TwoMost Important Rules?What Do I Feed A Website?What Tools Will Help?
  3. 3. How Websites Changed?90’s – Just Get A Website
  4. 4. How Websites Changed? Early 2000’s – eBrochure
  5. 5. How Websites Changed? Mid-2000’s – The Blog
  6. 6. How Websites Changed?Late-2000’s – It All Changed
  7. 7. How Websites Changed? What Do You Think? The Question That Changed It All...
  8. 8. How Have We Changed?90’s – Hey, You’re Online!
  9. 9. How Have We Changed? Early 2000’s – I want Information
  10. 10. How Have We Changed? Mid-2000’s – I want News
  11. 11. How Have We Changed? Late-2000’s – I want a Voice...
  12. 12. How Have We Changed? I WANT TO SHAREand contribute, and interact, and play...
  13. 13. How Updates Changed?What do you mean - change it?
  14. 14. How Updates Changed?We changed it six months ago...
  15. 15. How Updates Changed?News happens once a week, right?
  16. 16. How Updates Changed? Who do we let talk?
  17. 17. How Updates Changed? We don’t write content,we manage online communities
  18. 18. TWO most important rulesabout your business website It’s Not About You. Whoever Tellsthe Best Story – Wins
  19. 19. It’s Not About Me?For B2C Websites Don’t want to be “sold” Want “people like me” insight May want to share insight or contact you directly Expect you to be on Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube
  20. 20. Telling a Good Story?For B2B Websites Likely found you by WoM referral and basic web search Want to see examples of success or demonstration “If you HELP my business, you’ll GET my business.”
  21. 21. Websites aren’t launched, they’re born.
  22. 22. What Do I Feed A Website?Good, well-balanced contentCrisp, fresh imageryA touch of video doesn’t hurtIf the site has been good,a social media dessert
  23. 23. What Tools Will Help?Web-based ContentManagement System (CMS)Google Alerts, Analytics,and Webmaster ToolsProofreader or copywriterNetworking –It’s not just for people anymore
  24. 24. 4 Things You Must DoGoogle yourself, your business,and your competitionProofread your websiteCheck your domain name,web host, and email setupAsk every single new andexisting customer
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