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10 essential elements to create a successful online business


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There are many factors that will impact the success of your business. With the increasing number of businesses moving online, the competition is huge!

Many of those businesses will fail but there are certain basic elements you can establish to help turn your online business into a successful one.

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10 essential elements to create a successful online business

  2. 2. Genevieve LachancePRESENTED BY…VA Simple ServicesDigital &Social MediaMarketing.For yourbusinessSuccess!
  3. 3. Several factors will impact the success of your business.There are certain basic elements you can establish to helpturn your online business into a successful
  4. 4. 1. YOU CANT PUSH YOUR PRODUCTS ORSERVICES IF ITS CRAPPY!“You can put lipstick on apig…but it’s still a pig”
  5. 5. A great product or service and a strong businessmodel is essential.It doesn’t matter how much marketing your do, ifyou don’t have a solid business (which is yourfoundation), you’re setting yourself up for
  6. 6. 2. YOU HAVE TO OFFER SOMETHINGPEOPLE WANT AND NEED“The aim of marketing is toknow and understand thecustomer so well the productor service fits him and sellsitself.” ~Peter
  7. 7. Understand your market and their needs.By identifying their pain points, you’ll be able tooffer a compelling
  8. 8. 3. MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSIONAND HAVE A CLEAR MESSAGE"Regardless of the changesin technology, the market forwell-crafted messages willalways have an audience."~Steve
  9. 9. People don’t want to search to figure out whatyou’re selling.Provide tangible value your customers willreceive by buying your products or services.Your website, marketing materials and the wayyou present yourself on and offline is a directreflection on the way you conduct
  10. 10. MAKE IT A GOOD USER EXPERIENCE“Design is not just what itlooks like and feels like.Design is how it works”.~Steve
  11. 11.  Make sure your website is easy to navigate Pay attention to both function andaesthetics Don’t overwhelm your visitors with ads Don’t make website visitors jump throughhoops to get what they’re looking for(including your free offers)
  12. 12. PUT YOUR CUSTOMERS FIRST.IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!“I am wired like a CEO and carea great deal about the bottomline, but I care about mycustomers even more than that.Thats always been mycompetitive advantage”.~Gary
  13. 13. People really don’t care about you, yourbusiness or what you’re selling.Your customers only care about what yourbusiness can do for them and how you cansolve their problems.What’s in it for them?
  14. 14. MAKE IT SOCIAL“Social marketing eliminates themiddlemen, providing brands theunique opportunity to have a directrelationship with theircustomers”. ~Bryan
  15. 15. By being a social business, it will help tohuman-ize your brand, make you moreaccessible and drive your audience tointer-act with it even
  16. 16. EDUCATE“Blogs are about sharing with authenticity. A goodenterprise blog can help you really connect deeplywith your customers in a meaningful way becausethe content is not only relevant but insightful andpersonal. I think most enterprises miss that point.When you do it right, your customers will walkaway not only having learned something new butwill also feel much more connected to yourbrand”. ~David
  17. 17. Assist your prospects during the purchase journey byeducating them about your products or services.Producing helpful content that will educate your visitorsis the best way to portray yourself as a leader in yourfield and will make your business accessible 24/7 whichwould be impossible to do if you were solely an
  18. 18. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SUPPORTERS,FANS AND ADVOCATES“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customersthat boast about your project or service, and that bring friendswith them” ~W. Edwards
  19. 19. Providing a unique and personal experience requiresknowing and understanding your audience. A CRMsystem can help you identify, categorize or segmentyour target audience.By tailoring your communications, you will be able toprovide a more personal experience and developdeeper and stronger relationships with your
  20. 20. DO SOMETHING UNEXPECTED ANDDELIGHT“Everyone has an invisible signhanging from their neck saying,Make me feel important. Neverforget this message when workingwith people”. ~Mary Kay
  21. 21. Sadly, the bar is not set very high when it comesto customer service. Exceeding people’sexpectations by showing how much you valuetheir business with simple gestures will makeyour business memorable.According to Ipsos, a global independent marketresearch company, “delighted customers are 5times more likely to plan on repurchasing thanmerely satisfied customers”
  22. 22. BE HELPFUL“It is literally true that you cansucceed best and quickest byhelping others to succeed”.~Napoleon HillWhat can I do for you?
  23. 23. Help people solve their problems, give withoutexpectations and provide