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An overview of Progressus Solutions services

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Progressus Solutions

  1. 1. We’re Changing the Face of Related Services… Excellence | Compassion | Dedication | Trust | Balance E C D T B – “Every Child Deserves the Best”Contact: Michael Berthelette ( | 1-800-892-0640 1
  2. 2. We focus on delivering measurable outcomes for our clients. DC Public Case Study Our ImpactOverview Progressus was contracted by DC Public Schools to manage SLP services for high school students. The goal was to improve collaboration, and to increase completion Increased Student of services. SuccessApproach SLPs implemented the Progressus GPS™ to guide intervention strategy and implementation •Used Progressus Functional Profile™ to guide delivery model, intensity, and frequency of service •Created and executed plan to engage teachers and parents in the role they could play by providing training Improved Parent & and assistance with implementation of strategies •Ran year-long professional development and training Teacher Satisfaction series to build the team’s knowledge and skills , with a specific focus on clinical decision making and how to engage and coach othersOutcomes • Increased parent satisfaction • Zero due process claims • Caseloads were reduced by 30% at 3 high schools and Full 15% at 7 high schools. Transparency • District realized a 15% cost reduction in expenses in year one.
  3. 3. Additional Case Studies California OT/PT Program Baltimore Reading ProjectOverview Progress has been managing an OT and a PT program Overview Progressus SLPs participated in a collaborative reading for the district since 2001. Prior to 2001, the district project where they coached reading instructors to faced debilitating litigation costs and fragmented modify their instructional communication during daily services delivered from a variety of sources. reading activities to incorporate proven language intervention strategies.Approach Progressus assumed primary staffing and management Individualized or small group therapy was not Approach responsibilities for the program. implemented and instead SLPs worked directly with •On-site Supervisor to oversee all aspects of the Reading Instructors, Parents and the Parent Liaison. program •Reworked policies and procedures; referral, eligibility They focused on training team members to implement and dismissal criteria instructional accommodations and strategies that •Introduced collaborative and RTI service delivery would improve performance. model Extraordinary gains were made in reading as highlighted •Implemented training to foster teacher and parent Outcomes below; collaboration •Sixty percent (60%) of the students with 20 or more •Introduced programs (ALERT program, Brain Gym, hours of instruction made gains of at least 1 Handwriting,) instructional level on the Burns/Roe Graded Word List •Developed new scheduling and workload plans •Fifty-six percent (56%) of the students with 30 or more • 100% elimination of litigations hours increased by one level on the ReadingOutcomes • An enriched, collaborative educational culture Comprehension subscale of the National Outcome • Significant staff reduction of nearly 50%, decreasing Measurement System for Speech-Language Pathology from 25 to 14 providers (NOMS)
  4. 4. Data Analysis and BenchmarkingWe have the ability to analyze adistrict’s caseload data to identifyservice delivery patterns andpotential areas for improvement:-Over Identification – are servicesbeing provided at a higher rate thanpeer districts?-Homogenous Service Delivery – areall students receiving the same levelof direct service regardless of gradelevel and diagnosis?
  5. 5. Tools and Resources: Team NewslettersOur Leading the Way seriesprovides administrators,teachers and therapists tipsand tools for success.Past topics include:-Educationally relevantinterventions-Strong therapist-teacherteams-Posture and seating-Project management-Quality therapyenvironment 5
  6. 6. Tools and Resources: Parent EngagementEach Progressus teamdevelops a customizedparent communication plan.The plan includes monthlymessaging and resources forparents.In addition, our therapistsperform parent trainingseminars.
  7. 7. Tools and Resources: Collaboration PlusProgressus viewscollaboration as a keyfactor in program success.Our teams are armed withtools and resources toaffect school collaborationfrom the ground level.Adjacent is ourcollaboration readinesstool. The culture andclimate of the schoolbuilding drives what typesof collaboration efforts willbe successful.
  8. 8. Tools and Resources: Professional DevelopmentProgressus has extensiveprofessional developmentexperience including live andonline training.Some of the courses we haveoffered in the past include:-Bilingual Assessment Usingan Interpreter-Service Delivery Models-Innovative Approaches toMentoring-Collaboration in the IEPEnvironment
  9. 9. The Value of Working with Us Exceeding Compliance Satisfaction Promise Cost AdvantageProgressus operates under the A successful related services Progressus Therapy’s relatedsimple philosophy that “Every Child program not only addresses the services programs are moreDeserves the Best.” First and needs and concerns of students, effective in graduating studentsforemost, we work with our clients but also of parents, teachers and while eliminating unwarrantedto ensure that their related service advocates. Progressus arms its therapy. Our therapists are trainedprograms are fully-staffed and clinicians with the tools and to vary service delivery models andcompliant. But beyond compliance, knowhow to effectively manage intensity in order to maximize timeProgressus works to implement the challenges typically spent with the neediest studentsbest practices in service delivery to experienced in the special and graduating students who nodrive student achievement. Every education arena. Everything we do, longer need services. As achild’s IEP should be individualized from holding in-services for consequence, districts are able toand customized to meet that parents to how we train our realize meaningful cost savingsstudent’s needs. Too often, therapists, is geared around while delivering collaboration,therapists are unable to move building and maintaining strong, parent satisfaction and studentbeyond compliance. Progressus positive relationships with key outcomes they so desperatelyprovides therapists with the tools constituents. desire. While the benefits of ourand training to move beyond approach are seen financially, thecompliance to ensure that the right most importantly benefit is studentstudents are receiving the right success!therapy.
  10. 10. Leadership Team Dr. Gene Clark, Ph.D. Janet Knupp, MA Chief Executive Officer PresidentA distinguished academic in business management A former special education teacher, Janet Knuppand law, Dr. Clark brings a unique blend of brings more than twenty years experience leadingleadership experience and a long track record of and growing education organizations, from start-upsbusiness success achieved over his 40-year career. to mature companies, and she has established aFor the past five years, as Dean and CEO of Phoenix national reputation for excellence in K-12 education.School of Law and the Charlotte School of Law, Dr. As founding president and CEO of the Chicago PublicClark successfully guided the schools through the Education Fund, she helped attract significant privateAmerican Bar Association national accreditation investment to develop and implement empoweringprocess and oversaw significant improvements in educational programs in the Chicago Public Schoolstudent performance. He has held leadership roles system. Prior to that, Janet started several non-profitat many other academic institutions, established organizations in Detroit to provide students withgovernment/university partnerships and is one of scholarships to high quality schools. Ms. Knupponly two Australian law professors to win national earned her M.A. in education foundations and policyhonors as a recipient of the prestigious inaugural from the University of Michigan, and graduated cumPrime Ministers Teaching Excellence Award. laude from Michigan State University with a B.S. in special education.Gene holds five university degrees, including postgraduate qualifications in law and education fromUS and Australian universities..
  11. 11. Leadership Team Shellie Bader, Dr. Jean Blosser Michael Berthelette MA-CCC-SLP, MA-Ed. Admin Ed.D., CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow MSM, OTR/L VP, Operations - Solutions VP, Therapy Programs & Quality Co-Founder, Sr. VP, Business DevelopmentShellie joined Progressus following a Jean is a leading national expert in thesuccessful career as the Coordinator of area of school-based service delivery. Michael is one of the co-founders ofthe Speech and Language Program for Throughout her career, Jean Blosser has Progressus Therapy. He has successfullyLos Angeles Unified School District consistently demonstrated her passion integrated over 20 years of administrativewhere she supervised over 400 speech- and commitment to school-based service and clinical experiences in the fields oflanguage pathologist. Ms. Bader delivery through her various roles as a school based practice/pediatrics and earlyoverhauled the program by improving school-based SLP, professor and intervention services. Before helping tomorale, compliance and the quality of university administrator, author and found Progressus, Michael was atherapy for over 24,000 students eligible researcher, program developer, and consultant and co-author on thefor speech and language services. Ms. mentor. She has been named a Fellow of California School Based and EarlyBader holds a Masters in Communicative The American Speech-Language-Hearing Intervention Guidelines for OccupationalDisorders and in Educational Association, The Ohio Speech and Hearing and Physical Therapy. He has served onAdministration. She received the award Association, and The American Council on numerous taskforces for Occupationalfor Outstanding Achievement in 2006 Education. She has published numerous and Physical Therapy, most recently forfrom CSHA (California Speech-Language articles, clinical materials, and resources the Hillsborough County Public Schools,and Hearing Association). including; School Programs in Speech- FL. He is a member of AOTA and served Language Pathology: Organization and for six years as the communications Service Delivery, Pediatric Traumatic Brain liaison for the AOTAs Administration and Injury: Proactive Intervention & Speech Management Special Interest Section. Remediation: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding and Helping.
  12. 12. Leadership Team (continued) Holly Kaiser Justin Funches Lila Almond MA-CCC-SLP MBA MA-CCC-SLP Co-Founder, National Director of VP, Marketing & Business Therapy Programs and Quality Development Lila has worked in outpatient rehabilitation, private practice, earlyHolly Kaiser is one of the co-founders of As Vice President, Justin develops new intervention, home health, acute care,Progressus Therapy. In 1981, she formed relationships with school districts around and public school settings. She startedHolly Kaiser Therapy Services, Inc., a the country, working with them to with Progressus Therapy in August 2007private practice that provided speech, identify the key areas that Progressus and has been a manager since 2008.occupational, and physical therapy and can help them achieve their goals.other special education services for over During his time with Progressus, Justin Lara Lazear25 years. She is currently is on the board has been involved in nearly all aspects of MA-CCC-SLPof the California Speech-Language and our organization – from strategy andHearing Association as Director of marketing to finance. Prior to joining Lara has been employed by ProgressusDistrict 1 which is comprised of 6 Progressus, Justin worked at Ironwood, Therapy since July 2002 where she mostcounties includes San Francisco and Capital One and McKinsey & Company. recently served as is the ClinicalNorth Bay area. She received her BA in He also has served as the Chairman of Manager for Arizona and Los AngelesAudiology and Speech Sciences from the Boston Preparatory School and a County. Her prior experiences were inMichigan State University and her MA in trustee of Boston ACCESS. Justin holds a Arizona schools as a Speech-LanguageCommunication Disorders from Central Masters in Business Administration and Pathologist.Michigan University in 1977. Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University.
  13. 13. Board of Directors Dr. Rudolph (Rudy) Crew Phil Handy Dennis ArcherRudy is currently a Professor of Clinical Phil served for six years (2001 – 2007) as Dennis served two four-year terms asEducation as the USC Rossier School of Chairman of the Florida State Board of Mayor of the city of Detroit (1994-2001)Education. He is a lifelong educator Education, a seven person board and earned national and internationalwhose career included the appointed by Governor Jeb Bush, which respect for his success in changingchancellorship of the nation’s largest has constitutional responsibility for Detroits image and direction. Dennisschool district, the New York City Florida’s public educational system (over has long been active in the organizedDepartment of Education, where he 4 million students). Phil has been bar. He was the first person of colorserved from 1995-1999. He also served appointed twice by President George W. elected president of the American Baras superintendent of the nation’s fourth- Bush to the National Board of Education Association (2003-2004) as well as thelargest school district, Miami-Dade Sciences (confirmed by the U.S. Senate), State Bar of Michigan. Dennis received aCounty Public Schools from 2004-2008 where he has served as Vice Chairman. Bachelor of Science degree in Educationand was named the 2008 National Phil has also served as a member of the from Western Michigan University andSuperintendent of the Year by the Florida Governor’s Council of 100 since taught learning disabled students in theAmerican Association of School 1987. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Detroit Public Schools. Currently,Administrators. He is a nationally Economics, and graduated Cum Laude Dennis is Chairman and CEO of Dennisrenowned educator and education policy from Princeton University and later W. Archer PLLC and Chairman Emeritusopinion leader. He was called upon to earned an MBA from Harvard Business of Dickinson Wright PLLC, a Detroit-advise the transition team of President School. based law firm with more than 270Obama in the formulation of national attorneyseducation policy and now serves on thePresident’s Education Policy Council. 13