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Collage artworks of 26 artists from 17 countries around the world.

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  2. 2. COLART#02INTERNATIONALCOLLAGEART CECIL TOUCHON (Pagosa Springs - U.S.A.) MAZUKA (São Carlos - Brazil) Cory peeke (La Grande – U.S.A.) Pd lietz (Manitoba - Canada) Musta fior (La Rochelle - France) Flore kunst (Lyon - France) Josie beszant (Yorkshire Dale – U.K.) Dada vfc (Moinesti - Romania) MONGOBÌ (Florence - Italy) BOB SCOTT (New York City – U.S.A.) GABRIELA KOSTESKY (Montevideo - Uruguay) KATRIEN DE BLAUWER (Antwerp - Belgium) FERNANDO NANDY MARZULLO (Buenos Aires - Argentina) GEORGE BOYA (Thessaloniki - Greece) ARANTXA RUEDA (Murcia - Spain) CHRISTOS KOURTOGLOU (Athens - Greece) FEMKE VAN DER RIJST (Utrecht - Holland) ZACH COLLINS (Minneapolis – U.S.A.) TOSHIAKI UCHIDA (Yokohama - Japan) K MACKOWICK (Pittsburgh – U.S.A.) ARI CHÁVES CHACÓN (Cuernavaca - Mexico) LAILA MANIERI (Porto Alegre - Brazil) ELLSAGUT (São Paulo - Brazil) IVANA MILOVANOVIC (Belgrade – Republic of Serbia) NESTOW SAKACZBIA (Gdansk - Poland) GIVEMEAWORK (Milan - Italy)
  3. 3. COLART#02International Collage ArtAgradece a todos os 26 artistas participantes de 17 países que participam desta segunda edição. COLART#02 International Collage Art Thanks to all 26 artists from 17 countries participating in this second edition. Para participar da COLART#03 envie suas obras em formato JPEG (até 10 obras por artista) juntamente com uma biografia curta, até o dia 20/09/2012 para o e-mail: To participate in the COLART#03 send your works in JPEG format (up to 10 works) together with a short biography, until September 20, 2012 to e-mail: Coordenação Geral: Thiago Mazucato (Mazuka)
  4. 4. Índice / IndexCECIL TOUCHON (Pagosa Springs - U.S.A.)……………………………………..02MAZUKA (São Carlos - Brazil)...............................................................................13Cory peeke (La Grande – U.S.A.)......................................................................24Pd lietz (Manitoba - Canada)……………………………………………………….35Musta fior (La Rochelle - France)……………………………………………….43Flore kunst (Lyon - France)……………………………………………………....54Josie beszant (Yorkshire Dale – U.K.)…………………………………………65Dada vfc (Moinesti - Romania)…………………………………………….………74MONGOBÌ (Florence - Italy)…………………………………………………………….80BOB SCOTT (New York City – U.S.A.)……………………………………………...91GABRIELA KOSTESKY (Montevideo - Uruguay)…………………………..102KATRIEN DE BLAUWER (Antwerp - Belgium)………………………..…… 110FERNANDO NANDY MARZULLO (Buenos Aires - Argentina)………....120GEORGE BOYA (Thessaloniki - Greece)………………………………………...129ARANTXA RUEDA (Murcia - Spain)…………….......................................……135CHRISTOS KOURTOGLOU (Athens - Greece).............................................142FEMKE VAN DER RIJST (Utrecht - Holland)…………………………….….153ZACH COLLINS (Minneapolis – U.S.A.)...........................................................164TOSHIAKI UCHIDA (Yokohama - Japan)………………………………..…….175K MACKOWICK (Pittsburgh – U.S.A.)……………………………………….…..186ARI CHÁVES CHACÓN (Cuernavaca - Mexico)…………......................…..194LAILA MANIERI (Porto Alegre - Brazil)……………..........................……….203ELLSAGUT (São Paulo - Brazil)..........................................................................214IVANA MILOVANOVIC (Belgrade – Republic of Serbia).........................219NESTOW SAKACZBIA (Gdansk - Poland)……………………………….…….225GIVEMEAWORK (Milan - Italy)…………………………………………..………..231
  5. 5. COLART#02 PRESENTS: 1
  6. 6. CECIL_TOUCHON Cecil Touchon was born in 1956 in Austin, Texas and holds a BFA inpainting from UTA – University of Texas at Arlington. Touchon has beenworking in collage since the mid 1970’s and started his well knownwidely collected Fusion Series of collage art in 1983. To the present hehas produced some 3,500 collages. Touchon maintains studios in PagosaSprings, Colorado USA and in Tepoztlan, a small colonial town an hoursouth of Mexico City, Mexico. Touchon is also involved with the VisualPoetry, Fluxus and international Mail Art communities. In the mid 1990’s Touchon founded what is known as theInternational Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction – aproject using the idea of a museum as a grand assemblage. Through theuse of the internet, open collection policy and the generous help ofcollage/assemblage artists all over the world Touchon has amassed acollection well in excess of 10,000 works of collage and assemblage artintended for preservation and study. He recently has opened this uniquecollection to the public in the small mountain town of Pagosa Springs,Colorado. Through the museum project Touchon has been instrumental inincreasing the awareness of the art of collage and assemblage and infostering the development of the global community of collage andassemblage artists we have seen emerging over the last decade. 2
  7. 7. Cecil Touchon, Fusion Series #1917, collage and acrylic on paper. 3
  8. 8. Cecil Touchon, A Memory Snapshot (The Danger Suite), collage on paper. 4
  9. 9. Cecil Touchon, Second Tongue (The Danger Suite), collage on paper. 5
  10. 10. Cecil Touchon, To Reveal Fluorescence (The Danger Suite), collage on paper. 6
  11. 11. Cecil Touchon, Post Dogmatist Painting #518, collage on canvas. 7
  12. 12. Cecil Touchon, Post Dogmatist Painting #529, collage and acrylic on canvas. 8
  13. 13. Cecil Touchon, Post Dogmatist Painting #550, paper and acrylic on canvas. 9
  14. 14. Cecil Touchon, Fusion Series #3071, collage on paper. 10
  15. 15. Cecil Touchon, Fusion Series #3192, collage on paper. 11
  16. 16. Cecil Touchon, Fusion Series #3190, collage on paper. 12
  17. 17. MAZUKA Mazuka currently lives, studies and produces your artworks in SãoCarlos (São Paulo, Brazil). Seeks to express the tension that exists in thedymanic balance between harmony and conflict, through theressignificance of images and colors. Mazuka believes in the socialconstruction of reality, and the social assignment of meaning to things inthe world, as reflected in his artworks in a procedure that simultaneouslyresignifies, exposes and controverts ideas and values. “At the same timewe have our intimate moments of creative glimpses, we are alsoimmersed in a society that’s increasingly global that, on the one handforces us in a position of passive bestialized, on the other gives us smallspaces to manifest our views. Our artwork is one of this ‘privileged’spaces”. Mazuka atualmente mora, estuda e produz seus trabalhos na cidade de São Carlos, SP. Procura expressar a tensão que existe no equilíbrio dinâmico entre a harmonia e o conflito, através da ressignificação de imagens e cores. Mazuka acredita na construção social da realidade e na atribuição social de sentido às coisas do mundo, o que se reflete em suas obras em um procedimento que ao mesmo tempo ressignifica, expõe e questiona ideias e valores. “Ao mesmo tempo que temos nossos momentos íntimos de lampejos criativos, também estamos mergulhados numa sociedade cada vez mais globalizada que, se por um lado nos força a uma posição de bestialização passiva, por outro nos oferece pequenos espaços para manifestarmos nossos pontos de vista. A nossa arte é um desses espaços ‘privilegiados’”. 13
  18. 18. Mazuka, Subtly, handmade collage, 2012. 14
  19. 19. Mazuka, Noise, handmade collage, 2012. 15
  20. 20. Mazuka, Time, handmade collage, 2012. 16
  21. 21. Mazuka, The End of All, handmade collage, 2012. 17
  22. 22. Mazuka, Not by Chance, handmade collage, 2012. 18
  23. 23. Mazuka, Unbearable, handmade collage, 2012. 19
  24. 24. Mazuka, Health, handmade collage, 2012. 20
  25. 25. Mazuka, Clash, handmade collage, 2012. 21
  26. 26. Mazuka, Take Care, handmade collage, 2012. 22
  27. 27. Mazuka, Flowing, handmade collage, 2012. 23
  28. 28. CORY PEEKE Cory W. Peeke was born in Sturgis, Michigan in 1968. He receivedhis BFA in Fine Arts from Kendall College of Art and Design and his MFAfrom the University of Idaho. His works are included in the permanentcollections of Eastern Oregon University, Lockhaven University, and theInternational Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction. Coryserves as the Director of the Nightingale Gallery and Associate Professorof Art & Art History at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon,USA. I’m a collage maker for much the same reason I’m a curator – I loveimages. This affection has led me to collect remnant imagery; the largelyignored and seemingly inconsequential bits of ephemera that once had apurpose, still have a presence, but now idle in disuse. I combine, layer,juxtapose, glue, tape and re-contextualize these bits and pieces of detritusin order to reincarnate and recharge them. Through the process of collagethese snippets of the past combine to become at once something fresh andfamiliar. They both exemplify and explore the duality that is the transient,disposable nature of our culture as well as the necessity to createtradition and solidify a cultural continuity. 24
  29. 29. Cory Peeke, Untitled (BO), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 25
  30. 30. Cory Peeke, Untitled (dog butt), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 26
  31. 31. Cory Peeke, Untitled (eye sea), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 27
  32. 32. Cory Peeke, Untitled (guess), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 28
  33. 33. Cory Peeke, Untitled (lady tag), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 29
  34. 34. Cory Peeke, Untitled (nuts), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 30
  35. 35. Cory Peeke, Untitled (reader’s digest), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 31
  36. 36. Cory Peeke, Untitled (route 5), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 32
  37. 37. Cory Peeke, Untitled (surprise inside), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 33
  38. 38. Cory Peeke, Untitled (urinal), traditional mixed media collage, 2012. 34
  39. 39. PD LIETZ Pd Lietz is a widely published writer, photographer and artist wholives in a rural Manitoba Canada. The daughter and grand-daughter ofdistinguished Canadian photographers, Ms. Lietz was awarded first prizein last years United Kingdom Frost Photography InternationalCompetition. Her photography, art and writing has appeared in numerousanthologies and in many publications such as; Naugatuck River Review,Three Room Press, MaINtENaNT: Journal of Contemporary DADA Writingand Art journals #4, #5 and #6 ( collages) , Alpha Beat Press- Broadside,Troubadour, and Enchanting Verses International Poetry Journal andgrace the covers of many more. 35
  40. 40. Pd Lietz, I beseech you, photo, drawing and digital art, 2011. 36
  41. 41. Pd Lietz, Imagination, photo, drawing and digital art, 2012. 37
  42. 42. Pd Lietz, Of Mice and Men, photo, drawing and digital art, 2012. 38
  43. 43. Pd Lietz, Setting the Scope, photo, drawing and digital art, 2012. 39
  44. 44. Pd Lietz, Shit Storm, photo, drawing and digital art, 2012. 40
  45. 45. Pd Lietz, The concert, The dance, photo, drawing and digital art, 2012. 41
  46. 46. Pd Lietz, The Conversation, photo, drawing and digital art, 2012. 42
  47. 47. MUSTA FIOR Musta Fior lives and works in La Rochelle, France. He composed hisfirst collage a cloudy day in July 2010, has posted this collage on Facebookand found that persons unknown had completely enjoyed this collage.Since, Musta did not stop to cut, paste, create new images. He first made a series of thirty collages made of mixed images (witha legend as the title), then a thirty second also made from pictures cutfrom a major French daily. He is currently starting a series of digitalcollages made from images of Japan and continues to cut, paste, stagingnew images on paper, tries to abstraction while trying to stay poetic. Itworks for some time on various projects with other internationalcollagists. 43
  48. 48. Musta Fior, The Little Dancer (first series), cut paper collage, 2010. 44
  49. 49. Musta Fior, The Thief and The Girl Call (first series), cut paper collage, 2010. 45
  50. 50. Musta Fior, Deparchoice (first series), cut paper collage, 2010. 46
  51. 51. Musta Fior, Prière à Vinyl et Ventilo (first series), cut paper collage, 2010. 47
  52. 52. Musta Fior, enfin, ils arrivent! (first series), cut paper collage, 2010. 48
  53. 53. Musta Fior, Remove your masks! (second series), cut paper collage, 2011. 49
  54. 54. Musta Fior, Where is dad (second series), cut paper collage, 2011. 50
  55. 55. Musta Fior, Both derisive (second series), cut paper collage, 2012. 51
  56. 56. Musta Fior, Difficult communication (second series), cut paper collage, 2012. 52
  57. 57. Musta Fior, Just look there! (second series), cut paper collage, 2012. 53
  58. 58. FLORE KUNST I was born in Lyon (France) in 1978. Graduated from the schoolEmile Cohl, I experimented and worked in many areas such as: textiledesign, vector illustration, the graphic design, drawing, photography etc ...I practice collage since 2010. This was a personal revolution, and thismedium has become obvious. I collect old magazines, postcards and othermore contemporary sources to create and mix my collages. then i work onphotoshop to bring depth, shadows or to change colors. 54
  59. 59. Flore Kunst, Roads, mixed media collage, 2012. 55
  60. 60. Flore Kunst, Déclencheur, mixed media collage, 2012. 56
  61. 61. Flore Kunst, On ignore, mixed media collage, 2012. 57
  62. 62. Flore Kunst, physiognomy, mixed media collage, 2012. 58
  63. 63. Flore Kunst, Lunch, mixed media collage, 2012. 59
  64. 64. Flore Kunst, Belly bridge, mixed media collage, 2012. 60
  65. 65. Flore Kunst, Lugdnum, mixed media collage, 2012. 61
  66. 66. Flore Kunst, Fox from outer space, mixed media collage, 2012. 62
  67. 67. Flore Kunst, disconnect, mixed media collage, 2012. 63
  68. 68. Flore Kunst, Ghost rider, mixed media collage, 2012. 64
  69. 69. JOSIE BESZANT Based in the Yorkshire Dales in the UK Josie has been anartist/gallery owner here for the last 20 years. Her work takes discarded objects from the past and throughreworking them attempts to speak about the present and future. It looksat decay and preservation, makes connections between people who havelong gone from this world and our current experience of the world.The work sometimes appears to have a simple narrative meaning but acorner gives way to something else and you realise there are layers ofmeaning and metaphor, and a line walked between darkness and light.Josies work has been exhibited widely in the UK and has also featured inexhibitions and collections in the USA and New Zealand. 65
  70. 70. Josie Beszant, Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall, handmade papers, old book page, 1918 envelope marked ‘on active service’, old photo, acrylic paint, ink, monopoly piece, 2009. 66
  71. 71. Josie Beszant, I Wear her Dress, old map, handmade papers, book papers, musicsheets, threads, photograph, 2010. 67
  72. 72. Josie Beszant, The Inheritance, pianola paper, deeds and wills documents, tracing paper, handmade paper, silver leaf, photographs, lace, muslin, silk, threads, 2011. 68
  73. 73. Josie Beszant, The Red Shoes, photograph, watch, music sheets, acrylic, silver leaf, 2010. 69
  74. 74. Josie Beszant, Sea Blue Eyes, photograph, maritime map, book paper, 2012. 70
  75. 75. Josie Beszant, Memmory Collection – Silence, photo album page, music sheets, stamps, wax matches, will paper, pen nibs, deeds, acetate, ink, 2012. 71
  76. 76. Josie Beszant, The Dancer, photograph, threads, diary pages, lace, pattern paper, music sheets, chain, ink, acrylic, 2012. 72
  77. 77. Josie Beszant, St. Ann Pray For Us, photograph, ticket, map, religious medal, deeds, acrylic, 2012. 73
  78. 78. DADA VFC Im a dizzy bard, a wild dreamer and a clumsy alchemist... My name is Viorel Florin Costea (vfc) and I live in Moinesti - DadaCity, Romania - the place where Tristan Tzara, the founder of DadaMovement, was born in 1896. So, my nickname is dada vfc, k? I love to create collages and all kinds of paintings, including digitalpaintings. I really enjoy playing with forms and colors on canvas, on woodor on my laptop. I spend a lot of time mixing chromatic wishes and desireswith imagination and fantasy. 74
  79. 79. Dada Vfc, dada dream, collage, 2010-2012. 75
  80. 80. Dada Vfc, 23 dada grunge, collage, 2010-2012. 76
  81. 81. Dada Vfc, dada spider man, collage, 2010-2012. 77
  82. 82. Dada Vfc, enjoy dada, collage, 2010-2012. 78
  83. 83. Dada Vfc, zen dada, collage, 2010-2012. 79
  84. 84. MONGObì Mongobì is pseudonym of Bibbiana Tanina Mele. I am an Italianartist, and I was born in Sardinia island, but Im living and working inFlorence. I have attended the Art Institute in Nuoro, and I graduated as aMaster of Arts. Then I moved to Florence, and made studies at the Facultyof Architecture and then at the Faculty of History of Art graduating inMuseology. After that I have specialized in Contemporary Art. Generallymy creativity is mostly oriented toward the collage, photography,drawing, painting and sculpture. Much of my work revolves around theidea of waste and loss, poor materials. Im a manual collagist. With thistechnique I want to affect reality, shape it, mold it as like it. With collages Ialways start from reality but I discussing boundaries, I change it. I rebirththe reality, I rage on her with a cutter. The practice of collage is a eulogy ofthe fragment, and the residual. In the same time is a desperate search forcompleteness. 80
  85. 85. Mongobì, Abstract, collage, 2011. 81
  86. 86. Mongobì, Love (series 1), collage, 2011. 82
  87. 87. Mongobì, Love (series 2), collage, 2011. 83
  88. 88. Mongobì, Curtains woman (series 5), collage, 2012. 84
  89. 89. Mongobì, Curtains woman (series 6), collage, 2012. 85
  90. 90. Mongobì, Day to tay (series 2), collage, 2011. 86
  91. 91. Mongobì, Day to day (series 4), 2011. 87
  92. 92. Mongobì, Dirty 1, collage, 2012. 88
  93. 93. Mongobì, Dirty 2, collage, 2012. 89
  94. 94. Mongobì, Mask 2, collage, 2012. 90
  95. 95. BOB SCOTT I am a graphic illustrator and collage artist from Richmond Virginia.I began making collages for fun when I moved to New York City aftercollege. My collages then were mainly custom cover art for mix tapesthat I sent to my girlfriend and other friends that I missed. My collages are a combination of both art and archeology. I slice upvarious resources including vintage paperback book covers, and theimages and ads that are buried within the pages of the many oldmagazines that I have collected over the years. By taking these eye- catching images and type from their originalformat and reinterpreting them in collages my goal is to give them arenewed aesthetic and revived visual life. 91
  96. 96. Bob Scott, All, handmade collage, 2012. 92
  97. 97. Bob Scott, Page 183, handmade collage, 2011. 93
  98. 98. Bob Scott, Be a commercial artist, handmade collage, 2012. 94
  99. 99. Bob Scott, Xo, handmade collage, 2010. 95
  100. 100. Bob Scott, Found Future, handmade collage, 2011. 96
  101. 101. Bob Scott, Ticket, handmade collage, 2011. 97
  102. 102. Bob Scott, Pastures of heaven, handmade collage, 2011. 98
  103. 103. Bob Scott, La pittura, handmade collage, 2011. 99
  104. 104. Bob Scott, Richardprince, handmade collage, 2011. 100
  105. 105. Bob Scott, Surfaces, handmade collage, 2011. 101
  106. 106. GABRIELA KOSTESKY En el año 1996, junto a mi mochila comencé un viaje, encontrandotrayectos de dibujos, óleos, tintas…, donde dos años más tarde meenfrenté con un collage llamado “Desestructura”, obteniendo de su manomi primer premio. En este camino esotérico, habitado por transparencias, cartones,tules y papeles de diarios, entre otros visitantes ocasionales, mis collagesconstituyen un escenario en el que actores rústicos, suaves, antojadizos yobedientes acuerdan transmitir particulares sensaciones.La investigación y el estudio constante han sido mi premisa en dichorecorrido. A través de exposiciones y concursos la comunicación mutua con elinterlocutor me llevó a un cautivante juego donde el observador y elobservado dejamos de ser los mismos en cada mirada. En el año 2006,esas miradas lograron que fuera seleccionada nuevamente. En la búsqueda de uno y del otro hace pocos años me introduje enel mundo del Cine con Los Retratos, teniendo como herramienta unamixtura de técnicas que me permitieron conocer profundamente laesencia humana y , como el Dr. Jeckyll y Mr. Hyde, la dualidad del Hombre. Al cautivarlos recorreremos juntos mi mundo... 102
  107. 107. Gabriela Kostesky, Taxi Driver, collage, s/d. 103
  108. 108. Gabriela Kostesky, Clock Orange, collage, s/d. 104
  109. 109. Gabriela Kostesky, Kill Bill, collage, s/d. 105
  110. 110. Gabriela Kostesky, Matrix, collage, s/d. 106
  111. 111. Gabriela Kostesky, Crazy Wood, collage, s/d. 107
  112. 112. Gabriela Kostesky, Body and Soul, collage, s/d. 108
  113. 113. Gabriela Kostesky, Pureza, collage, s/d. 109
  114. 114. KATRIEN DE BLAUWER Emotions have always been the driving force and mainconsideration in what I do and make. I am also strongly drawn to theuncomfortable in human emotion, like pain, sorrow, loss, desire. It’s aboutlife and death, what we are, what we signify, how we are loved. I like the directness of pictures and their brute presence. With myidiosyncratic, condensed cuts and pastes I try to relate a story of my own.In doing so, I find, often unwittingly, new meanings and associations,which also has a therapeutic effect on me. It’s a process of finding my ownlanguage and listening to it. Where must we hide when it comes from inside - J. Taylor 110
  115. 115. Katrien de Blauwer, Cinematic Cuts (1), collage, 2012. 111
  116. 116. Katrien de Blauwer, Cinematic Cuts (6), collage, 2012. 112
  117. 117. Katrien de Blauwer, Inappropriate (2), collage, 2012. 113
  118. 118. Katrien de Blauwer, Inappropriate (3), collage, 2012. 114
  119. 119. Katrien de Blauwer, Je sors pour vous, collage, 2012. 115
  120. 120. Katrien de Blauwer, Movement (1), collage, 2012. 116
  121. 121. Katrien de Blauwer, Movement (3), collage, 2012. 117
  122. 122. Katrien de Blauwer, Movement (4), collage, 2012. 118
  123. 123. Katrien de Blauwer, Untitled Upright, collage, 2012. 119
  124. 124. FERNANDO NANDYMARZULLO Artista autodidacta nacido en Buenos Aires, Argentina. 7 añoshaciendo collage manual reciclando revistas y todo tipo de papeles,transmitiendo emociones, sentimiendos y deseos. Actualmente realiza exposiciones y lanza fanzines con su material.tambien se desempeña como artista callejero realizando stencils ypintadas en las paredes. 120
  125. 125. Fernando Nandy Marzullo, Collage manual (1), collage, 2012. 121
  126. 126. Fernando Nandy Marzullo, Collage manual (2), collage, 2012. 122
  127. 127. Fernando Nandy Marzullo, Collage manual (3), collage, 2012. 123
  128. 128. Fernando Nandy Marzullo, Collage manual (4), collage, 2012. 124
  129. 129. Fernando Nandy Marzullo, Collage manual (5), collage, 2012. 125
  130. 130. Fernando Nandy Marzullo, Collage manual (6), collage, 2012. 126
  131. 131. Fernando Nandy Marzullo, Collage manual (7), collage, 2012. 127
  132. 132. Fernando Nandy Marzullo, Collage manual (8), collage, 2012. 128
  133. 133. GEORGE BOYA George Boya was born and lives in Thessaloniki Greece. He studiedinterior decoration and conservation of art in which he made his 6 monthpractice at the Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki. for the past 8 years,and with starting point the need for creative expression, he createscollage artworks with a technique of his own invention based on thestained glass art that we usually see on mediaeval churches. His primematerials are photographs which he defrags in order to isolate theparts that he would use in order to create the new artwork. Hisinspiration comes from the works of the old Masters, religion, science,everyday life and the main theme of his artwork is always human centred. 129
  134. 134. George Boya, Imagination of Homo Mechanicus, handmade collage on plexiglass, 2012. 130
  135. 135. George Boya, Behold the new man of steel, handmade collage on plexiglass, 2012. 131
  136. 136. George Boya, Mask of Serenity, handmade collage on hardboard, 2010. 132
  137. 137. George Boya, Little street Saints, handmade collage on hardboard, 2010. 133
  138. 138. George Boya, Thoth’s dream, handmade collage on hardboard, 2006. 134
  139. 139. ARANTXA RUEDA Was born in Murcia (Spain) but now she is living in Barcelona. She isa graphic designer who experimenting with photography and collage. Sheloves working on differents fields of design and working with collage ondifferents supports. She thinks the collage offers lots of possibilities andnow she is aplying her collage on clothes. 135
  140. 140. Arantxa Rueda, Así es ella, handmade collage, 2012. 136
  141. 141. Arantxa Rueda, Dramaturgo, handmade collage, 2011. 137
  142. 142. Arantxa Rueda, Lovers, handmade collage, 2012. 138
  143. 143. Arantxa Rueda, Folklorica, handmade collage, 2011. 139
  144. 144. Arantxa Rueda, S.r, handmade collage, 2012. 140
  145. 145. Arantxa Rueda, Huellas, handmade collage, 2012. 141
  146. 146. CHRISTOS KOURTOGLOU Im an illustrator from Athens, Greece. I work with the IndyvisualsDesign Collective. I make collage work, both handmade and digital. Iusually work with old sewing magazines of the 70s and 80s butsometimes I combine them with new glossy paper cuts and I like to addink and acrylics in the pieces. Im always trying to find the right balancebetween these materials. The mix of the old and new fascinates me.Usually there are figures involved, Im interested in all the distortions ahuman, and not only, can have. My digital work has the same structure, Iuse scanned images, painted papers and make the composition inphotoshop, giving them a handmade feel. I love both types of work, Icombine them a lot, I think graphic design can be very artistic. 142
  147. 147. Christos Kourtoglou, auntie, collage on postcard, ink, acrylics, 2012. 143
  148. 148. Christos Kourtoglou, ghost, collage on paper, ink, pencil, 2012. 144
  149. 149. Christos Kourtoglou, l’ecume des jours, digital collage, 2012. 145
  150. 150. Christos Kourtoglou, Leo & Pipo portrait, digital collage, 2012. 146
  151. 151. Christos Kourtoglou, little monster, collage on paper, ink, acrylics, 2012. 147
  152. 152. Christos Kourtoglou, Minoan griffin, digital collage, 2012. 148
  153. 153. Christos Kourtoglou, minoan women, digital collage, 2012. 149
  154. 154. Christos Kourtoglou, my alien child, collage on postcard, ink, acrylics, 2012. 150
  155. 155. Christos Kourtoglou, naked lunch, digital collage, 2012. 151
  156. 156. Christos Kourtoglou, the father, digital collage, 2011. 152
  157. 157. FEMKE VAN DER RIJST I was born in 1982 in Utrecht, Holland where I still live today and amworking on preparing for my first solo exhibition. For the last 5 years almost all my cut & paste has been self-portrait.My work is handmade and non-digital. When I started making collages itwas about expressing myself. In a sense collages worked as therapy.Nowadays it’s about the aspiration to create freely and share thatoutcome with the world. I work from a place of spontaneity, intuition andfantasy. I just love a puzzle, making images and words work; discoveringalignment where there was none, gives me such satisfaction. Call me crazy but it is my I strong believe that everything I bringtogether, the meeting of lines and the perfect blending of images, is meantto be. The blueprint of it is already here. All I need to do is see thealignment and glue it together. 153
  158. 158. Femke Van Der Rijst, BeingMe, collage, 2012. 154
  159. 159. Femke Van Der Rijst, Fragment, collage, 2012. 155
  160. 160. Femke Van Der Rijst, ‘Ineens’, collage, 2012. 156
  161. 161. Femke Van Der Rijst, Memories, collage, 2012. 157
  162. 162. Femke Van Der Rijst, Portrait of Judit, collage, 2012. 158
  163. 163. Femke Van Der Rijst, Untitled#01, collage, 2010. 159
  164. 164. Femke Van Der Rijst, Untitled#02, collage, 2012. 160
  165. 165. Femke Van Der Rijst, Untitled#03, collage, 2012. 161
  166. 166. Femke Van Der Rijst, Untitled#04, collage, 2012. 162
  167. 167. Femke Van Der Rijst, Untitled#05, collage, 2012. 163
  168. 168. ZACH COLLINS Zach Collins is living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Where he isattending graduate school at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.Upon graduating from high school Zach has served in the military,received his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, and in 2009 a Masters ofArts Degree in Graphic Design. Currently working toward his Master ofFine Arts Degree at M.C.A.D. Once at M.C.A.D. his main focus switchedfrom digital collage to analog collage. The switch was influenced byrevisiting a childhood car accident and sparked a new love for the processof Collage. He has no plans of slowing down and plans to keep cuttingwell into the future. 164
  169. 169. Zach Collins, Boom, cut and paste collage, 2012. 165
  170. 170. Zach Collins, Bystander, cut and paste collage, 2012. 166
  171. 171. Zach Collins, Doc, cut and paste collage, 2012. 167
  172. 172. Zach Collins, Going, cut and paste collage, 2011. 168
  173. 173. Zach Collins, Likes if Rough, cut and paste collage, 2012. 169
  174. 174. Zach Collins, Rant, cut and paste collage, 2011. 170
  175. 175. Zach Collins, Solar ship, cut and paste collage, 2011. 171
  176. 176. Zach Collins, Space, cut and paste collage, 2011. 172
  177. 177. Zach Collins, Up For Interpretation, cut and paste collage, 2012. 173
  178. 178. Zach Collins, Warmth, cut and paste collage, 2012. 174
  179. 179. TOSHIAKI USHIDAToshiaki Uchida born and living in Yokohama (Japan). After experience asan assistant for a fashion designer, started to make collages siense 3 yearsago. Express the own surrealism by collage with a bit of humor. 175
  180. 180. Toshiaki Uchida, Coffee Makers, digital collage, 2012. 176
  181. 181. Toshiaki Uchida, Cycling, digital collage, 2012. 177
  182. 182. Toshiaki Uchida, Extreme Operating, digital collage, 2012. 178
  183. 183. Toshiaki Uchida, Intergalactic, digital collage, 2012. 179
  184. 184. Toshiaki Uchida, Moonrise kingdom, digital collage, 2012. 180
  185. 185. Toshiaki Uchida, Planet Plant, digital collage, 2011. 181
  186. 186. Toshiaki Uchida, The Another Way To Go To The Moon, digital collage, 2012. 182
  187. 187. Toshiaki Uchida, The Door, digital collage, 2010. 183
  188. 188. Toshiaki Uchida, Three Opinions, digital collage, 2011. 184
  189. 189. Toshiaki Uchida, Wasting Time, digital collage, 2011. 185
  190. 190. K MACKOWICK Born and raised in the blue collar oasis of Pittsburgh, PA amiddense green canopies, five hundred bridges, deep frozen arctic wintersand sweltering tropical summers, K Mackowick’s art and life have beenshaped by both their beloved home and locales thousands of miles away. Creating fantastical depictions out of the intriguing residualenergies of other times and places captivates Mackowick, who drawsinspiration from nature, the elements, cultural icons and archetypes,apocalyptic imagery, colors, adventure, the road, and the emotionssurrounding people and relationships. Amongst everything else. 186
  191. 191. K Mackowick, a-glimpse, collage, 2012. 187
  192. 192. K Mackowick, aurora, collage, 2012. 188
  193. 193. K Mackowick, candyland, collage, 2012. 189
  194. 194. K Mackowick, fire-in-the-hole, collage, 2012. 190
  195. 195. K Mackowick, imminence, collage, 2012. 191
  196. 196. k Mackowick, Intergalactic, digital collage, 2012. 192
  197. 197. K Mackowick, san-francisco-sq uiggler, collage, 2012. 193
  198. 198. ARI CHÁVES CHACÓN She was Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 1988 and studied Spanishlitera-ture. While she was studied, disco-vered a huge interest in otherartistic disciplines, besides literature, like photography & films. From theinter-vention in photographs came out the idea of making collage, as ahobby, and later born the idea of making collage with just old magazines& news-papers. Inside her artistic “politic”, she likes the old school way ofmaking collage, just with paper magazines, scissors and glue because“paper gives a unique texture & also a lot of melancholy”. 194
  199. 199. Ari Cháves Chacón, Cities & skies, analogue collage, 2012. 195
  200. 200. Ari Cháves Chacón, El mirador, analogue collage, 2012. 196
  201. 201. Ari Cháves Chacón, Family trip, analogue collage, 2012. 197
  202. 202. Ari Cháves Chacón, Happy together, analogue collage, 2012. 198
  203. 203. Ari Cháves Chacón, Time to eat, analogue collage, 2012. 199
  204. 204. Ari Cháves Chacón, Veterans day, analogue collage, 2012. 200
  205. 205. Ari Cháves Chacón, We love you so, analogue collage, 2012. 201
  206. 206. Ari Cháves Chacón, Childhood, analogue collage, 2012. 202
  207. 207. LAILA MANIERI Laila Manieri não pertence a um estilo específico, somente a umatécnica: a colagem. Percorre de maneira indepen-dente seu caminho aomesmo tempo intelectual e emocional no terreno da colagem. Desdemuito jovem tem este gosto de fazer recortes e colagens de diversasimagens, dando a ilusão de movimento e de recomposição da figura comcontextos sociais, estéticos e pes-soais. Mas somente a partir de 2008começou a construir seu estilo e a publicar suas obras. Atualmente moraem Porto Alegre/RS, onde tem criado novos olhares artísticos e daprópria essência da arte em sua vida. Laila Manieri does not belong to a specific style, but only one technique: the collage. Travels independently its path both intellectual and emotional on the collage ground. Since young age she likes to do cutouts and collages of several images, giving the illusion of movement and rearrangement of the figure with social, aesthetic and personal contexts. But only since 2008 she began to set up her style and to publish her artworks. She lives in Porto Alegre (Brazil), where she has created new artistic looks and of the own essence of art in your life. 203
  208. 208. Laila Manieri, 1500, handmade collage, 2012. 204
  209. 209. Laila Manieri, Ideias, handmade collage, 2012. 205
  210. 210. Laila Manieri, Vícios de Vinícius, handmade collage, 2012. 206
  211. 211. Laila Manieri, Evolução, handmade collage, 2011. 207
  212. 212. Laila Manieri, Indagações, handmade collage, 2011. 208
  213. 213. Laila Manieri, Palco, handmade collage, 2008. 209
  214. 214. Laila Manieri, Penélope, handmade collage, 2008. 210
  215. 215. Laila Manieri, Por quê?, handmade collage, 2011. 211
  216. 216. Laila Manieri, Saudade, handmade collage, 2008. 212
  217. 217. Laila Manieri, Sombra, handmade collage, 2011. 213
  218. 218. ELLSAGUT Meu nome é Samuel Oliveira mais conhecido como Ellsagut, nasci ecresci no interior de São Paulo, onde comecei a me interessar porilustração e arte desde a minha infância ao entrar em contato com a streetart. Em 2009 ingressei na faculdade de Design gráfico, a partir do quepude aprimorar e escolher o que realmente queria ser: ilustrador. Hojetrabalho como ilustrador freelancer e diagramador em uma agencia depublicidade. 214
  219. 219. Ellsagut, Around the Mindbaixa, digital collage, s/d. 215
  220. 220. Ellsagut, forweb, digital art, s/d. 216
  221. 221. Ellsagut, garotabaixa, digital art, s/d. 217
  222. 222. Ellsagut, Passarobaixa, digital art, s/d. 218
  223. 223. IVANA MILOVANOVIC Ivana Milovanovic is a collage artist from Belgrade, Republic ofSerbia. She studied at University of Belgrade. 219
  224. 224. Ivana Milovanovic, untitled, collage, s/d. 220
  225. 225. Ivana Milovanovic, untitled, collage, s/d. 221
  226. 226. Ivana Milovanovic, untitled, collage, s/d. 222
  227. 227. Ivana Milovanovic, untitled, collage, s/d. 223
  228. 228. Ivana Milovanovic, untitled, collage, s/d. 224
  229. 229. NESTOW SAKACZBIA Nestow Sakaczbia is a collage artist from Gdansk, Poland. 225
  230. 230. Nestow Sakaczbia, inner child, collage, 2012. 226
  231. 231. Nestow Sakaczbia, Superpig, collage, 2012. 227
  232. 232. Nestow Sakaczbia, last wish, collage, 2012. 228
  233. 233. Nestow Sakaczbia, spinning, collage, 2012. 229
  234. 234. Nestow Sakaczbia, hunchbacked, collage, 2012. 230
  235. 235. GIVEMEAWORK Emidio Bernardone (also knows GIVEMEAWORK a.k.a. when I wasGIVEMEAWORK) born in a small town in Abruzzo, he moved to Milanwhere he lives and works deals with graphic design, illustration and videoplays in Canti In asociale (a rap group) specializing in both digital andmanual collage is trying to realize his dream: become a Super Saiyan. 231
  236. 236. Givemeawork, future in the water, collage, s/d. 232
  237. 237. Givemeawork, headfull, collage, s/d. 233
  238. 238. Givemeawork, R, collage, s/d. 234
  239. 239. Givemeawork, tonight special, collage, s/d. 235
  240. 240. Givemeawork, wishlist, collage, s/d. 236