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PLG Corporate Presentation

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PLG Language Services

  1. 2. PLG is a multilingual service provider. It offers translation, interpreting, website and software localisation as well as layout and desktop publishing services. From its headquarters in Barcelona, PLG operates internationally with clients from many different business sectors.
  2. 3. Introduction / The company The company boasts an in-house staff of translators, linguists and computer and DTP experts who, along with their extensive professional and cultural experience, have the ability to incorporate today’s market demands of quality, efficiency and flexibility into their work philosophy. PLG offers maximum security with regard to the documentation received through the signing of confidentiality agreements.
  3. 4. Introduction / The company PLG streamlines linguistic projects and ensures that its clients’ investment pays off thanks to immediate response times, efficient work methods based on just-in-time project management and an expert team of professionals. PLG helps reduce your translation costs through comprehensive and efficient project management, the use of previously translated material, networking and the continuous creation and updating of databases.
  4. 5. Services / Translation General translations Translation of general texts: corporate presentations, reports, articles and generic documents that do not contain specific terminology or a complicated style. Specialised translations Translation of documents that require a great deal of accuracy due to their stylistic features and terminology. o Legal/economic translation: legal, financial, marketing or management documents. o Scientific/technical translation: documents related to biology, social sciences and industry. o Translation in the field of communication: documents related to the fields of commerce, the audiovisual sector and advertising. Certified translations TRANSLATION
  5. 6. LOCALISATION Services / Localisation PLG has experience of localising websites for several sectors and kinds of applications. Website localisation Websites that handle technology which incorporates all kinds of static and dynamic formats: HTML, XML, XHTML, XLIFF and .ASP and others. Software localisation The localisation of a software program is made up of three levels: user interface, help and additional documents and material.
  6. 7. INTERPRETING PLG will arrange the ideal team of professionals (interpreters and sound technicians) to suit your requirements. Interpreters who are selected due to their language combinations and specialisation will transmit your message precisely. Simultaneous interpreting Consecutive interpreting Ad hoc interpreting PLG will supply the audiovisual equipment you need for your event to be a success. Services / Interpreting
  7. 8. QUALITY ASSURANCE Services / Quality assurance Quality assurance The quality assurance process of Planet Lingua is carried out in-house and ensures the linguistic, cultural and format appropriateness of the translated documents. Terminology management Terminology management in a translation project ensures semantic coherence and eliminates possible ambiguities while maintaining the company's vocabulary at all times. Translation memory management
  8. 9. PLG / Workflow Standardised work flow is tantamount to professionalism and quality.
  9. 10. PLG’s experience / Areas of specialisation Legal/economic - Administrative, civil, commercial, labour and criminal law. - Finance: accounting, banking, financial markets, portfolio management, taxation. - Marketing, commerce, sales. Scientific/technical - Biology, biotechnology, medicine, odontology, pharmacy. - Social sciences. - Industry: electrical mechanics, industrial engineering and renewable energies. - Information technologies and telecommunications. Communication - Communication and business management (project management, strategic planning, training of human resources, knowledge management, e-business, e-learning, administration; product, brand and company presentations).
  10. 11. PLG’s experience / Some of our clients
  11. 12. 10 reasons to choose PLG’s language services Experience: More than a decade in the professional translation sector serving companies from all industries. Human resources: Over 700 carefully selected translators working in more than 30 languages. Quality assurance: Project management system, linguistic and technical command of the material by the professionals responsible for the project, thorough proofreading. Customised service: Customer service, bespoke responses that take each client’s individual needs and project uniqueness into account. Reputation: The long list of satisfied clients is our best endorsement. Knowledge: Multilingual translators who are experts in translation techniques, desktop publishing and interpreting. One-stop shop: We provide comprehensive translation, proofreading, layout and desktop publishing services. Competitive rates: Reasonable prices for the level of quality and scope of the services rendered. Urgent projects: Effective work methods based on just-in-time project management, enabling us to speed up your linguistic projects and ensuring that your investment pays off. Confidentiality: A contract is signed to ensure professional discretion in all projects.
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