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Remix trailers

  1. 1. Remix to Research Remix: to take cultural artifacts and manipulate them into new kinds of creative blends
  2. 2. Some Examples of Contemporary Remix Practices v=-ek9CchVpWE H6wZXPA4 erMouse-TheGreyAlbum =8rVVM7cJR40&list=PLAF5FE 856762CBA8C&index=3 v=dnhKPw2NXIw AGdFic
  3. 3. Remix as a Lens
  4. 4. Remix to Research Digital Documentaries Create a Persuasive Video / Send a Video to your Representative 13 Colonies
  5. 5. Persuasive Video Was the United States Justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan during WWII? Should the Confederate Flag be banned? Does the constitution support the right for individuals to keep and carry firearms?
  6. 6. Organizer for Digital Storytelling Projects
  7. 7. 13 Colonies It is 1740. You become a recruiting agent hired by one of the colonies to attract new immigrants. Your task is to educate and persuade settlers to come to your colony. You will be able to do this by making a TV commercial. Your commercial must reflect the attributes of the assigned colony. You must address the issues of natural resources, economy, religion, relations with Indians, and reasons for settling. a5o&feature=colike
  8. 8. 13 Colonies • New Jersey has been relatively free from Indian wars • New Jersey, as the other Middle colonists, were a mixture of religions, including Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jewish, and others. • East Jersey and West Jersey, until they were united as a royal colony in 1702. • Since 1664 the area was guaranteeing religious freedom • • • New Jersey is one of the most successful farming areas on the continent • New Jersey grows wheat, barley, oats, rye, and corn. The Middle Colonies were often • Wheat could be ground to make flour, and both wheat and flour could be sold in other colonies or in Europe • New Jersey was more ethnically diverse than many other colonies. • New Jersey has all four seasons, heat in summer, snow in winter, turning leaves in fall, and new growth in spring. New Jersey is about 150 miles long and 70 miles wide
  9. 9. Digital Storytelling Technology Handouts PC: PhotoStory Mac: GarageBand of iMovie
  10. 10. Some Legal and Ethical Notes on Getting Existing Media: Fair Use Four Factors •Nature of the use •Amount and character of the material •Amount •Effect on the market Cost of Copyright Confusion
  11. 11. • Some Technical Notes on Getting Video
  12. 12. Working with Video: Trailers
  13. 13. Brainstorming Trailer: Dred Scott, the Movie Dred Scott was a slave who appealed to the Supreme Court in 1856 to be freed. Scott’s case was based on the fact that he had lived in states and territories where slavery was illegal. The court ruled that Scott could not be free. The Supreme Court ruled that all blacks, slaves as well as free could never become citizens of the United State. The case and decision brought the plight of slaves to greater national attention and fueled abolitionists.
  14. 14. Trailer Elements • Compelling Title • Images, Video, Titles • First Line Hook • Narrator Description Alternating with • Quotes/Scenes from the Movie (we will use primary sources Other Elements • • • Parts of reviews, cast, director, etc… The ‘Preview has been Approved’ message Film Company Logo
  15. 15. 4-5 lines about the story. Lines the narrator will say • He was a man yearning for freedom and his family • In a world consumed by slavery • He took his case to the highest court in the land • But some battles need to be lost, so the war can be won.
  16. 16. Write 4-5 lines from primary sources Lines people said or wrote during the time that the ‘characters’ say. “The Legislation of the Republic is in the hands of this handful of Slaveholders!” “The conspiracy is nearly completed.” “The American Congress has no power to prevent the enslavement of men?” “Compact yourselves together for the struggle which threatens your liberty and will test your manhood!” " want freedom from myself and my family! “ (hypothetical) Primary Source from The Evening Journal of Albany, New York, March 9, 1857 •
  17. 17. BONUS: Add Original Media Create original images or videos based on one of the lines in the primary source. Act it, pose for it, capture it, record it, and include it. For example, imagine you are a 19 Century abolitionist and record yourself saying “The Legislation of the Republic is in the hands of this handful of Slaveholders.” EXTRA BONUS: Add movie trailerish lines like… “Starring Denzel Washington as Dred Scott” “Directed by Stephen Spielberg “ “One man’s fight for freedom helped change the course of history.”
  18. 18. Make a Trailer for a Movie Topics: • • • • • • • Dred Scott Whiskey Rebellion 1776, 1876 or any particular year. Amistad Uprising War of 1812 The Expedition of Lewis and Clark etc… • For Dred Scott, look here for some starter media