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Ze Neurobics Public Summary


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ZeNeurobics is focused on Top Down Cogtnitive Wellenss. This is how we do it.

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Ze Neurobics Public Summary

  1. 1. ZeNeurobics 1 THE CASE FOR TOP DOWN COGNITIVE WELLNESS • Mental Exercise • Physical exercise • Good Nutrition and Diet • Good Heart Health
  2. 2. We need to take control of our health 2 Health care costs are rising to an extent that will damage the US economy - largely due to chronicdiseases that can be prevented or minimized by life style changes This is a problem for individuals AND employers.
  3. 3. The Problem 3 American healthcare costs are rising so rapidly that they could reach $4.2 trillion within ten years. We pay more, yet our health outcomes are worse. About 70% of Americans are overweight and almost 75% of healthcare spending goes to chronic diseases that are the major causes of disability in our society. Chronic diseases largely do not shorten lifespans – they just affect quality of life and healthcare costsTurn Your Health Around
  4. 4. Improve and Prevent 4 Obesity is related to:  Cognitive decline comes from:  Heart disease  Alzheimer’s disease  Type 2 diabetes  Vascular dementia  Obstructive sleep apnea  Mild Traumatic Brain Injury  Some types of cancer  Mild Cognitive Impairment  Osteoarthritis Chart of lifestyle effects & available medications on AD USTurn Your Health Around
  5. 5. Key Thoughts 5 There is no cure for Alzheimer’s There is no Magic Bullet for weight loss  Pills and potions don’t work – only time and hard work Genetics are part of the problem  Your genetics can increase your risk of health issues BUT  Studies have shown that life style changes can reduce your riskTurn Your Health Around
  6. 6. Your Brain is your most important organ 6  Top Down Cognitive Wellness  Mental Exercise • Physical exercise • Good Nutrition and Diet • Good Heart Health
  7. 7. Our Products and Why 7 180 Wellness Coaching  Life style intervention with coaches to help people reach desired wellness goals  For every $1.00 an employer invests in a wellness program - $5.93 is saved ZeNeurobics  Brain Exercises - the missing piece of wellness today.  Studies show that brain exercises in conjunction with general wellness improves/preserves cognition 180 Wellness Platform  Our platform will be other Wellness providers ‘storefront’  We can’t do it all. Yet we can help others address this total market of over $300 Billion in sales
  8. 8. The 180Wellness Platform is the Foundation 8 •Wellness CoachesProvider •ANDView •Disease Coaches •Nutritionists •Physical Trainers •Physicians/Staff Doctors •Insurance/corporate wellness providers HospitalsTalk Planning Microsoft 180Wellness Health InfoChat & Health Vault Pharmacies Collaboration Advice Tools AggregationVideoData Insurers Wellness ProvidersCustomer Fitness Apps & Devices View Pinned of interest Nutrition health infoSelf Service AppsWellness Information Wellness Friends Talk, Chat, Video Turn Your Health Around
  9. 9. 180Wellness Platform Coaches Desktop 9Turn Your Health Around
  10. 10. Microsoft HealthVault - The Foundation for the Complete Health Picture 10Turn Your Health Around
  11. 11. 180Wellness Coaching 11180Wellness Coaching: Wellness coaches partner with individuals to help set and achieve specific goals to improve different aspects of health, depending on the client’s goals. Common goals include:  Weight management  Fitness  Stress management  Improving sleep habits  Smoking cessation  Neurobics (brain exercise)Turn Your Health Around
  12. 12. 180Wellness Coaching 12Turn Your Health Around
  13. 13. 180 Wellness coaching plan 13  Consists of  Monthly neurobics subscription  Initial 60 minute session  Two 30 minute 1 on 1 sessions with your coach each month  As appropriate can convert to monthly checkup plan  Monthly neurobics subscription  One 30 minute 1 on 1 session with your coach per monthTurn Your Health Around
  14. 14. 180Wellness ZeNeurobics Brain Exercises 14Turn Your Health Around
  15. 15. Who benefits from Brain Exercises 15Demographics Ages 13-25 - students - want to be better test takers Ages 35-50 – aging parents – worried about the long term health of their parents Ages 50-65 – aging workers – worried about their own health and age related decline and disease in a competitive job market Age 65+ - retired workers – if they weren’t worried about cognitive health before they will now as they see family, friends, and themselves have issuesTurn Your Health Around
  16. 16. The ZenNeurobicsTeam 16 16 Management Team Science Advisory Board  Lawrence Catchpole - CEO ● Angela Caveney PhD–Head of SAB StarPound Technologies – Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Enterprise2.0  David Wright, MD platform (still operating) Emory University – Co-Director, Emergency Medicine WebTone Technologies – Founder and Research, Director, Emergency Neurosciences CTO (sold to Fidelity Information Systems) Management Advisory Board S1 – VP Services (IPO 1996) Georgia Tech - B.S. Applied Biology, EE ● John Baumstark – CEO Suniva minor Over 25 years in early- and late-stage private and public companies. Multiple billions in ● Angela Caveney PhD – Chief investor returns, including one IPO and two Scientist (Neuropsychologist) company sales University of Michigan Adjunct Research Assistant Professor , Department of  Mitch Gilstrap - Neuvio Consulting Psychiatry. Licensed Psychologist COO at eOn Communication– responsible for CogState operations / Syntellect – VP Product Marketing Certified Personal Trainer Georgia Tech – B.S. EngineeringTurn Your Health Around
  17. 17. 17 THANK YOU! Time for ActionTurn Your Health Around