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  1. 1. Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company #16 (17) April 2012 Anniversaries with the company No Name Department Last Hire Date Years JUNE 1 Konstantin Charnyk HA 01-07 4 2 Irina Lubnina BI 01-07 2 3 Alexander Zhovkliy TN 02-07 5 SEU Staff Birthdays 4 Vladimir Zuy SVC 03-07 6 No Name Name Department Birthday 5 Anastasia Krut MS 04-07 1 6 Oleg Chervonopyskyy HA 05-07 2 JUNE 1 Tatiana Ostrovska BI 01-07 7 Bogdan Nosok AV 09-07 5 2 Igor Tkachenko SVC 05-07 8 Nina Ivanova IT 11-07 1 page 2 3 Andriy Troyan CM 12-07 9 Kseniia Skorik RM 12-07 2 Galaxy SIII launch event in Foxtrot 4 5 Anton Popov Kateryna Salakhieva RM MS 12-07 12-07 10 Valeriy Onyshchenko SVC 12-07 2 11 Natalia Gorlenko BI 15-07 13 6 Myungjin Choi AV 17-07 12 Albina Starikova RM 15-07 1 7 Natalia Berezovchuk MS 18-07 page 3 8 Anna Shuvalova MS 19-07 13 Aleksandra Lytvynenko HA 15-07 1 SEUC Summer Workshop 9 Alexander Malashenko SVC 19-07 14 Andrey Orlyk CM 15-07 1 15 Artem Vitkovskyi IT 15-07 1 10 Roman Duda TN 20-07 16 Olga Rubanka RM 15-07 1 11 Lyudmila Sidorenko MS 20-07 17 Vladimir Kovalchuk TN 15-07 1 page 4 12 Natalia Klishunova MS 25-07 18 Yevgen Potupa AV 15-07 1 Time management in Korean style 13 Artem Dombrovskyi AV 28-07 19 Yulia Kiseleva AV 15-07 1 14 Sergiy Lyashenko SVC 31-07 20 Yulia Shyshenko MS 22-07 2 1 Sergey Dzyubak SVC 02-08 21 Victor Yakymenko BI 26-07 2 page 6 2 Vladislav Danilenko HA Sales 02-08 22 Volodymyr Asadchyi CM 26-07 2 Kostyantyn Cherepovsky: Success Story 3 Nikolay Chupryna SVC 02-08 4 Sergey Pilipets SVC 04-08 1 Vladimir Bolotnikov RTM 01-08 11 5 Yulia Chmel AV 07-08 2 Alexander Malashenko SVC 01-08 5 6 Rostislav Grigoryev IT 07-08 3 Vladimir Matsevityy TN 06-08 4 page 8 4 Andrey Kovalyov MS 09-08 6 Frankly speaking 7 8 Alexander Pavlyukovsky SVC Marina Gnatyuk TM 08-08 11-08 5 Denis Zaytsev BI 09-08 2 9 Vladislav Tomin SVC 13-08 6 Lina Andronova BI 09-08 2 10 Sergey Uvarov HA 13-08 7 Vyacheslav Prach BI 19-08 8 page 9 11 Kyechan Lee MS 15-08 8 Aleksey Krivovyaz SVC 20-08 5 Do you know that?.. 12 Anna Vlasiuk TN 15-08 9 Olga Matsutska IT 25-08 2 13 Yulia Krekoten IT 16-08 10 Vladimir Sorokin TN 27-08 5 14 Yevgen Patiy TM 17-08 11 Anastasia Krivenko SVC 29-08 1 15 Andriy Baranovskyy AV 17-08 16 Anna Vidomenko IT 18-08 17 Hyeyoung An MS 18-08 18 Igor Naumenko IT 21-08 19 Irina Levchenko IT 22-08 20 Nina Ivanova IT 24-08 21 Victor Podgorny SVC 26-08 22 Vita Starova IT 27-08
  2. 2. Company News back >>GALAXY SIII launch event in Foxtrot O n a regular Saturday night everyone right from the store telling his friends that he passing by the Horkogo str. couldn’t became a happy owner of the most expected help but notice the long crowd smartphone of 2012. queuing up in front of the huge Fox- He was followed by the famous Ukrainian trot retail store. It wasn’t just a regular line of MC and TV host Gennady Popenko who bought people waiting for a store to open. Here and his Samsung Galaxy SIII and allowed the pho- there you could see Ukrainian celebrities wait- to-correspondent to take several photos of him- ing in the same line for something big to hap- self with his new companion – the new member pen. Classic music was in the air attracting of the Samsung Galaxy family. more and more people to join and ask around Olga Polyakova arrived at Foxtrot in her about the upcoming event. The store was astonishing dress and almost didn’t have to expecting the main guest – Samsung Galaxy wait in line to buy her new Samsung Galaxy SIII. SIII. She was met by Mr. Park and MC as well as All of a sudden Aleksandr Pedan, a well a crowd of fans who couldn’t believe that it was known Ukrainian MC and TV host, raised the actually happening. tone of his voice to almost a scream when the After celebrities gave several interviews road got occupied by the Hammer limousine and made photos with their new smartphones, accompanied by a group of security on bikes. the time has come for the rest of the people to Appearance of a true celebrity – Samsung Gal- get into the store and buy their first Samsung axy SIII was a blast. Music, people waving in Galaxy SIII smartphones. excitement – all of it created the atmosphere of A line of people started flowing into the a real festival dedicated to the appearance of store and went right to the cashiers and the the new Samsung Electronics flagship smart- experience zone – where they could get to phone in Ukraine. know the all new Samsung Galaxy SIII a bit bet- One of the Celebrities, present at this ter and purchase it right on the spot. event, Olga Sumskaya, famous Ukrainian What is left after the event is over? Of actress, received her Samsung Galaxy SIII at course it’s all about the impressions, excite- the cashiers from the hands of the President of ment, feeling that you were a part of something Samsung Electronics Ukraine Mr. Youngchul unique, something which will stay in the mem- Park and CEO of Foxtrot – Mr. Valery Makovet- ory for a while. People will long remember that skyi. day and the emotions they had and lucky ones After several pictures, another celebrity got will surely enjoy the company of their new his way in the play. Andrey Kishe bought the favorite smartphone – Samsung Galaxy SIII. Samsung Galaxy SIII and made his first call Follow SamsungSamsung Life / # 19 (20) June 2012 Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company 2
  3. 3. Company News back >>SEUC Summer Workshop: One dream,one soul, one prize, one goal!Y ou might be wondering why SEUC team! You can do unbelievable this article begins with the lyr- things and achieve so much, and that ics of the world known Queen makes you one of the best teams and song – A Kind of Magic. Well, inspires others around you. stick with us and you’ll under- Achievements could not become astand where magic happened recently. reality if it wasn’t for a unique team Leaders all over the world have been which creates an environment wherestruggling to develop a solid theory and impossible becomes possible. To practicepractice, which would help create a this, the second part of the workshop wasgreat, dedicated team – a group of win- organized and now our story takes you toners, united by one goal and philosophy. the magic land of Litvinovka entertain-Well, some may have succeeded to a cer- ment. After about an hour of a bus ride totain extent, some have failed… this small town, everyone could enjoy the However this does not apply to the fresh air of the open territory, the beauti-recent experience of the SEUC and Cheil ful sites and of course the warm welcomesummer workshop, which has been by Gennady Popenko – famous Ukrainianorganized in Litvinovka entertainment TV presenter and MC. Uh, almost forgot,camp. Over three hundred people, pro- on the way everyone was given a specialfessional MC Gennady Popenko, a team T-shirt which pretty much defined theof dedicated animators and of course rest of the day. What where those ani-performance by the famous Ukrainian mals printed on the back of each shirt?band Skai – brings up memories and a You already know, but just to keep thewarm feeling of unity, doesn’t it? Let’s story going – each animal meant thelook at the story behind the scenes to see team which united a group of peoplethe real magic. who then had to go through a number of The workshop had begun long before challenges to make it to the finals andthe first people arrived in Litvinovka become the heroes of the day.entertainment. It began with the idea, Unbelievable, but teams had to com-the goal to review the achievements of pete in the most unusual ways – milkingSEUC in 2012 and set the straight plan a cow, feeding a frog, riding an inflatablefor the rest of the year, to make sure that horse. Combined with more traditionalthe team is working closely together to skill tests like football, boxing, path ofpush boundaries of possibilities. Official obstacles, paintball they represented apart of the workshop took place at the great mix which put most of the physicalPresident Hotel, where results of the 1H and intellectual abilities to the test. It2012 were presented to the entire SEUC wouldn’t be enough to say that everyoneteam. Good work, dedication and effi- did great proving the fact that each teamciency ruled SEUC ensuring impressive member had this unique winner spirit,results. Real satisfaction however comes the spirit of achievers. This set of tasksfrom understanding that even more can and competitions showed each and eve-be done with the right people, in the ryone their capabilities, the strength andright time, with the right goals and lead- weaknesses, but most importantly theyers. It’s all about you, dear members of helped form unique ties, which helpedSamsung Life / # 19 (20) June 2012 Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company 3
  4. 4. Company News back >>fight for one goal! going the event had to be adorned with Everyone had a great time and that something cool and unusual. We are notwas no less important to the entire experi- talking about the great dinner and deco-ence. Winner teams received a prize, but rations, we are talking about the fiery per-this time even those who didn’t make it to formance by the famous Ukrainian band –the finals but showed a fearless character Skai. What a show, live music, dancingand utmost fighting spirit also got a prize. and great light show made the night anBut was it all about the prizes? Not really, unforgettable experience and a greata prize was a great extra, but the real prize for all the SEUC and Cheil teamvalue was in the unique experience of the members.teamwork, competition and doing your If you want to bring up those feelingsbest no matter what. That is what created and enjoy that same winner spirit – justa great inspiration for everyone. look at the photos! Of course to keep the festive moodSamsung Life / # 19 (20) June 2012 Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company 4
  5. 5. Cultural differences back >>Тайм-менеджмент Time managementпо-корейски in Korean style Н и для кого не секрет, что корейцы любят работать и посвящают этому занятию большую часть своей жизни. В своей страсти к работе они превзошли даже всемирно признанных трудоголиков японцев, I которые проводят в офисе более 42 часов в неделю. Учитывая то, что корейцы не жалеют для любимой компании 56 часов еженедельно, жертвуя сном и личной жизнью, можно t is not a secret that Koreans like working and dedicate the утверждать, что эта нация бьет все рекорды трудового усердия. bigger part of their lives to their work. In their passion to Именно поэтому в корейских компаниях, где работают украин- work they leave behind even Japanese – world famous цы, зачастую случаются конфликты интересов. Корейцы часто workaholics who spend more than 42 hours a week in an любят говорить что-то вроде: «Вы, украинцы, слишком много office. Koreans break all the records with their commit- спите, поэтому у вас в стране и не все ладно». Такое мнение о нас не ment to work spending 56 hours in their offices and sacrificing столько обидно, сколько справедливо, особенно с точки зрения their night rest and private life. корейского образа мышления. Наши понимания работы и корпора- That’s why in Korean companies with Ukrainian employees тивного духа в корне отличаются друг от друга. Поэтому, если вы there are often conflicts of interests. Koreans often say: “You, хотите строить карьеру в корейской компании, вам придется "пере- Ukrainians, sleep too much that’s why in your country not eve- программировать" свое сознание – перевернуть его на 180 градусов rything is OK”. This opinion about us may be offensive but fair и подстроиться под особенности корейского тайм-менеджмента. В especially from the Korean point of view. The ways we take the ином случае ничего, кроме стрессов, такая работа не принесет. work and corporate spirit are totally different. That’s why if you Что же до корейского тайм-менеджмента, то он очень своео- want to build your career in a Korean company you’ll have to бразный, а самое главное – отнюдь не стабильный. В нем нет “reprogram” your mind – to turn it 180 degrees and adjust your- японской или немецкой строгости, когда все рассчитано по мину- self for the Korean-style time management. Otherwise your job там. Это не отлаженная симфония, где все расписано, как по will bring you nothing but stresses. нотам. Скорее, - это постоянная импровизация, которая в конеч- The Korean time management is quite peculiar and, what is ном итоге все же складывается в мелодию. more important, is by no means stable. There isn’t strictness У каждого корейца в портфеле обязательно лежит органайзер with everything tailored by minutes like Japanese or German или еженедельник, но загляните в него, и Вам станет ясно, что не have. It is not a well tuned symphony with everything working все всегда идет по плану. Например, график встреч – очень плот- without a hitch. It is more like an improvisation that finally ный, зачастую на каждую из них отводится меньше времени, чем becomes a melody. требуется, поэтому бывают опоздания и накладки. Но главная Every Korean has an organizer in his bag but if you have a look особенность корейского тайм-менеджмента – его гибкость. Вре- inside, you’ll find that not everything is going by plan. For exam- менные рамки будней корейского работника очень эластичны – ple, the schedule of appointments is very tight with not enough они очень легко могут растягиваться, причем с одной целью – time for each that often causes delays. But the main peculiarity of успеть сделать больше. the Korean time management is its flexibility. The working days’ Еще одна вещь, с которой, думаю, хорошо знакомы украинцы time frames of Korean employees are very elastic – they can be в корейских компаниях – дедлайны. Иногда они могут быть easily extended for just one purpose – to manage to do more. довольно внезапными. Например, в конце рабочего дня, в тот Another thing Ukrainians who work in Korean companies самый момент, когда Вы уже собрали вещи и практически вышли know well is deadlines. Sometimes they can be rather unexpect- из офиса, на телефон поступает звонок или приходит письмо о ed. For example, at the end of the working day, when you have том, что завтра к утру проект должен лежать на столе у начальни- already packed your things to leave the office, you receive a call ка. Приходится оставаться и делать. В Корее сверхурочный труд or an email that you have to present your project tomorrow in the считается очень хорошим тоном, к нему относятся, как к должно- morning. So you have to stay and make it. In Korea overtime му. Думаю, если интерпретировать известную поговорку: «Сделал work is a haut ton and is taken as normal. To my mind, our well дело – гуляй смело!» на корейский манер, это будет звучать при- known proverb "When the work is done, go have your fun" can be мерно так: «Сделал дело – смело делай еще одно дело!». interpreted in a Korean way as “When the work is done, go do Подводя итог, хочется еще раз сделать акцент на том, что another work!” когда вам приходится работать больше, чем положено, и выпол- To sum up I’d like to stress once more, that when you have to нять поставленные задачи в кратчайшие сроки, не стоит воспри- work more than you expect and do your tasks as soon as possible, нимать это как ущемление прав или несправедливое отношение к you shouldn’t take it as impairment of your rights or unfair treat- вам иностранных работодателей. В самой Южной Корее все обсто- ment of foreign employers. In South Korea itself everything is ит точно также, даже более сурово. И посмотрите, где наши укра- going in just the same way or even more rigid. And look where инские «гиганты бизнеса», а где корейские? Горький вывод напра- our “business giants” are and where the Korean! A sad conclusion шивается сам собой. Как гласит народная мудрость: «Без труда не suggests itself. As the folk proverb says: “He who would catch fish вытащишь и рыбку из пруда». must not mind getting wet”. Автор, Ирина Марушевская, Специалист в Author, Irina Marushevskaya, Specialist in области корейской культуры Korean cultureSamsung Life / # 19 (20) June 2012 Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company 5
  6. 6. Success story back >> История успеха Kostyantyn Cherepovskyy’s Константина Череповского Success Story Kostyantyn Cherepovskyy, Head of Brand Marketing and PR Group Age: 31 Education: National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” Marital Status: not married In Samsung since May, 14, 2007 Currently is in charge of group of 4 people Has been the head of the group for 1.5 years Personal traits: confident in himself, determined, goal-minded, able to set up complex but successful communication. Career growth in Samsung: 14.05.2007 – Marketing Assistance (S4) 01.04.2008 – PR Manager, AV Team (S5) 02.01.2009 – Marcom manager, AV Team 01.04.2009 – PR Manager, CM Team 07.12.2011 – Head of Brand Marketing and PR Group I remember my first day in Samsung very well. It was the first working day after a number of May holidays in 2007 and we had just moved to our new office in Zhylyanskaya street. Most of all I was impressed by my first chief, Head of AV department, Mr. Jae. His firm confidence in a final result motivated so much that my work turned into a competition with myself, and putting down Mr. Jae was something impos- sible. I had known the field of PR before I became PR-manager, however (!) I knew it from another side – as a journalist and as a PR-agency member. At least I knew what a “good PR-manager” must be like. That’s why the work for me was familiar and unfamiliar in the same time. Probably my jour- nalist background served me the good turn in my career growth in PR. I knew and understood all editorial processes from the inside so it was not difficult for me to find common language with mass media and cross points of Samsung and target audience’s interests. Till 2009 there had been five PR-managers in the company Константин Череповский, Руководитель отдела бренд-маркетинга и PR. – one in every department. It was quite rational: the way, for Возраст: 31 год example, washing machines are promoted is quite different Образование: Киевский национальный технический университет КПИ from the PR of notebooks. However, along with benefits of Семейное положение: не женат Старт работы в Самсунг: 14 мая 2007 narrow specialization, it had lots of disadvantages. In PR, В данный момент возглавляет группу из 4 человек Samsung departments often acted not as structural units of Работает руководителем группы 1,5 года one company but as real competitors. For example, different Личные качества: увереннный в себе; решителен в своих действиях; всегда Samsung departments could organize their press conferences остается преданным цели; создает сложную, но успешную коммуникацию. Развитие карьеры в Самсунге: in the same day or they could conduct real behind-the-scenes 14.05.2007 – ассистент с маркетинга (S4) – Marketing Assistance (S4) battles (to get on pages of one or another magazine, that can’t 01.04.2008 – PR менеджер, AV департамент (S5) – PR Manager, AV Team (S5) be filled exclusively with Samsung). In addition, journalists 02.01.2009 – Менеджер с маркетинга, AV департамент – Marcom manager, often didn’t know which Samsung PR-manager to go to with AV Team 01.04.2009 – PR менеджер, CM департамент – PR Manager, CM Team questions. 07.12.2011 – руководитель отдела бренд-маркетинга и PR - Head of Brand As a result, the business structure reorganization in 2009 Marketing and PR Group with One Voice communication strategy implied concentra- Я tion of all PR-activities in hands of one PR-manager and I was chosen for this position. Of course, I felt highly honored with прекрасно помню свой первый день в Samsung. Это the trust placed in me but for myself I clearly realized what был первый рабочий день после чреды майских responsibility fell on me. праздников 2007 года, а кроме того, мы только пере- To tell the truth, the start of my work in СМ was not that ехали в новый офис на Жилянской. easy. Just imagine, I had my line-manager and in addition I Больше всего меня впечатлил мой первый началь- had to report to other managers from four product depart- ник, руководитель AV-департамента мистер Дже. Его непоколе- ments with their own vision of PR. In any case, I tried to set бимая уверенность в конечном результате настолько мотивиро- up a win-win communication so we could together effectively вала, что работа превращалась в соревнование с самим собой и implement our company’s projects and achieve our goals. подвести мистера Дже просто не представлялось возможным. At the beginning of 2011 marketing communication struc- Я был прекрасно знаком с PR-сферой еще до того, как стать ture of the company was renewed. Before, in every Samsung PR-менеджером, но(!)…я знал ее с другой стороны баррикад – с department there had been its own marketing and PR manag- позиции журналиста или сотрудника PR-агентства. В итоге, я ers. Then the Corporate Marketing Department was created как минимум знал, что такое «хороший ПР-менеджер». to unite specialists from different product segments so they Поэтому эта работа была мне одновременно и знакома, и could optimize their work and perform new tasks. Three незнакома. Наверное, мой журналистский бекграунд сыграл в departments were formed: Brand Marketing and PR моем карьерном росте на PR-поприще хорошую службу. Я пре- Department, Marketing Communication Department and красно знал и понимал все редакционные процессы изнутри, Marketing Research Department. поэтому найти общий язык со СМИ, а самое главное – точки I was chosen to work in Brand Marketing and PR пересечения интересов Samsung и целевых аудиторий изданий, Department as by that time I had already had several dozens для меня не составляло труда. of successful projects in this field. I perfectly knew our brandSamsung Life / # 19 (20) June 2012 Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company 6
  7. 7. Success story back >> До 2009 года в компании работали пять PR-менеджеров – по values, quickly developed and was ready to changes. I одному в каждом департаменте. Рациональное зерно в этом было: understood that along with traditional approaches we had ведь специфика продвижения, к примеру, стиральной машины, to look for new tools of communication with mass media существенно отличается от пиара ноутбука. Но подобная практи- and our target audience. ка, помимо преимущества узкой специализации, порождала и When I became the head of the department, my main task множество недостатков. В сфере PR департаменты Samsung зача- was to create a team able to implement ambitious projects. стую вели себя не как структурные единицы одной компании, а And to do this, every team member has to put out 100%. Of как настоящие конкуренты. В частности, это выражалось в том, course, not everyone liked it. To tell the truth, there was a что на один и тот же день разные департаменты Samsung могли kind of resistance at the beginning but after the guys saw назначить свои пресс-конференции либо вообще велись настоя- new perspectives and opportunities, they started to work щие подковерные бои (например, кто будет на страницах того или with their heart and soul. And of course, during any reor- иного издания, – не мог же весь журнал быть посвящен только ganization every team member must know what changes Samsung). Кроме того, журналисты не знали и часто путались, к are going to take place, their reasons and possible results. кому из PR-менеджеров Samsung с каким запросом обращаться. Only when an employee understands what he or she can do В результате в 2009 году в рамках реструктуризации бизнес- for the company and what the company can give him/her, структуры была принята коммуникационная стратегия One Voice, he becomes a team player. которая подразумевала концентрацию всей PR-деятельности в It is necessary to encourage initiatives of the employees руках одного менеджера. Руководство приняло решение, что этим you are in charge of and not to be afraid to delegate them PR-менеджером стану я. Конечно, я был польщен оказанным дове- responsibilities. Only in this way you can bring up those рием, но для себя четко понимал, какой груз ответственности who you can trust and rely on in a difficult situation. ложится на мои плечи. At the end, I’d like to say that it is difficult to overestimate Не скрою, начало работы в СМ было не из легких. Представьте, the role of the company in my career and life. Here I каково это иметь своего линейного начальника и к тому же отчи- achieved my biggest success and I’m not going to stop over тываться перед менеджерами четырех продуктовых департамен- it. Samsung became a company where I feel myself comfort- тов. К тому же у каждого департамента до этого момента было able, where I want to do my best and develop myself. свое, так сказать, видение PR. Sometimes you must be able to carry your points, go contra- В любом случае, я пытался выстроить win-win коммуникации, ry to opinion leaders and prove that you are right. But only чтобы вместе с коллегами эффективно реализовывать различные when you really have reasons for this and you are sure you проекты компании и добиваться поставленных целей. can help your company. If you are going to swim with the В начале 2011 года была обновлена организационная структура stream, you’ll certainly remain on secondary roles and miss компании в области маркетинговых коммуникаций. Если раньше your chance. в каждом департаменте Samsung были маркетинг-менеджер и My advice to all new staff is, first of all, not to be afraid. PR-менеджер, то теперь для оптимизации работы и решения новых Secondly, take definite steps to develop yourselves and not задач был создан департамент корпоративного маркетинга, объе- just to talk about it. Thirdly, develop both hard skills and динивший специалистов в разных продуктовых сегментах. Было soft skills - persistence, faith in yourself and readiness to сформировано три отдела: отдел бренд-маркетинга и PR, отдел learn. маркетинговых коммуникаций и отдел маркетинговых исследова- If you really want to achieve something, you must work ний. hard and go ahead! Руководство посчитало, что именно в отделе бренд-маркетинга Yulia Shyshenko, Author of column и PR я принесу наибольшую пользу, поскольку к тому времени у меня за плечами уже было несколько десятков успешных проектов в этой сфере. Я отлично знал ценности бренда, быстро развивался и был готов к изменениям. Я понимал, что наряду с традиционны- ми подходами нам нужно искать новые инструменты взаимодей- ствия со СМИ и целевой аудиторией. Когда я возглавил отдел, моей основной задачей было создание команды, способной реализовывать амбициозные проекты. А для этого необходимо, чтобы каждый сотрудник выкладывался на 100%. Конечно, это понравилось далеко не всем. Не скрою, пона- чалу было некоторое сопротивление нововведениям, но после того как ребята оценили перспективы и открывающиеся возможности, они стали работать не за страх, а за совесть. И, конечно же, при любых реорганизациях нужно четко донести до подчиненных, какие изменения будут происходить, с чем они связаны и что дадут. Только когда сотрудник компании понимает, чем он может быть ей полезен и что компания может дать ему, он станет команд- ным игроком. Необходимо поощрять инициативу со стороны подчиненных и не бояться делегировать им полномочия. Только так вы сможете воспитать тех, на кого можно будет положиться в трудную минуту. В завершение могу сказать, что роль компании в моей карьере и жизни сложно переоценить. Именно здесь я добился наибольшего успеха и не собираюсь на этом останавливаться. Samsung стал той компанией, где я чувствую себя комфортно, где мне хочется трудить- ся и совершенствоваться. Иногда необходимо уметь отстаивать свою позицию, идти наперекор авторитетам и доказывать свою правоту. Но только тогда, когда для этого есть основания и таким образом вы можете помочь своей компании. Если вы будете плыть по течению, то останетесь на вторых ролях и проплывете мимо своего шанса. А всем новым сотрудникам советую: во-первых, не бояться. Во-вторых, предпринимать определенные шаги для развития, а не просто говорить об этом. В-третьих, развивать как hard skills, так и soft skills. Настойчивость, вера в себя и готовность учиться. Если вы действительно хотите чего-то достичь, то нужно тру- диться, не жалея себя, и идти вперед. Юлия Шишенко, Автор рубрикиSamsung Life / # 19 (20) June 2012 Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company 7
  8. 8. back >> Frankly-frankly Speaking As you may remember, in June all SEUC employees were welcomed to take part in preparing the Frankly Speaking column by interviewing Editorial Board. In this Digest issue you’ll find the result of our joint work. As four of us had only a few phrases to continue, this time Frankly Speaking is “much more frankly” than it usually is:) So meet Natalia, Liya, Svetlana and me in Frankly-frankly Speaking in June! Natalia Svetlana Tarasevych: Gurianova: «My work is com- plicated by… changing « During Euro-2012 I priorities interrupted by supported… Spain, of some small things to do. course! It’s my favourite But actually it is just a matter of the proper country after Ukraine.» time management. So when you’ve done some- thing for a long enough time you don’t see much complexity in it. » «My first thought in the morning…” Over- slept!!!!.. again…”» «Friday evening is… the right time to go out.» «To be more effec- tive, I would like to… just to be more organ- «I don’t like that… ized and have better some people are rude and selfish and unable time-management to value what they skills.» have.» Olga Liya Rotan: Muzychenko: «When my future chil- «The advantage of dren ask where I work, I’ll work in Samsung is… explain that… I hope that an opportunity to learn by the time I have children, another business cul- there will be a lot of things ture.» to tell about my successful career..» «My colleagues for «I don’t have enough… me … are people from spare time to do everything whom I learn.» I’m fond of… » «The language I am going to learn… is Serbian. I’m in love «The book I recom- with Balkan culture and feel like mend to read … works at home every time I come to by Nobel Prize winners Montenegro. Besides Serbian, I’d (Pavić, Pamuk, Sara- like to improve my French and mago) to keep up with use it in everyday life along with modern trends in litera- English. » ture.» Prepared by Olga Rotan, AuthorSamsung Life / # 19 (20) June 2012 Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company 8
  9. 9. Did you know that back >> ...thanks to Yulia Shakula Samsung is leading even on the water. Do you know that… …Lee Saet Pyul is a ballerina at heart – she keeps dancing everywhere she goes.HR News Newcomers Your name: Anastasiya Igonina What’s your biggest motivation in life? Anastasiya Igonina My family What was your first impression about Team: BI SEUC? Position: Logistics specialist It is really a successful company and profes- sional team. Describe your perfect day (day-off, vaca- Anastasiya was born in Kherson; she graduated from the tion, etc). Kherson State University, she is a teacher of English and My perfect vacations were in Spain. I really Spanish languages and literature. Previously Nastya worked enjoyed every day of being there. for LLC Karcher at the position of Service centers Do you have any original hobby or any coordinator. hobby suggestions to recommend? Nastya likes traveling and reading My hobbies are not original - I love reading and traveling. Start day: June, 18 Ext.: 5453 Mobile: 380-50-384-2871 Your name: Anna Tereshchenko Direct: 380-44-391-1154 What’s your biggest motivation in life? E-mail: Successful combination of personal and pro- fessional growth, happiness of my family, per- sonal interests. Keeping balance in all life aspects - this is the biggest motivation. Anna Tereshchenko What was your first impression about SEUC? Team: RM Samsung is a powerful machine - there are a Position: MCS Administrator (TN/IT) lot of specialists. I want become part of them. =) Describe your perfect day (day-off, vaca- Anna was born in Kramatorsk; she graduated from the tion, etc). Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, she Given the fact that I can not spend much majors in Accounting and Audit. Previously Anna worked time with my family - the best day-off is time for Procter and Gamble at the position of LCO Invoice with my Mom. It doesn’t depend on where. These Verification Accountant. minutes are dearest. She likes traveling and dancing Do you have any original hobby or any hobby suggestions to recommend? Start day: June, 26 My hobby is sport. I have tried myself in dif- Mobile: 380-95-283-9001 ferent kind of dancing. But I have chosen ballet. E-mail: It’s really exciting. Make an active lifestyle part of you!Samsung Life / # 19 (20) June 2012 Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company 9
  10. 10. HR News back >> vacancies KAM, TN Legal and Compliance specialist Responsibilities: Main Responsibilities: • Key accounts (National and International retail Networks) • Compliance tasks as assigned accompaniment and development; • Drafting & proofreading of various contracts, documents on • Proactive Accounts’ Owners and Key Managers Logistics matters; negotiations, terms & conditions, communication & • Providing legal support to R&D operations (including discussion; contracts & current consulting on Intellectual Property related • Analysis of customers PSI; issues, GA / HR matters) • Setting and supervising sales targets; • Conducting legal research, studying factual information • Tracking and supporting Key Customers; • Administrative tasks, GA / HR matters • Developing purchasing and sales strategies for future; • Advising on various legal matters in area of logistics, Main requirements: compliance and General Affairs • Higher education (Economics, Finance); Requirements: • in 3+ years of related sales experience on a position of M • 27-28 y.o. KAM (retail, modern trade channel) within FMCG segment; • University Degree in Law • anaging experience is an advantage; M • Fluent English • dvanced Excel and Power Point; A • At least 3 years within prosecutor’s office plus complemented • AP user; S with several years within multinational company is a must • luent English; F • MS Office and Internet, advanced user Skills: • Responsible, accurate, observant • Strong analytical and communicative skills; • Responsibility and self-organization. Trainer, IT Responsibilities: • Keeping updated information on all products, technical, marketing, PR and line-up. • Develop and maintain up-to-date educational concept, methodology and detailed courses for all products for FF, retail FSM as well as purchasing managers. • Develop education calendar on an annual basis for conducting education in all types of channels. Implement this program with monthly reporting. • Prepare after-training questionnaire tests for all attendees followed by the education summary report to evaluate training results. • Distribution among target partner audience and FF key product or other information which can be useful for cooperation and every day work (like magazine award info etc) • Make the channel aware of all existing information support tools by Samsung like key product sites, reviews etc. • Busniness trips: Ukraine/Worldwide. Requirements: • Higher Education (Technical, Marketing, Economics) • 3+ years of related experience on a position of a Trainer, Sales within FMCG or Consumer Electronics segment; • Advanced Excel and Power Point; • Advanced presentation skills; • SAP user; • Fluent English;Samsung Life / # 19 (20) June 2012 Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company 10