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Audience feedback


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Audience feedback

  1. 1. Audience Feedback What have you learned from your audience feedback ?
  2. 2. Audience Feedback- why do we need it? The main reason we need At the very beginning of our media task audience feedback is to allow we were asked to look at different interaction between the artists and how they create music By asking peoples opinions on videos and their CD covers. However we audience and my group and our work we could see where felt this wasn’t enough and decided allowing them to state their improvements were needed and that the most important way to gain opinions. how people felt about the work feedback was by asking an audience. we produced as a group. Why do we need audience feedback?When creating our music video weattempted to connect this withaudience feedback. By setting a Just by asking different peoplegroup up on facebook by the name questions we were able to then‘Anthem Beatz Records’ we were Based on the genre gain an understanding of whatable to gain a variation of feedback. ‘pop/rock’ we decided to others would like to see in a create a focus group which music videos and what genre of would extend my groups music they preferred. knowledge of what others are after in a music video.
  3. 3. Using Facebook to gain feedback We decided as a group to set up a As a group we believe that Facebook group to gain feedback from audience feedback is very This also allows members of the work me and my group produce. important. This is because the group to comment on our To make the group our own we without an audience we wall and display their thoughts personalized it by inserting our logo as wouldn’t be able to of ‘Anthem Beatz Records’ and the cover page and added images of improve on current the work they have produced. the group and posts of what the group projects. have achieved.After my group had finished the music Using facebook feedback is an easier Facebook also allows groups tovideo we decided to upload this to our way to gain information. As most of the create posts and ask questions whichfacebook group, where friends of the group younger generation have facebook we felt that our friends would be able shows that getting feedback is muchwere able to ‘like’ the music video and to quicker and effective than having tocomment on what they felt could be ask everyone individually.improved as well as positive andconstructive feedback.
  4. 4. Using Facebook to gain feedback On the night of uploading our music video we decided to put it on Facebook, where straight away This is an example of some constructive everyone was able to see it feedback. This individual has shown that in their news feeds. The we could of worked out our time result of this meant we had management as they claim it was ‘time a lot of feedback in the first consuming’. This individual has also night and others started looked at the use of the shot types and viewing our video from how my group have aimed to fit them all different countries. together.
  5. 5. Audience Feedback- Creating Polls to gain feedbackUsing audiencefeedback for any I have allowed this option atproject allows is to the end. This allows peoplesee what could be to add their own comment ifimproved next time they feel the answers do notround and to make match what they feel andprojects which what they want to say aboutdifferent audiences our music video.would like to see. To create more understanding of what others felt about our music video, we used theJust by selecting an Facebook group ‘Anthem Beatzanswer will give my Records’ to our advantage bygroup an indication to creating polls for people tohow people feel about answer.our music video.
  6. 6. Audience Feedback from Facebook Polls Pictures 1 and 2 show Anthem Beatz records getting some feedback from creating a1 questionnaire as a group we are able to see what people thought of our filming, acting, performance and editing skills. 2
  7. 7. Using Youtube for feedback The social networking site YouTube is used by millions of users everyday. Therefore my group decided that to gain even more feedback we would use YouTube, which allowed us to upload and view our finished music video. From this we could see how many people were watching it indicated by ‘hits’ and people even had the chance to like and dislike the video. Using Twitter for feedback I don’t have a twitter account, however both of my other member of the group do. Therefore when we uploaded our music video to Facebook and YouTube, my group members decided to ‘tweet’ our music video.The audience feedback gained form YouTube didn’t allow us toimprove on our music video as we were given positive commentsand some people even understood how we were trying torepresent one of the actors- this tells my group that thisrepresentation came across clearly.
  8. 8. The audience enjoyed Overall Feedback watching the music video me Our audience believe and my group have created. that our video is full They thought that of emotion and Some felt we could the music video was sadness. This is have more emotional which is something which my The audience who group really wanted variation of what we set out to watched our music to portray in our performance shots. achieve. video claimed they music video. liked It and thought it was ‘very good’. Our audience This point tells my believed that the group that weIf we were to do another music video music video we have includedwe would make sure that we included had created met conventions whichmore variety of performance types tomatch the audience feedback. What have we the pop/rock meet the pop/rock genre and they genre, and what learnt from our our audiences felt the story line audience feedback? matched the song feels this type of music video Our audience lyrics. should be like. praised our filming, acting People felt that our video and editing. Our audience seemed to was a good like the narrative and representation of young could understand it teenagers in a easily . relationship. Our audience believed that our acting., filming and editing was achieved This is a very important point that the successfully. audience were able to follow the storyline This tells us that we created a all the way through the music video. This representation of the character which tells my group that the narrative is fluent. the audience could understand.