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MartinJDudziak Biocyb Resume Execsumm July2011


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MartinJDudziak Biocyb Resume Execsumm July2011

  1. 1. Professional resume – execsummary - highpoints (2011) M. J. Dudziak, PhD Resume – Executive Summary Martin Joseph Dudziak, PhD (804) 740-0342 (202) 415-7295This resume is focused upon accomplishments, capabilities and expertise primarily within biological, biomedical andrelated life sciences. A comprehensive CV (available online or by request) provides extended material serving thediversified needs and multi-disciplinary objectives of academic, corporate and governmental organizations.Summary of Special Qualifications and Experience• Integrating analytical and synthetic thinking, open-minded, constructive critical thinking.• Multi-tasking and empathic management; understand situations from the perspective of others.• Skills in transfer and translation from theoretical, research topics into diversified application areas.• Ability to develop “symbiotic” synergies between competing-interest individuals and groups, especially for new product or technology acceptance and use, including trade-off and competition.• Extensive project management and team leadership incorporating remote, distance-based, distributed groups; skilled with critical schedule deadlines, unexpected changes and shifts.• Experience in developing validation, testing and fault-tolerance for emerging new products, particularly where novel system integration is involved in design and manufacturing.Current Projects and EngagementsPBC (genomics associative learning project; modification of PALLAS (artificial intelligence logics) and HORUS(knowledge acquisition system); target is an open-access abductive reasoning system using genome data to createautomated hypothesis generation and discovery of probable relationship indicators within genetics and epigenetics) Computational modeling, programming, data acquisition, database design and administration, project management Mathematical and computational design, implementation (CLISP, SQL, genetic and neural network algorithms) Support: private and corporate sector (collaboration with Principia BioCybernetica group)Participation as co-PI and collaborator in several medical-focused research projects(refer to descriptions at URLs; papers, presentations and proposals available upon request) (Laboratory for Emerging and Adaptive Processes & Systems)----- (Outreach Pathways for Severe Mental Stress and Dis-Ease)----- (Radiation Medical Environmental Response)----- (one member of the Group - CBRNE-plus --- research and technology for Life)----- (focus: CRAIDO and public health / pandemic response)QSNR (ongoing research program in quantum topology and solitonic networks, an area of study within theoreticalphysics and having application to other domains including biomolecular signaling and control, self-organizing systemsand quantum computing) Mathematical and computational research as part of an international collaborative project Computational modeling and simulation (Mathematica, Maple, Macsyma, Matlab) Support: DOE, NSF, RAS, private foundation sponsorshipKey Positions (Summary)Co-Founder / Director Institute for Innovative Study (2010 – present)Chief Scientist / Managing Director TETRADYN (TETRAD Technologies Group) (2002 - present)Visiting Professor Moscow State University (2002 – 2005)Research Scientist & Group Manager Intel Corporation (2000 – 2003)Director of R&D Silicon Dominion Corporation (1996 - 2001)Professor (dual departmental appts.) Virginia Commonwealth University (MedicalCollege) (1993 - 98)Senior Scientist SGS-Thomson Microelectronics (1988 - 93)Senior Engineer / Project Manager Martin-Marietta Aerospace (1985 - 88)Research Scientist Battelle Laboratories (1983 - 85)Updated 1/31/2012 1 copyright © 2011 Martin Dudziak
  2. 2. Professional resume – execsummary - highpoints (2011) M. J. Dudziak, PhDFormal Higher EducationBA (high honors), Colgate University, Hamilton, NYPostgrad program in computer science at UCSB and UCLA, Los Angeles, CAMS, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MDPhD, Theoretical and Computational Physics, Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OHProfessional Experience 2002 - Present: Chief Scientist (Co-Founder), TETRADYN (TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.)Specific projects and accomplishments are described in CV. Development of biomedical and environmental testing,modeling and preventive systems and protocols (including sensor nets, analytical methods, surface treatments, situationawareness communications) relating to biological, chemical & radiation agent) threats. R&D in intelligent control,sensing, imaging and actuator response, principally chem/bio/rad: CEBIT (Chemical-Explosives-Biological Identificationand Tracking), Nomad Eyes (distributed CEBIT-based situation awareness, early warning and response network) andCUBIT (Coordinated Unified Biothreat Intervention and Treatment). Other collaborative sensor work has involved nucleic acid amplification techniques (PCR) and immunoassay withoptical waveguides. Designed CRAIDO and EcOasis Pod systems (mobile, trailer-based lab analysis pertaining toenvironmental and public health processes). Analytical instrumentation included GC/MS, FTIR, XRF, AFM, Raman,HPLC, AA and radiation spectroscopy. Extensive architecture design and programming of analytical functions (Matlab,Mathematica, Maple, LISP, Qi, C++, PHP). Responsible for distributed technical and scientific team management, proposal/bid development, business plancomponents, project management, product evaluation (technical and market/customer acceptance). Experienced insetup and management of new lab/center environments, procurement, business development planning including spin-outs and new ventures, new team formation, public presentations and communications. 2010 - Present: Visiting Graduate Professor, Stratford University (Glen Allen, Virginia)Graduate & undergrad teaching (maths, humanities, computer/information science, medical informatics); student advising& mentoring; curriculum & program development (applied biomedical science and informatics). Collaboration-development with corporate, academic, public institutions. 2000 - 2003: Group Manager and Research Lead, Intel Corporation (USA, Costa Rica, Russia)Responsible for consortium-activity with regional (Costa Rica and Latin America) scientific institutions (CENAT,FUNDES, LANAMME) as part of corporate new business development. Performed integral role in formation of new lab(consortium with CENAT) for nanotech and virtual e-collaboration R&D; key project was a nanoscalar anthrax sensor. 1996 - 2001: CEO and Director of R&D (Co-Founder), Silicon Dominion Corporation, Richmond, VADirected development efforts of startup R&D company developing products in two areas: (i) nanotech - magneto-opticsensing, carbon nanotube fabrication and array structuring, and modeling tools for biotech applications; (ii) internet-based research and research-collaboration tools. MEMS-based molecular sensing R&D led to architecture & platform ofmolecular-scale pathogen detectors. 1993 - 1998: Assistant/Associate Professor, Physics and Biomedical Engineering (dual appointments),Virginia Commonwealth University (Medical College of Virginia), Richmond, VAFounded and directed the Molecular Engineering and Biocomputing Center (MEBC lab). Research focus on applicationsof nonlinear models and complex systems (cellular automata, attractors) to biological signaling and nanosystems.Developed genetic-algorithm and neural-net models. Seminal research in quantum solitonic (tensegriton) models,macroscopic quantum effects (biosolitons), nanostructured materials, and experimental work on intracellular submicronimaging using in vitro neural cell cultures. Teaching included courses in physics and biomedical/biomaths (graduate, undergrad levels) plus PhD supervision.Initiated community mentoring and urban after-school program. Implemented a pioneering internet-based telemedicineinformation resource and medical informatics network linking U.S. hospitals & companies with foreign institutions. 1988 - 1993: Senior Scientist, Special Projects, SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics (now,Baltimore MD (Concurrent 1991-1992: Visiting Faculty, VA Tech & Radford Univ.)Introduced AFM and STM for defect and fault analysis. Designed prototype development of real-time parallel processingand also a pattern recognition processor chip for object recognition and microcontrol. Led and served on technical teamand task group for prototyping, training and assimilating feedback on new microprocessor and image processing devices.Established a corporate-university joint research project focused upon neuro/cardio medical signal processing. 1985 - 88: Senior Engineer / Project Manager, Martin Marietta Aerospace, Baltimore MDDesigned and implemented systems for autonomous and guided robots and manipulators. Established artificialintelligence lab for first motion and obstacle-avoidance controller for US Navy deep-sea autonomous underwater robot,employing sonar and lidar. Performed research, development and management concentrating in artificial intelligenceand neural networks. 1983 - 85: Research Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Group, Battelle Labs, Columbus OHDesigned and implemented rule-based, neural-net and other nonlinear expert systems, simulations and developmenttools for medically-related fault-diagnostics, process control and qualitative physics. Developed architecture for datamining and knowledge extraction over sensor-actuator networks.Updated 1/31/2012 2 copyright © 2011 Martin Dudziak
  3. 3. Professional resume – execsummary - highpoints (2011) M. J. Dudziak, PhDSelected Prior Projects and AccomplishmentsCUBIT, CRAIDO and Race-to-Resilience (community-centric rapid-response for biothreat validation, interventionand treatment coordination; primary case study for H5N1, expanded for H1N1, with strong emphasis on mutationdetection & tracking, epidemiological monitoring, social behavior analysis in support of social resilience) Real-time data acquisition, bioinformatics modeling and testing, web-based CMS, DBMS Laboratory research, program management, agency/sponsor interfacing and presentationi3DAT (exploratory research and adaptation of nonlinear and inverse method mathematics and models for medicalimaging and 3D control and stabilization in applications for radiology, surgery and drug delivery) Algorithm and system design, modeling and simulation – programming, testing and prototype validationNomad Eyes (chem-bio-rad-threat focused network for detection, recognition, assessment, alert, and response, gearedfor civilian populations - both home/institutional use; stochastic distribution, wireless and cellular devices) Wireless communications, data acquisition, AI, mobile networks, sensor interfaces, and information securityHealthNVest (disease management and personal wellness development and social networking system, initiallydesigned for COPD and diabetes, later extended to applications for wellness programs & preventive healthcare) Web-based interactive CMS and DBMS with multimedia including video; expert-system platformCommonHealthNet (iMedNet) (one of the first web-based telemedicine networks and early social networkcommunities, linking American medical professionals and students with disadvantaged-nation medical providers; latervariants: FuturesGateway, Saño y Salvo, and Medicine for Humanity field gynecology clinics) Web-based interactive CMS and DBMS with image and video libraries and notification systemSelected Social, Educational and Community-Service Projects and Accomplishments• CommonHealthNet and IMEDNET (web-based, conferencing, databases – serving international and especially underdeveloped and disadvantaged medical personnel)• Medicine for Humanity (pro bono telemedicine system for the organization’s Ob/Gyn relief program conducting field cervical cancer clinics in remote underdeveloped parts of the world)• Saño y Salvo (Costa Rican based internet help-line for women and children at risk)• A program for community education and awareness in children’s health and wellness (designed to serve a children’s hospital in Basrah, Iraq, now being adapted for Afghanistan under TFBSQ/OSD)Publications and Invited Presentations Refer to Curriculum Vitae, available upon request.Courses Taught at University (G=Graduate) Level • Advanced Network Security (G) • Medical Image Processing (G) • Bioethics & Current Topics in Humanities • Microcomputer and Multiprocessor • C, C++, Pascal Programming (G) Architectures for Biomedical Engr. (G) • Chaos, Fractals, & Stability in Biology (G) • Molecular Engineering and Imaging (G) • College Algebra & College Mathematics • Neural Networks & Pattern Recognition (G) • College Physics (intro/intermediate) • Neurocomputing Architecture/Systems (G) • Complexity and Nonlinear Systems (G) • OCCAM & C/C++ Parallel Processing (G) • Computational Biology (G) • Philosophy of Physics (G) • Computer Forensics (G) • Quantum Measurement (G) • Contemporary Theoretical Physics (G) • Quantum Physics and Theory (G) • Corporate Transformation Models (G) • Relativity (G) • Critical and Analytical Thinking • Research Methods & Statistics • Cryptography and Cyberdefense • Scanning Probe (AFM) Microscopy (G) • Information Mgt. Analysis and Design (G) • Signal Processing (G) • Information Systems in Organizations (G) • Statistics and Thermodynamics (G) • Issues in Quantum Mechanics (G) • Sustainability Management • LISP and PROLOG programming (G) • DSP, Transputer & Multiprocessor • MATLAB, Maple and Mathematica Architectures (MIMD and SIMD) (G) Student Projects (principally at graduate level or PhD candidacy level) Refer to Curriculum Vitae, available upon request. Special Invited Lectureships, Visiting Appointments 1989 Edinburgh University, Dept. of Computer Science 1989 Durham University, Dept. of Computer ScienceUpdated 1/31/2012 3 copyright © 2011 Martin Dudziak
  4. 4. Professional CV (2010) M. J. Dudziak, PhD 1990 University of Belgrade, Molecular Machines Research Center 1990 Neural Network Summer School, Dubrovnik 1991 Center for Brain Research and Information Sciences, Radford University 1992, 1993 Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia 1994, 1995 Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia 1995 Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kiev, Ukraine 1997 Eotvos Technical University, Budapest, Hungary 1998-2004 Adjunct/Visiting Faculty, Moscow State University 2001 Kiev National University, Kiev, Ukraine 2001-2002 Adjunct Faculty, Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnologia, San Jose, Costa Rica 2005 Univ. of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute 2006-2007 Interim Director, Loudermilk Institute of Sustainability 2009 – present, Fellow, Center for Advanced Defense Studies, Washington, DC 2009 – present, Advisory Board, Society for Digital Information and Wireless Communications 2010 – present, Project Member, Principia BioCybernetica Professional Memberships and Activities AAAI IEEE Intl. Society on General Amer. Physical Society Intl. Assoc. Math. Physics Relativity & Gravitation Amer. Mathematical Society SDIWC Virginia Medical Relief Corps Selected Corporate and Government Agency Consulting/Contract Work Refer to Curriculum Vitae, available upon request.International Qualifications Refer to Curriculum Vitae, available upon request.Languages: English (native); also Russian, German, Spanish, French, LatinSelected Analytical Instrumentation Technology Skillsets (hands-on and project mgt) Refer to Curriculum Vitae, available upon request.Summary of EE/CIS (IT/IS) technical skills and experience levels, with examples Refer to Curriculum Vitae, available upon request.Selected Completed Direct Govt./Private Foundation Grants Refer to Curriculum Vitae, available upon request.Signficant URLs (Institute for Innovative Study; focus: LEAPS Lab research)----- (focus: published papers and other document samples)----- (Laboratory for Emerging & Adaptive Processes & Systems) (Synergy through Collaborative Education and Research)----- (Outreach Pathways for Severe Mental Stress and Dis-Ease)----- (Radiation Medical Environmental Response) (a "more-than-just-business" Incubator and Bootstrap Network for youth +seniors + all-abilities people creating New Jobs and Freedoms)----- (one member of the Group - CBRNE-plus --- research and technology for Life)----- (focus: PodLabs – environmental, energy, emergency, public health)----- (focus: CRAIDO and public health / pandemic response) (more CV, bio, and reference material on MJD)Personal Contact DataEmail: or Skype: martindudziak(alternates:, (202) 415-7295 Tel: (804) 740-0342Post: 9400 Windy Cove Ct., Apt. I, Richmond, VA 23294 (temporary until relocation) (USA) Updated 1/31/2012 4 copyright © 2011 Martin Dudziak