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A COMPLETE GUIDE TO COMMERCIAL SEMIOTICS: How To Use Semiotics In Marketing To Unlock Hidden Potential Of Your Brand.


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Understanding semiotics has never been easier!

This presentation aims to give you basic overview of what semiotics is, what the difference is in between academic & commercial semiotics, and demonstrate use of semiotics on some practical examples to show you that semiotics is a powerful instrument for marketing research & brand planning.

Semiotics just keeps on running where traditional research gets short of breath. Market research doesn't have an access to the broader context of a brand universe because it is too busy asking consumers what they think. Semiotics, on the other hand, goes right to the source: the culture. It screens its codes, from which it extrapolates meanings that can be fueled back to the brand and ensure its cultural relevance with the local market, as well its consistent & sustainable management in the future.

Thanks to detecting these cultural codes semioticians are able to see the brand consciously the same way that consumers see it unconsciously. This is the very reason that semioticians can have more answers than consumers could ever give you, especially to the why questions that consumers cannot have answers to because they are the products of their culture & environment.

I have detected that semiotics has 3 main levels, on which it can be used in marketing. These levels are Validating, Inspirational & Strategic directly answering to the most important questions of any text: WHAT, HOW & WHY. These three levels of semiotics usage serve as a basis for learning more about how we can use semiotics to unlock the hidden potential of your brands.

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PhDr. Martina Olbertova


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