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Presentation nightzulu (1)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Presentation nightzulu (1)

  1. 1. Party like no other!
  2. 2. “Zulu”Indicates times measured in coordinated universal time, asuccessor to Greenwich Mean Time. A time standard that isnot affected by time zones or seasons.WHY ZULU?Party like no other!
  3. 3. People find it difficult to find the right place to go out everynight.Specially in big cities, where the offer is huge, it is not easy tomake a decision.PROBLEMParty like no other!
  4. 4. Night Zulu is a mobile application for androids, blackberry andIphone which allows users to decide where to go every night.How does it work:Users can choose 2 different clubs per night and as soon asthey arrive at the night club, the GPS system will track themso their friends can see where they are.WHAT IS NIGHT ZULUParty like no other!
  5. 5. MAGIC SAUCEParty like no other!
  6. 6. MAGIC SAUCEParty like no other!
  7. 7. MAGIC SAUCEParty like no other!
  8. 8. Apple App StoreCHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTIONAndroid Market Blackberry App WorldParty like no other!
  9. 9. BUSINESS MODELParty like no other!Applications available in Apple AppStore, Android Market &Blackberry AppWorld.NIGHTZULU download price  $ 0.99Also, free trial the first month with basic services.Advertising revenueAvailability for users to download the night clubs playlists onITunes Store for $ 4.99
  10. 10. People get bored of event spam and nightclubs promotionsmessages everyday.Many applications allow you to see where your friends arelocated but only NIGHTZULU allows you to see which clubs inthe city your friends plan to go before they get there, so youhave time to make a decision.We don’t care about promoters , we want people to own theirnights.WHY NIGHTZULUParty like no other!
  11. 11. As we all know, during the night is not easy to communicatewith your friends, so the LIVEZULU (GPS) shows you wherethey so you can join them.WHY LIVEZULU (GPS)Party like no other!
  12. 12. NIGHTZULU gives their client the option to see whatpercentage of females and males are going to each club.WANT SOME FLIRTING?Party like no other!
  13. 13. How to reach the customers?- Ads in BART, Metro stations, morning newspapers, radio.- Aggressive media campaign in Google, Facebook, Twitter.- Several events in Universities and student areas.MARKETING AND SALESParty like no other!
  14. 14. Step 1: MKT research made with 50 people between ages21-35. The result was very positive, and people believe in theidea.Step 2: Market potential due to positive outcome of researchand differentiation from competitorsStep 3: NIGHTZULU is flexible for aggressive marketingthrough social sites dependant on investment amount.Step 4: NIGHTZULU ads will be present in all stages of ourcustomers daily life.MARKETING STRATEGYParty like no other!
  15. 15. - Young people (21 to 35 years old)-  People who enjoy clubs, bars and having fun with theirfriends- Smartphone users- North American marketOUR CUSTOMERParty like no other!
  16. 16. Customer Acquisition- Acquire customers usingapplication platforms-  Acquire customers using SEO/SEM- Target advertisingKEY BUSINESS GROWTH DRIVERSNight club Acquisition- Initially source night clubs fromconsolidators- Acquire night clubs by offeringthem free marketing opportunityby promoting them in theapplication.Party like no other!
  17. 17. - FOURSQUARE: location-based mobile platform- DODGEBALL: users choose up to 5 on-line friends to get notified onlywhen they’re near.- JAMBO: a mobile membership directory that works like a radar to giveany group to connect- RABLLE: location-based social networking application-  CONTAKME: social networking site with an emphasis on user’s actuallocations- GOOGLELATITTUDE: location aware applicationCOMPETITORSParty like no other!
  18. 18. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS0  200,000  400,000  600,000  800,000  1,000,000  2011   2012   2013   2014   2015  Number of membersParty like no other!
  19. 19. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS-­‐$800,000  -­‐$600,000  -­‐$400,000  -­‐$200,000  $0  $200,000  $400,000  $600,000  2011   2012   2013   2014   2015  Net incomeParty like no other!
  20. 20. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONSRetained earnings-­‐$1,000,000  -­‐$500,000  $0  $500,000  $1,000,000  $1,500,000  2011   2012   2013   2014   2015  Break  even  point  April  2013  Party like no other!
  21. 21. CEO - Mario CarranzaCOO - Michael MirelliCFO - Jaime EchevarriaMKT - Afra OmraniProduct developement - Patrícia LumyTEAM MEMBERSParty like no other!