October Virtual Series: Checking In on 'Checking In'


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Scott Struletz shares his thoughts on the future of Check-Ins

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October Virtual Series: Checking In on 'Checking In'

  1. 1. Digital Moguls was by Kristin Bolton-Keys in 2011, when a group of marketers at a Fortune 500 company were determined to expand their digital knowledge. Over time, the group held several classroom style learning sessions covering: Digital Marketing 101, Blogging 101, SEO 101 and Takeaways from the 2012 SXSW Interactive Conference. Digital Moguls serves as a content hub providing innovative, intuitive and inspirational content for those seeking to share their knowledge and learnabout digital technology and trends. Ultimately connecting people who want to learn, share and create digital experiences.1
  2. 2. CHECKING IN ON ‘CHECKING IN’Brought to you by: SCOTT STRULETZ, Exper t Contributor Twitter: @struletz October 16, 2012
  3. 3. AGENDA 1. Why do we check-in? 2. How do we check-in now? • To PLACES • To MEDIA 3. How will will we check-in in the future?
  5. 5. http://mashable.com/2012/06/22/share-too-much-social-media-infographic/
  6. 6. REMEMBER THE WATERCOOLER?We used to wait until these situations to talk with friends and share our thoughts.
  7. 7. But now we carry computers inour pockets everywhere we gowhich allows for instant‘watercoolers.”
  8. 8. Our thoughts, opinions and ideas spread faster and farther thanever.
  9. 9. QUICK POLLHave any of you used amobile app to check-in to alocation?What type of phone do yourhave? If smart, what model?Ok- lets get back tobusiness.
  10. 10. Our thoughts, opinions and ideas spread faster and farther thanever.
  11. 11. WORD OF MOUTH
  12. 12. http://www.ignitesocialmedia.com/social-media-promotion/why-people-share-content/
  15. 15. FOURSQUAREFounded: 2009Founders: Dennis Crowley andNaveen SelvaduraiMission: “(foursquare) helps youand your friends make the mostof where you are.”How it works: Use your mobiledevice to “check-in” at a location.By checking in you can:- Earn badges- Claim mayorships- Redeem specials- Read user tipsAnd in the process, share yourlocation with your friends / seewhat your friends are up to.
  16. 16. LOOK AT ME!!!At its core, foursquare is a way to share your location and tell people what you are doing. Bypushing this information to twitter or facebook, you begin to build that word of mouth web.
  17. 17. BADGESGive yourself a pat on the back. foursquare users are incentivized to check-in with variousbadges for completing various activities. Some are built into the game, and some aresponsored by brands/companies.
  18. 18. MAYORSHIPMayorships are awarded to the most loyal customers, and people who check-in themost at a given location according to a specific algorithm. Many businesses offerspecial offers to Mayors for being loyal customers who share with their friends often.
  19. 19. FOURSQUARE’SFOCUS TODAYThe primary focus offoursquare today is the“Explore” functionality.Use foursquare to find thebest of what’s around youthrough 1) your friendnetwork, 2) what others aredoing, 3) what businessesare incentivizing you to dothrough specials.
  20. 20. CASE STUDY-THE CONAN BLIMPFor the launch of the Conanshow on TBS, a Conan blimpflew across the country,equipped with thetechnology to create the firstmoving foursqure check-inlocation.20k+ Check-ins13K+ Unique usersMore check-ins than theStatue of Liberty and theEmpire State Buildingcombined.
  21. 21. CASE STUDY-TASTI D-LIGHTTasti D-Light partnered withfoursquare to integrate theircheck-in capabilities with theTDL loyalty card.When the loyalty card isswiped, the user isautomatically checked-in onfoursquare.Once a user reaches 50check-ins, they receive afree cup or cone of icecream.
  22. 22. 50 Check-ins for a free cone?! Not impressed.
  23. 23. FACEBOOK PLACESFounded (Places): August2010Founders: Mark ZuckerbergMission: “immediately tellpeople about that favorite spotwith Facebook Places. You canshare where you are and thefriends youre with in real time”How it works: Add yourlocation to your Facebookposts. By checking in you can:- Tell friends where you are- Tag your friends- Redeem specials
  24. 24. CASE STUDY-REIDonations instead of dealsLocal giving for localpartners$1 given to one of 68 localcharities for each check-in(bumped up to $10 on BlackFriday)Drove over 18K check-insbut fairly low engagement http://wordofmouth.org/blog/case-studies/how-rei-used-facebook-places-to-support- local-charities-live-from-blogwell
  25. 25. Again, for some people, this use of geo-location is not enough.
  26. 26. QUICK POLL #2What deal sites are you mostfamiliar with?Which is your favorite?Ok- lets get back tobusiness.
  27. 27. SCOUTMOBFounded: Fall 2009Founders: Dave Payne andMichael TavaniMission: “to be purveyors ofthe local experience,connecting you to your citythrough hard-to-pass-up,location-based deals, hyper-local stories, event lists, andother such curious finds wecollect along the way.”How it works: by confirmingyour location on your mobilephone, unlock deals at localbusinesses. Your presence isyour payment.
  28. 28. WHAT MAKES THEMUNIQUE GROUPON MODEL SCOUTMOB 1. User pays 1. User does not pay Groupon directly for the deal 2. Easy to forget to 2. You don’t use it redeem deals until you’re there 3. 50% off teeth 3. 50% off local whitening and spots you would laser hair removal actually go
  29. 29. CASE STUDY-RISE SUSHI, ATLANTAWorks great for businessesin difficult to reachlocations.Increase in traffic and wordof mouth well worth the per-transaction fee.Has renewed his promotionseveral times to keep aconstant flow of newcustomers and to reward hisloyal customers.
  30. 30. OTHER POPULARLOCATIONCHECK-IN SERVICES LevelUp Highlight Foodspotting Loyalty service Networking Find food nearby
  32. 32. QUICK POLL #3How many of you have asecond screen open whileyou are watching TV?What are you doing on your2nd screen when you arewatching on TV?Ok- lets get back tobusiness.
  33. 33. “Nielsen reports that during the second quarter of 2012, 86% oftablet owners and 84% of smartphone owners in the United Statessaid they used their second screen of choice whilesimultaneously watching TV at least once during a 30-dayperiod.” http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/15/showbiz/tv/secon d-screen-tv-our-mobile-society/index.html
  34. 34. GET GLUEFounded: October 2008Founder: Alex IskoldMission: “to create a deeplypersonalized, social andconnected experience aroundtelevision, movies and sports.”How it works: check-in to theentertainment you consumeusing the web or your mobiledevice. Check-ins earn you:• Virtual stickers (you can request real stickers once a month)• Recommendations• Specials from certain partnersUsers can check-in to tv shows,movies, books, video games,sporting events, or music.
  35. 35. Rate shows and See what your read reviews friends are watching Select a media type and check-in Share it with your followers on social networks
  36. 36. CASE STUDY-TOP CHEF, SEASON 7Over 20 unique stickerscreated throughout theseason.“Top Chef” shot from #101 to# 4 in the Top TrendingShows list within 2 hours ofthe first sticker’s launch.Social reach of 1.7MM usersin just 8 hours. http://blog.360i.com/social-marketing/get-glue
  37. 37. Not into stickers?
  38. 38. VIGGLEFounded: June 2010Founder: Robert F.X.SillermanMission: built as “a loyaltyprogram for television thatgives people real rewards forchecking into the televisionshows they’re watching”How it works: Check-in to tvshows using audio verificationsoftware on a mobile app. Forchecking in, users earn pointsthat can be redeemed forvarious reward prizes.Additional points can beearned by playing follow-alonggames.
  39. 39. Find featured shows Real prizes available Device listens for and check-in for redemption- no audio fingerprint stickers here
  40. 40. Bonus points and special offers available to uses who link theirViggle and DirectTV accounts. Creates loyalty offering for bothprogramming and cable provider.
  41. 41. OTHER POPULAR MEDIACHECK-IN SERVICES Miso Into_Now Zeebox Social TV Check-ins Second-Screen Social TV interaction Engagement
  42. 42. THE FUTUREHigher adoption rates asmore people own smartphonesSecurity/Privacy concernsmight impede growthLean-back experiences willbe favored over secondscreenUniversality of rewards andengagement
  43. 43. WHAT CAN YOU DO TOGET STARTED?Download and test out someof the apps we’ve discussedLook out for decals on yourfavorite local businesses forcheck-in participation andpromotionsCheck outstreetfightmag.com for allthe latest on hyper-localThink outside the box andhave fun
  44. 44. QUESTIONS? Find me on twitter: @struletz