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  • http://www.tastidlite.com/index.php/Home/Be-Social.html
  • What makes a successful FourSquare program?How do brands capitalize on the inherit desire to compete?What encourages conversation within Facebook or Twitter?Does this platform create brand ambassadors?
  • http://www.facebook.com/events/159056334132258/
  • Advantages / Disadvantages of Facebook Places over other location based platforms?Key success factors of a Facebook places campaign?How does this platform drive revenue?
  • Location Based Marketing

    1. 1. Location-Based Platforms Group KASPER BALSLEV LAUREN DULIN CHI LE KATE MORTELL April 26, 2012
    2. 2. INTRODUCTION FourSquare Facebook Places Yelp SCVNGR Company Created Apps – Mini Cooper Niche Platforms
    3. 3. INTRODUCTION Current Stats (April 2012)  +20 Million People Worldwide  +2 Billion check-ins  +750,000 business using the Merchant Platform  Timely and Relevant deals to a loyal audience New paid media platform scheduled to launch in June 2012  Concept is to serve paid ads via use of algorithm and date mining of users / users friends check-in history
    5. 5. TASTI D-LITE CASE STUDY The Concept  Register your Tasti TreatCard online and opt-in to enable your account to update your Facebook and Twitter status on your behalf or automatically check you in on Foursquare every time you make a qualifying purchase at a participating Tasti D-Lite center. The Challenge  Increase brand awareness  Find a scalable way to distribute coupons
    6. 6. TASTI D_LITE CASE STUDY Results  More then 11,000 check-ins  18% of its loyalty members adopted the social sharing options  Promotion drove in 57% more unique visitors than another month without a promotions  Urban locations helped with high adoption rates, as most of the customers live in New York who are more familiar with FourSquare
    7. 7. DISCUSSION
    8. 8. INTRODUCTION Launched to all US users on August 2010 Platform is used to share:  Where youve been. Remember where you were in your favorite photos.  Where you are now. If friends are nearby, they might just meet you there.  Where youre going. Friends who have been there can give you tips or even join in the plan.
    9. 9. GAP CASE STUDY The Concept  One day only, GAP is giving away 10,000 pairs of jeans!  Check-in at any Men’s & Women’s Gap using Facebook Places and you could win. Just show any Gap employee your check- in and you could score a free pair.  If you didn’t receive the free pair, then you could claim a 40% off any regularly priced item coupon
    10. 10. GAP CASE STUDYResults:
    12. 12. DISCUSSION
    13. 13. INTRODUCTION Location-Based listings with ratings Customer-written reviews YELP reviews give voice to brand advocates Launched Check-in offers in late 2010 Integrated with Open Table
    14. 14. 24 FITNESS CASE STUDY 24-Hour Fitness  420 clubs nationwide with nearly 4 million members  First club to be open 24 hours  Introduced month-to-month memberships  Mission: to make fitness accessible, affordable and convenient The Concept  24 Hour Fitness became the first health club to offer check in deals  Created an enhanced listing with compelling 10-day free pass offer  Supplemented with ads throughout the Yelp website
    16. 16. 24 HOUR FITNESS CASE STUDY Results • Enhanced Listing had a 30% conversion rate • Generated average 100k page views per month • Seven per cent lead conversion rate per month • Listing viewed 477,383 times in 2010 • In-store traffic increased 30 per cent • Visibility on Yelp grew 89% from 09/09 to 09/10 • 10,881 reviews have been written for 24 Hour Fitness
    17. 17. DISCUSSION
    18. 18. INTRODUCTION Launch 2008 Challenges & Check-ins at every venue Business can script own challenges Customers earn points redeemable for rewards
    19. 19. BUFFLO WILD WINGS CASE STUDY•• Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar • One of the top ten fastest growing US restaurant chains • 730 locations nationwide • Serves beer and chicken wings • Place to hang out with friends, watch sports, play trivia• The Concept • Jan 2011, BWW partnered with SCVNGR for a 12-week campaign leading up to March Madness • Using SCVNGR’s game layer, BWW created three custom challenges, offering restaurant rewards for those who complete them
    20. 20. BUFFALO WILD WINGS CASE STUDY The Basic Challenges • Take pictures of friends • Take pictures of the sauciest wing in the basket • Take pictures of fans of rival teams, crowds going wild • Share photos on the SCVNGR network• Rewards for Completed Challenges • $5 off (3 points) • Free soda (2o points) • Free wings (30 points) • Rewards redeemed immediately
    21. 21. BUFFALO WILD WINGS CASE STUDY• Custom Challenges • Patrons could create their own challenges • Most popular user-generated challenges floated to top of list • Acted as a crowdsource filter • SCVNGR had to build curation system to “keep it clean”• Bigger Rewards • Web-based leaderboard with point totals nationwide • Grand Prize trip to NBA finals with former Chicago Bulls player, Scottie Pippin
    22. 22. BUFFALO WILD WINGS CASE STUDY Results • 20,000 plus player-generated challenges • 184,000 unique players • One in three players returned to play again • Users completed an average of seven challenges each • 100 million social impressions via Facebook and Twitter • 90 seconds per player, per challenge average • Equivalent of 3.5 years of brand engagement• What Made the Promotion Work? • Well advertised in advance • Employees were trained and invited to play first • BWW clients nature: they come in “ready to play”
    23. 23. DISCUSSION
    24. 24. MINI COOPER CASE STUDY The Concept  MINI Stockholm has launched this new mobile hunting game to promote the MINI Countryman, created out of Jung Von Matt, Sweden. Players home in on a virtual MINI on their mobile phones, catch it and then run as fast as they can out of its orbit to prevent other potential takers from swiping it. The first player to have the car in their possession for a week wins a real Countryman.
    26. 26. MINI COOPER CASE STUDY Results  More than 11,000 people took part in the contest in several unique ways (ie. Helicopter)  The gamification of a contest that really united the city of Stockholm for a week is something that is hard to do and doesn’t happen very often.
    27. 27. DISCUSSION
    28. 28. ADDITIONAL COMPANIES Grindr  Grindr, which first launched in 2009, has exploded into the largest and most popular all-male location-based social network out there. With more than 3.5 million guys in 192 countries around the world.  Grindr is a simple app that uses your mobile device’s location-based services to show you the guys closest to you who are also on Grindr. How much of your info they see is entirely your call. Highlight  This platform is completely passive: Users allow the app to track their locations throughout the day, then when other Highlight users (friends, potential connections) are nearby, it shows both parties the nearby user’s info.
    29. 29. ADDITIONAL COMPANIES Glancee  Glancee is a fun and safe way to meet new people nearby who share friends and interests with you.  Explore the profiles of people nearby and be notified when somebody has common friends or mutual interests. Text or call, meet up for a coffee, and stay in touch. Create new, meaningful connections with new people just like you. Sonar  Sonar is a mobile app that tells you when your friends and friends’ friends are nearby, revealing the hidden connections and small world moments you might have otherwise missed. By leveraging social and location data from networks like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn.
    30. 30. ADDITIONAL COMPANIES RedLaser  Easy to buy! Buy directly from your phone, and our partner retailers can have your items waiting for you at a nearby store.  RedLaser knows what’s nearby. When you scan with us, we’ll share prices from stores right down the road.  RedLaser can help identify allergens! Scan a food with RedLaser, and we’ll let you know about many allergens.  RedLaser can save you money! Scan a barcode (or search by voice or image), and then compare prices between thousands of online and offline retailers.
    31. 31. ADDITIONAL COMPANIES myTown 2  It is a location-based social networking game. Checking in at locations gives users virtual goods as well as virtual money to purchase locations and even collect or pay rent. It’s a Monopoly- style game surrounding the places where you love to check-in. Geoloqi  It is a private, real-time location-sharing app. You can automatically check-in to your favorite locations and set up actions based on those locations. For example, a user can set the app to send a reminder to pick up milk when he is near a grocery store. Furthermore, the app can be set to send text messages to others notifying them when the user arrives somewhere.
    32. 32. ADDITIONAL COMPANIES Shopkick  Offers geofencing technology in order to automatically push “kickbucks” to users or consumers who enter a store. Users can redeem those kickbucks within the application and display coupon codes to a cashier at the store. Users can also receive points for scanning barcodes on specific products or sets of products. Stickybits  Enables users to scan any barcode or QR code and attach content to that code, effectively bridging the gap between digital content and physical products. stickybits also allows users to find tagged content around them and share tagged content on their social media properties. Recent upgrades to the system have allowed for the introduction of gaming elements, and stickybits has been partnering with brands in order to use these elements to unlock content and incentives.
    33. 33. APPENDIX
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