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Branding For Artists


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branding is not just for the big brands, branding can help artists communicate who they are to their intended audience.

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Branding For Artists

  1. 1. from the brand personality experts Marilyn Kass + Linda Button
  2. 5. what comes to mind when you see the following brands?
  3. 8. what do you feel when you see the following brands?
  4. 12. brands ^ logos
  5. 13. brands = feelings
  6. 14. “ People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou
  7. 15. what do you want people to feel about you?
  8. 16. be very specific
  9. 18. shoe fetish
  10. 20. $45 $450
  11. 21. brands = value
  12. 22. your brand is how others describe you when you’re not in the room
  13. 23. If you don’t define your brand others will
  14. 25. know your audience inspire emotion choose your message
  16. 27. know your audience who are your clients/customers?
  17. 28. where do they live? where do they work? what do they love about your work? what else do they love? what do they value? know your audience
  18. 29. inspire emotions
  19. 30. inspire emotion choose one image
  20. 31. inspire emotions how do you want to make people feel about your work?
  21. 32. Edgy Expressive Enchanted Effervescent Elegant Ebullient Feisty Flowing Fresh Friendly Flamboyant Free-spirited Feminine   Gentle Gutsy Glowing High-spirited Hot Impassioned Irreverent Impish Adventurous Adorable Artsy Amused Affectionate Alluring   Balanced Beautiful Bold Brave Bright   Childlike Clever Connected Colorful Complex Classy Cheerful Deep Dazzling Dreamy Dynamic   Joyful Jaunty Limpid Luscious Lively Light-hearted Magical Mystical Mellow Naughty Natural Outdoorsy Organic Optimistic Opulent Playful Pensive Precious Polished Peaceful Powerful Quiet Racy Radiant Romantic Rowdy Refined Spontaneous Saucy Spirited Sassy Spicy Serene Sexy Tender Twinkling Traditional Uninhibited Urbane Visionary Vibrant Warm Wholesome Witty Whimsical Youthful Zesty Zany   choose two words
  22. 33. inspire emotions choose three colors
  23. 34. inspire emotion answer these questions what’s unique about your work? what do you do best? what are you known for ? what do you want to be known for? what do you do that no one else does? what are you most passionate about?
  24. 35. inspire emotion take your answers and circle six of the most most relevant words words that help you stand out
  25. 36. take all your answers and plug them into the brand palette IMAGE FEELINGS COLORS AUDIENCE WORDS
  26. 37. does your palette ring true? does the palette work as a whole? does the image you selected work with your colors? does it evoke the feelings you want? would your audience respond positively to your image and words? do all the components compliment each other? Run this by your friends and colleagues - ask them to weigh-in, then try it on and modify as needed
  27. 38. recap
  28. 39. branding = feeling
  29. 40. branding = value if you don’t define your brand others will
  30. 41. know your audience inspire emotion choose your message
  31. 42. Thank you! Marilyn Kass [email_address] Linda Button [email_address]