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How to put up a bug free environment

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How to put up a bug free environment

  1. 1. How to put up a bug free environment?
  2. 2. Introduction o Studies performed in past some day’s show that around to 40% of system failures are affected by software bugs o Common storage and concurrency related bugs account for up to 60% of system a and security problems o Reducing software bugs in your app is the best way to increase the stability, reliability and security of your software
  3. 3. Beta Tests o Beta tests play a major role with making your software’s quality good o Major releases should be tested by end-users and customers before going ahead o Also assure that your Software turn up a high quality standard before giving it to beta testers
  4. 4. Code Reviews o Developers should evaluate your source code on a regular basis o Pair programming is a useful technique where two developers code together for longer time, isn’t for all and is often not desired o But complex, main or security related code very much benefits from code reviews and will get better your code quality
  5. 5. Automated Tests o It is like unit tests or automated GUI tests can be used to assure the functionality of, application programming interfaces (APIs), application modules and user interfaces o You don’t need to be a test-driven development genius to make good utilize of automated tests o There are lots of unit testing frameworks, web and GUI testing tools out there that you can utilize.
  6. 6. Error Reporting o You first have to know which type of errors your users and customers are experiencing o Many end users of trial software won’t get in communication with you to account any errors o They will directly remove your app and test an opposing product
  7. 7. Logging o Using log files during development and production usage is a significant and useful technique to  Identify bugs  Find concurrency problems  To explore and identify why an application worn-out o Advanced logging tools are also gifted to log trace threads, complete objects, and distributed systems
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