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Crm and student relationship


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Published in: Education
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Crm and student relationship

  1. 1. CRM, Student Communicationand Student RelationshipManagement in the CloudCase Study
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  3. 3. 3Case StudyKey Drivers■ Supporting learners in newresponsive and innovativeways.■ Communicating effectivelyand efficiently with learners.■ Improving individualisedmarketing and applicanttracking.■ New ways of working andtracking learners.Intended BeneficiariesLearners, employers, prospectivelearners, partners and staffColleges and ProjectsBrockenhurst College, Cloud Student Relationship ManagementCity College Coventry HTML 5 Cloud Technology to deliver Mobile AppGloucestershire College Cloud Computing in FE (Implementing Software as a Service)SummaryBrockenhurst College’s project is a collaborative project run by the Wessex Shared Services (an AoCsupported, shared service initiative). A home-grown system ‘Emily’ has played a critical role for nearlya decade now in driving forward the effectiveness of the College to recruit, support and retain theirlearners. Brockenhurst are now re-platforming in the Cloud, using Microsoft Azure, to continue tosupport their learners in new, responsive and innovative ways.City College Coventry’s project aims to support students and communicate critical information to them.This uses Cloud Mobile technology to deliver an HTML5 mobile app.Gloucestershire College’s project has been driven by the need for a single system to track and supportlearners on their journey onwards from first engaging with the college. It is based on the development ofa new college website which is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Cloud.
  4. 4. 4Case StudyImpact to date and anticipatedBrockenhurst’s project is at the stage of completing technical development. Impact at this stage has beenthe experience gained by the project team and using the development to inform the development of asystems strategy for Wessex Share Services that launches in June 13.Gloucestershire’s project is going through the digital planning exercise and tender process to select theappropriate partner, with a planned implementation date in October 13. City College Coventry’s project has been engaged in development and testing. The App is published onthe Google App store and is awaiting approval of the App by Apple.Brockenhurst College:” As we move forward in the collaborative world of Wessex Education SharedServices initiative) we expect our adoption of cloud-based services to increase significantly and rapidly.Our learning from this project will be invaluable in ensuring that the options are well-understood”.City College Coventry:” We have been developing HTML 5 mobile app to give access to all the criticalInformation systems to the current students. The key outcome of the project is the genuine enagementwith Student community and developing a system which supports their needRequirement document for the App produced, based on the student feedback”.Gloucestershire College: “ Projected benefits include considerable impact on the service that we canprovide to our applicants and efficiencies at each stage of the sales funnel (customer journey)”.Supplier engagement experiencesBrockenhurst College: “An effective relationship was established with the Microsoft UK Azure team”.Technical and Security ChallengesBrockenhurst College: “There is a risk that there is no redundancy on the internet connectivity availableto the college in Brockenhurst and that this will lead to service inaccessibility once in the cloud (offcampus). Discussions have been started with telecoms providers to identify alternatives so as to supportgreater resiliency”.
  5. 5. 5Case StudyBrockenhurst College: “Due diligence was undertaken to test data transfer security and hosting, incompliance with data protection legislation”.City College Coventry: “The new technology used to create the App created a sharp learning curvefor the team. Cloud technology has some limitations, and as it stands will not achieve a full nativeapplication functionality .More features can be created on web Apps and then integrated into Mobilecloud App”.Change Management experienceCritical to Brockenhurst and Wessex Shared Services’ successful change management, has been detailed projectplanning and monitoring - including well considered risk analysis. In forming the partnership, time has to beallowed for the TUEPing of staff from colleges to the partnership.Brockenhurst College: There has been rapid learning by the project team about relevant technologies. The project isalready informing wider Wessex Shared Services options and choices”.Brockenhurst College: “We have been using team foundation service to manage the project using Scrumtechniques. All work and code is hosted using the service, which integrates simply with Azure”.Return on InvestmentBrockenhurst College: “The services are not yet deployed in a live environment. This will be completedduring June 2013, at which time initial data about on-going sustainable cost savings will be gathered.During the project to date, no new server infrastructure (physical or virtual) has been deployed on collegepremises. Traditionally at least one new server would have been purchased for an implementation ofthis sort, more likely two (data and applications delivered separately). We can therefore estimate a costavoidance to date of c£10k on hardware”.City College Coventry:” To create a native Mobile App on each platform would cost the college at least 50development days per platform , so for 3 platforms at least - £75KAccess to college information portals for students is also available on the Mobile platform which shouldkeep them up to data with college information, and thereby increasing the college retention figures”.
  6. 6. 6Case StudyLessons LearnedBrockenhurst College: “Project progress is much easier where existing staff skills can be adapted and built upon(rather than cast out because an entirely new technology is introduced). Skills in Microsoft technologies arewidely available and the Azure platform provides highly relevant learning opportunities for the team”.Gloucestershire College: “We advise spending significant time on the design of the site and its’ proposedfunctionality concurrently with the selection of the web site platform (rather than consecutively). This savessignificant time in the overall process. We also advise ensuroing that all stakeholders are involved in the boththese processes”.
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