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Syria.The conflict in Syria.


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Презентацию приготовила Койнова Дарья, ученица 9 класса МКОУ «ТООШ».

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Syria.The conflict in Syria.

  1. 1. Syria. The conflict in Syria.
  2. 2.  Syria is a country in the middle East, bordered by Lebanon and Israel to the southwest, Jordan to the South, Iraq to the East and Turkey to the North. Bordered by the Mediterranean sea to the West.
  3. 3. The conflict began on the 15th of March in 2011. And it is not resolved yet. It is a political conflict takes "impossible brutality".
  4. 4. What is actually the cause of the civil war in Syria? Since 2006, in Syria began a drought. Almost a million Syrian citizens because of this have lost their livelihoods. March 15, 2011, after demonstrations broke out protests, which quickly escalated into nationwide protests that gripped the entire country. The government has thrown its army to suppress. Then like all revolutions and civil wars – everything went according to thumb. They began to form militias that stormed the city and fought with government troops.
  5. 5. There is a lot of variants for conflict resolution: 1) to respect human rights, to give people freedom 2) to address the UN with a request to consider the problem 3) to organise a strike in support of the people. 4) select the resolution of conflict depends on the people, the state and compromise solutions. Possible resolution of the conflict
  6. 6. I hope for a speedy resolution of the conflict. After all, the people of Syria, too, they want a peaceful sky over their heads...
  7. 7.  There is a good news: Washington and Moscow have agreed terms for a ceasefire in Syria. Hostilities will halt at midnight on February the 27th.
  8. 8. Презентацию приготовила Койнова Дарья, ученица 9 класса МКОУ «ТООШ»