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Evolution of retail in india


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how modern retail started in india
why so demanding retail industry
why its grwoing so fast

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Evolution of retail in india

  1. 1.  People exchanged services and goods for other services and goods in return
  2. 2. India using airbus, mobile Tab, pc, laptop etc Huge change in our life  Metro rail way  Mars Orbiter Mission  Missile man
  3. 3.  Always have a vision and a clear goal before taking the next step.  Start every day with a challenge, this will keep you motivated  Take risks and learn from your own experience  You cannot worry too much about the faults you've done in the past, move on. To achieve great things in the future  Knowledge is lost without putting it into practice
  4. 4. 1980 ‘s Organised retailing in India slowly began Among the first companies were Bombay Dyeing, Raymonds, S kumar’s and Grasim. TITAN: A market of premium watches that successfully created an organised retailing concept in India` by establishing a series of elegant showrooms .
  5. 5.  The Indian retail market is currently estimated at USD 600 billion,(2020 expected $1 trillion)  Food segment contribution largest part of total value of retail market.   Expected in the year of 2018, India will 12th largest luxury retail market in the world.  Retail has become largest source of employment.
  6. 6.  Effective forecasting  Strong balance sheet  Stock control  Market position  Creating system in retail  Hiring right employees  Good marketing  Customer service
  7. 7.  Low growth consumer markets  Unable to control cost   Wrong price image  Supply chain disruptions  Failure to respond, shifting consumer behaviour  E-commerce
  8. 8. Digital India Innovative and also creative Less time, Youth wants employment Go for Win win retail sector .....