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Ppt on retail management


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by pawan sharma

Published in: Business, Technology

Ppt on retail management

  1. 1. PPT ON RETAIL MANAGEMENT Submitted to Rubina Ma’am Submitted by Pawan sharma
  2. 2. RETAILING According to Kotler: “Retailing includes all the activities involved in selling goods or services to the final consumers for personal, non business use” It is responsible for matching individual demands of the consumer with supplies of all the manufacturers.
  3. 3. RETAIL MANAGEMENT The various processes which help the customers to procure the desired merchandise from the retail stores for their end use refer to retail management. Retail management includes all the steps required to bring the customers into the store and fulfill their buying needs.
  4. 4. WHY RETAIL MANAGEMENT ? Retail management saves time and ensures the customers easily locate their desired merchandise and return home satisfied. An effective management avoids unnecessary chaos at the store.
  5. 5. “’WHEEL OF RETAILING” High-priced Low-priced merchandise merchandise top range high value store store Trading up mid- price merchandise mid-range store
  6. 6. EVOLUTION OF RETAIL IN INDIA Established Emerging Traditional formats Formats Kirana shops Exclusive retail outlets Formats Convenience/ Hypermarket  Haats Internal retail department stores  Melas PDS/ Malls / Specialty Malls fair price shops Multiplexes Mandis etc. Pan/ Beedi shops Fast food outlets Service galleries
  7. 7. INDIAS LARGEST RETAIL CHAINS:1. PDS: 463,0002. Post offices: 160,0003. KVIC: 7,0004. CSD Stores:3,400(source business world marketing White book 2005)
  8. 8. FACTORS INFLUENCING RETAIL MANAGEMENT Social Legal Economical Political Technological
  9. 9.  Social how consumers, households and communities behave and their beliefs. For instance, changes in attitude towards health, or a greater number of pensioners in a population. Legal the way in which legislation in society affects the business. E.g. changes in employment laws on working hours. Economic how the economy affects a business in terms of taxation, government spending, general demand, interest rates, exchange rates and European and global economic factors. Political how changes in government policy might affect the business e.g. a decision to subsidies building new houses in an area could be good for a local brickworks. Technological how the rapid pace of change in production process and product innovation affect an organization.