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Social Media Publishing & Aggregation


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A presentation on online tools that can be used for publishing and aggregation of multiple social media channels.

Social Media Publishing & Aggregation

  1. 1. Publishing and Aggregation of Social Media Mahesh Patwardhan Digital and New Media Consultant
  2. 2. Publishing and Aggregating Tools Today, the choice of Social Media channels available is simply mind boggling. There was a time when you could individually monitor, post and keep track of them quite easily. Today, that’s not the case any more. If you are an active social media person then you need tools that will make this task a lot simpler for you.
  3. 3. Publishing and Aggregating Tools There are many online tools available that will allow you to publish to multiple social media platforms simultatneously. You can configure how many and which channels you want to post to at the same time using these online tools. Similarly, you can also aggregate from multiple channels using online tools. Let’s take a look at a few examples here.
  5. 5. This is a service which allows you to post to multiple social media channels at the same time
  6. 6. Dashboard The dashboard gives you an overall view of all the services that you have configured to post to. You can add/remove services from here. You can use the text box provided to type in your message.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Pixelpipe Pixelpipe is another online tool that allows you to post to multiple social media channels at the same time.
  9. 9. pixelpipe You can categorize your destinations and then select categories of destinations to upload your content to.
  10. 10. pixelpipe
  11. 11. Publishing from your mobile You can upload photos, videos and text to all your social media channels directly from your mobile.
  12. 12. ShoZu ShoZu is a utility that you can install on your mobile and use to upload your photos, videos or text directly from your mobile to social media sites.
  13. 13. ShoZu With ShoZu installed on your phone you can upload photos, videos and text directly from your mobile phone to various social media channels You have the option of defining one main destination and other cc destinations. This way you can upload your content to multiple destinations at the same time.
  14. 14. ShoZu If you want to upload your photos directly to flickr, you can configure the ShoZu utility to directly send a photo as soon as you click, or you can have it confirm the upload. You can pick the photos you want to upload to flickr and send them.
  15. 15. Gravity – Twitter Client Gravity is a twitter client that allows you to tweet directly from your mobile.
  16. 16. Gravity Twitter Client Gravity is the first fully-featured and native Twitter client for the S60 platform. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica,, posting of pictures via MobyPicture & TwitPic. It has a good-looking interface.
  17. 17. Gravity Twitter Client The Gravity twitter client allows you to use twitter from your mobile exactly as you would from any web based client . You can send tweets, reply to tweets, retwee, follow, unfollow, search etc. You can post to directly from this client by preceding your message with a ‘p’.
  19. 19. friendfeed Friendfeed allows you to aggregate all your posts that you make across a wide selection of social media channels.
  20. 20. friendfeed There are many services that you can choose to include in your feed. Once you add these feeds to your service, every update that you make to any of the configured services will show up in your friendfeed account. You can subscribe to other people’s feeds also. You can search for keywords and see the results that are obtained by searching all the available feeds.
  21. 21. netvibes Netvibes allows you to set up a dashboard where you can see all your posts on a single page.
  22. 22. Netvibes There is a wide selection of widgets and feeds available that you can configure in netvibes. You could use it as a start page where you can aggregate news, weather, sports, entertainment that you are interested in following on a regular basis. You could configure social media sites where you regularly post so that you can follow all your posts on a single page in the form of a dashboard.
  23. 23. In Conclusion… In this document we looked at some examples of how you could use available online tools to publish to multiple social media platforms. We looked at some examples of how you could aggregate your posts and track them easily. These tools will allow you to organize your posting and monitoring so that you can use your time in an efficient and productive manner.