Social Media For A Sporting Event


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A Social Media strategy implementation in marketing the brand during a major sporting event.

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  • a good ppt on how to use social networking sits
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Social Media For A Sporting Event

  1. 1. Brand Marketing using Social Media – A Case Study Mahesh Patwardhan Digital and New Media Consultant
  2. 2. Objectives, Framework and Destinations Overview
  3. 3. Digital Presence Objectives • To be the one single comprehensive source of all information Information about the tournament • Create a strong brand among the online users Brand Building • Build a strong online marketing platform • Deliver a consistent message across all regions and channels • Use as a relationship building tool. Social Media • Boost traffic to the official website Channels • Monitor conversations and manage the brand’s online reputation • Generate fan participation and discussion Community • Leverage the relationships in communities to promote Engagement brands • To Promote the brand by word of mouth marketing
  4. 4. Digital Presence Framework Content Editorial Publishing Social Media Channels Moderation Operations Analytics Enhancements and Maintenance
  5. 5. Digital Presence Framework Content Social Media Operations • Main Website • Channels • Web Analytics • Scorecard • Facebook • Enhancement • Teams & Players • Twitter • Bug fixes • Fixtures • Orkut • Monitoring • Venues • YouTube • Infrastructure • News • Flickr • Content Distribution • Features • Moderation • Video Streaming • Photos • Comments • Videos • User generated content • Community • Photos • Discussion Forums • Videos • Blogs • Engagement • Groups • Discussions • Photo Sharing • Groups • Video Sharing • Polls
  6. 6. Overview  Destinations  Operations Outpost Moderation Analytics Maintenance Outpost Homebase Outpost Homebase + Community + Outposts Outpost
  7. 7. Destinations Fan Page on Account on YouTube Flickr Fan page on Facebook Twitter Channel Channel Orkut Outposts Main Website Tournament Teams Venues News Features Photos Videos Information User Community Discussion Forums Blogs Fan Groups Videos Photos
  8. 8. Building a Community Use of Social Media Channels Engaging the community using Social Media
  9. 9. Community •A Community was built around the brand focusing specifically on the event. •The community platform implementation offered •User Profiles •Discussion Forums •Blogs •Groups •Photo Sharing •Video Sharing •Chats •Prizes were announced for early registrations and contributions to the community.
  10. 10. Community •The leading advocates of the brand were identified from the community •These were identified based on their contribution to the community and involvement in helping advocating the brand message. •The contributions involved the use of the forums, chats, media sharing which helped promote the brand. •They were rewarded and recognized as the Champions of the community.
  11. 11. Social Media Channels - Facebook  A Fan Page was set up on Facebook  This was set up to spread awareness in the facebook community  Links were posted to drive traffic to the main site  Interesting posts, media sharing and quizzing to encourage the sharing of information and discussion
  12. 12. Social Media Channels - Twitter  A Twitter account was set up mainly for announcements and broadcasting information and messages to the followers  The account was linked to the facebook page for status updates
  13. 13. Twitter Contest •To engage the community and help build relations a few contests were announced on Twitter. •The followers on Twitter had to answer a few simple questions to become eligible for free tickets to various games. •The final prize was for 30 lucky winners to watch the final of the tournament in the VIP lounge with the Chairman of the Tournament.
  14. 14. Social Media Channels - YouTube  A YouTube Channel was setup to post teasers of videos available on the main site  This was done to engage the community of YouTube and help generate traffic to the main site.  The growing subscriptions also help increase the traffic to the main site.
  15. 15. Social Media Channels - Flickr  A channel was set up on Flickr to engage the community on Flickr.  Images were posted on flickr promote the videos and photo galleries on the main site.
  16. 16. Buzz Monitoring Monitoring of outposts and community Engaging the community using social media
  17. 17. Monitoring the web and outposts Monitoring the Web Google Social Website Mention Board Reader Same Point Twilerts Alerts Users • Process and Update mailbox Website and • Process and • Process and Update mailbox Mailbox Update Community • Process and mailbox Update YouTube Flickr Page on Page on Blogs Twitter Channel Channel Facebook Orkut Outposts
  18. 18. Buzz Monitoring and Moderation Blogs Forums Groups Videos Photos Community Twitter Search Google FriendFeed Moderate Alerts Search Community Social Buzz Board Moderate Mention Monitor Reader Social Media Channels YouTube Flickr Facebook Orkut Twitter Outposts
  19. 19. Social Media Publishing - Driving Traffic to main website  Content published on the site was  The blurbs and the short links on pushed to the channels in the these sites helped drive traffic to form of a blurb and a short link the main website  Moderators did this using tools like, or manually. Twitter Orkut Flickr Facebook YouTube YouTub Facebook e Main site Community Main Flickr Site Twitter Orkut
  20. 20. Social Media Publishing - Driving Traffic to the Community Social Media Channels Community Platform • Fanpage Facebook • Apps Photos, • Share links Videos Twitter • Announcement Forums • Community Orkut • Forums Groups • Forums Community • Teaser Videos Profiles YouTube • Call to participate • Teaser Photos Flickr • Call to participate
  21. 21. Web Analytics CMS Operations Monitoring and Maintenance
  22. 22. Operations Online Community Social Monitoring Networks Tools Blogs Forums Comments The Web Maintenance Main Site Content Moderation and Analytics Updates Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Blogs Orkut Flickr Social Media Channels
  23. 23. Operations Web Analytics CMS Ops Site Maintenance • Analysis of daily • Updates of News, • Fixing errors traffic reports Features • New features • Social Media • Updates of Photos, • Customer Care Subscribers, Fans, Videos • Mail Responses Followers, Blog • Updates of Banners, • Brand posts, discussions, Newsletters Communications messages • Systems and • Videos, photos, Network Admin reviews, ratings • Performance monitoring • Capacity planning
  24. 24. Mahesh Patwardhan Digital and New Media Consultant