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Mobile Apps and You


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Mobiles Apps and You is a Presentation by Mahendra Sharma from NicheTech
It describes the market scenario about Mobile Operating Systems since last few years.
How android is capturing the major market share.
How is that creating opportunities for the students in Computers and IT.
The presentation also explains how to make a successful app.
How you can check app performance.
How can you earn from the app

Published in: Software, Technology, Business
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Mobile Apps and You

  1. 1. Mobile Apps & You Glocal Perspective By Mahendra A. Sharma Co-Founder & CTO, NicheTech
  2. 2. About Myself • 14 Yrs of IT experience • Co-Founder and CTO of NicheTech, Web and Mobile App Company • Innovator of Gujarati Pride range of Gujarati Apps • Marathon Runner for 2 yrs in Ahmedabad • Cricket Enthusiast, Still playing cricket  • Life Member of Computer Society of India Ahmedabad • Advisory committee member Mobile Monday Ahmedabad • Member of GESIA
  3. 3. Global Market Share of Mobile OS
  4. 4. Global Market share-Sales
  5. 5. Price Analysis of Devices
  6. 6. How Android is the Winner
  7. 7. Apps Count – Market share
  8. 8. Jobs Jobs Jobs
  9. 9. Today
  10. 10. Today
  11. 11. Earning from Apps
  12. 12. Advertisement Revenue
  13. 13. Advertisement Sources
  14. 14. Other sources of earning Paid App or In Apps Purchases
  15. 15. Admob Earning Graphs
  16. 16. Best App Practices
  17. 17. Good Design
  18. 18. Customer Reviews
  19. 19. Google Analytics Integration
  20. 20. Social Engagement
  21. 21. What is NicheTech
  22. 22. Quick Overview • NicheTech is a web and mobile app company •Started in 2011 •45 Employees •120 Clients •450+ applications/Sites delivered so far •GESIA Award for Best Innovation •CSI Award for Best App •Vodafone Award for best language app
  23. 23. Gujarati Pride •Gujarati Pride and Indian Pride apps •18 Lacs of Downloads since 2013 •21000+ User Reviews •21 language apps
  24. 24. Contact Excellence is not a skill it is an Attitude.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME & ATTENTION Mahendra A. Sharma Landline : 079- 26730091