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Magazine by mag4free vol.15

  1. 1. 17 Czerwiec 2011Dzisiejszy TabbloidOSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA mag4free@gmail.comFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM5 Simple Ways to Get MoreOut of Google Apps16 CZERW 2011 08:20PO POŁUDNIU Andy Bechtolsheim, Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems, and Chairman for Arista Networks describes Arista’s switch to Google Apps as a “completely obvious choice” and says, “It’s been my best experience with corporate email in 25 years.” Arista no longer needs to worry about the frequent outages it experienced with its previous hosted email provider. And the company gets back-ups and easy remote access managed by Google, allowing it to grow headcount by 10X without straining resources.He also spared his IT team from the grind of maintenance, upgradesand patches. Beyond mail, Jeremy deployed Google’s online Request Free!documents, video, archiving and encryption apps to help his 200+research scientists and staff improve collaboration, boost productivityand enhance security. FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMRequest Free! The 2011 Experts’ Guide toFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM Enterprise Resource PlanningMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM 16 CZERW 2011 08:20PO POŁUDNIU3 Tips for Every Start-Up orEntrepreneurial VentureConsidering Google Apps16 CZERW 2011 08:20PO POŁUDNIU Successfully buying and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) requires care and attention. Because ERP automates many aspects of an organization’s operations, crossing traditional boundaries of finance, manufacturing and more, it can be daunting to 1
  2. 2. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 17 Czerwiec 2011buy.Request Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM12 Key Points to ConsiderWhen Selecting a NetworkScanning Solution16 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIU Stories about exploits that compromise sensitive data frequently mention culprits such as “cross-site scripting,” “SQL injection,” and “buffer overflow.” Vulnerabilities like these fall often outside the traditional expertise of network security managers. To help you understand how to minimize these risks, Qualys provides this guide as a primer to web application security. The guide covers: • typical web application vulnerabilities • comparison of options for web application vulnerability detection • QualysGuard Web Application Scanning solutionChoosing a reliable and cost-effective solution for VulnerabilityManagement (VM) is a critical step toward protecting yourorganization’s network and data. Without proven, automated Request Free!technology for precise detection and remediation, no network canwithstand the daily onslaught of new vulnerabilities that threatensecurity. FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMRequest Free! The Top 10 Reports forFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM Managing VulnerabilitiesMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM 16 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIUWeb Application Security;How to Minimize PrevalentRisk of Attacks16 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIU New network vulnerabilities appear constantly and the ability for IT security professionals to handle new flaws, fix misconfigurations and protect against threats requires constant attention. However, with 2
  3. 3. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 17 Czerwiec 2011shrinking budgets and growing responsibilities, time and resources FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMare at constrained. Therefore, sifting through pages of raw MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMvulnerability information yields few results and makes it impossible toaccurately measure your security posture. 7 Essential Steps to Achieve,This paper cuts through the data overload generated by some Measure and Prove Optimalvulnerability detection solutions and introduces The Top 10Reports for Managing Vulnerabilities. Security Risk Reduction 16 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIURequest Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMJustifying IT Security:Managing Risk & KeepingYour Network Secure16 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIU Rapid changes within technology and the evolving sophistication of attack methods used to infiltrate systems create the greatest set of challenges faced by IT administrators trying to keep their systems secure and within regulatory compliance. That’s why—whether protecting five servers or 5,000—measuring the security status of your infrastructure and your organization’s ability to rapidly mitigate emerging threats need to be continuously monitored and measured. Request Free! FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMThis white paper discusses the management of Risk and how MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMVulnerability Management is one of the few counter-measures easilyjustified by its ability to optimize risk. PCI Compliance for Dummies 16 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIURequest Free! Complying with the PCI Data Security Standard may seem like a daunting task for merchants. This book is a quick guide to understanding how to protect cardholder data and comply with the requirements of PCI - from surveying the standard’s requirements to 3
  4. 4. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 17 Czerwiec 2011detailing steps for verifying compliance. FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMPCI Compliance for Dummies arms you with the facts, in plainEnglish, and shows you how to achieve PCI Compliance. In this book Vulnerability Management foryou will discover: Dummies • What the Payment Card Industry Data Security 16 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIU Standard (PCI DSS) is all about • The 12 Requirements of the PCI Standard • How to comply with PCI • 10 Best-Practices for PCI Compliance • How QualysGuard PCI simplifies PCI complianceRequest Free! As a business owner, or someone responsible for network securityFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM within your organization, you need to understand how to preventMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM attacks and eliminate network weaknesses that leave your businessThe Big Shift to Cloud-based exposed and at risk.Security Vulnerability Management for Dummies arms you with the facts and shows you how to implement a successful Vulnerability Management16 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIU program. Whether your network consists of just a handful of computers or thousands of servers distributed around the world, this 5-part book will help: • Explain the critical need for Vulnerability Management (VM) • Detail the essential best-practice steps of a successful VM Program • Outline the various VM Solutions - including the pros & cons of each • Highlight the award-winning QualysGuard VM solution • Provide a 10-point checklist for removing vulnerabilities fromThis paper covers how small and medium-sized organizations your key resourcescan manage their IT risks and maintain regulatory compliance withminimal staff and budget.Request Free! Request Free! 4