iot wireless sensor networks security cognitive radio telematics decision tree 5g mobile network vlsi computing networking heory of parallel / distributed computing matlab. sip pilot-based channel estimation stbc ofdm qos e-learning internet of things sfbc comb-type pilot allocation mimo-ofdm inter-system inter-networking network functions virtualization software defined mobile network privacy malware fraud chayd data mining benefit cost capex prediction omn 4g opex resource management dynamic spectrum access cooperative overlay. genetic algorithm energy consumption clustering routing manet wireless network malware detection mimo fuzzy logic authentication blockchain information technology communication pattern recognition image processing cloud computing mobile computing intelligent network signaling tele-learning wireless mobile application mobile device ip mobility management sdn based dmm big data genetic algorithms. fuzzy multi-objective linear programming network reliability stochastic-flow networks components assignment problem linear programming optimization multicommodity multicost flow network graph data mining techniques fraud detection electronic payment systems electronic commerce credit card fraud techno-economic. spectrum sensing resource allocation fuzzy system clustering. indirect trust stereo. direct trust situational awareness grey hole mobile ad hoc networks black hole olsr energy saving system simulation ber wireless communication. mobile mobility bit error rate papr tetra pss kpi mmse long term evolution (lte) iot gateway edge server edge computing applications computer network edge computing animal monitoring lora wan react native wireless sensor networks (wsn) internet learning machine learning télécommunications conference engineering comunicaciã³n application mobile marketing routing protocol and bandwidth gain ebg structure sw patch antenna mobile and handheld devices in the education mobile communication security issues and requireme metric mobile business enterprise mobile multimedia network traffic engineering & op mobile multimedia architecture and network managem wireless information assurance techno-economic mobile network management and service infrastructu performance & optimization mobile network traffic engineering mobile computing software architectures complexity analysis of algorithms for mobile envir broadband access networks and algorithms to cope with mobile & wireless netw protocols architectures algorithms and modeling for tracking and locating mobile networks & applications wireless multimedia systems mobile ad hoc and sensor networks wireless networks and mobile computing software systems and technologies optical computing networking and architectures grid computing cyber trust and security computer networks & communications bioinformatics algorithms and applications cross-cultural mobile communication issues privacy and security in mobile computing and wirel synchronization and scheduling issues in mobile an data management and databases for mobile environme communication primitives in ad hoc and sensor netw network protocols & wireless networks network arch mobile communications and telematics networks consent fair rule based role based rdf/sparql semantic web access policies hadoop data lake integration data pipelines data silo ldpc polar energy consumption. clipping companding routing protocol. co nvolutional encoding partial transmit sequences (pts) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (of hamming codes selected mapping (slm) rs coding peak-to-average power ratio (papr) bpsk data subcarriers rayleigh fading environment. systemc triba rayleigh flat numerical simulations control algorithm stec language malware; smartphone; security bring your own device (byod) model; advanced persi sm hybrid mimo-ofdm rayleigh ml. ostbc encoder-combiner correlation rician gateway nodes lifetime energy. throughput sep dynamic manet on-demand(dymo);lifetime prediction; orthogonal frequency division multiplexing adaptive mutation ergodic capacity multiple-input multiple-output systems multilayer perceptron session key west african sub-region primary user secondary user. spectrum management 4g-wimax commercial and open source; interface and availabi value add telecommunication industry customer market saturation operators modulation order subchannel length. cyclic prefix ofdm symbols jitter energy consumed aggregation filtering overhead delay sensor networks random delays system verification security reprogramming rationalize simulation of energy efficient routing protocol in energy awareness dynamic energy efficient routing protocol (deerp) energy-efficiency cluster head election. ica imperialist competitive algorithm dtn grtr rnd mofo delay tolerant networks protocol spmb fifo spray and wait forwarding strategies mobile networks vertical handover next generation wireless networks. power efficient scalable graph theory virus worms & trojan horse orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) bit error rate (ber) complementary cumulative distribution function (cc rayleigh fading channel cellular interference awgn dct slm dht traffic volume prediction umts kalman filter cellular network delay-tolerant networks roadside units public transportation system vehicular networks fast handoff; reverse routing header protocol; hie ipv4 network embedded linux. embedded system aaa server application extensible authentication protocol(eap) ipv6 network ipsec coverage problem particle swarm optimization differential evolution hardware usb-key; data security sensitive data application active protection; terminal software customizable distance education mobile learning so ftware development sip; h.323; 802.11a; mpdu; plcp; qualnet reminder smart-phone application visually impaired telephony braille android note manager text-to-speech hiperlan wi-fi. wlan ieee 802.11 wireless communications hardware reconfigurations fpga wireless sensor network well-setting environmental applications ad-hoc networks secure routing protocol sampling imbalanced learning machine learning. re-sampling ml keyhole effect fading correlation cross polarization coupling v-blast zf gps; orienteering; map-making; dgps cluster head. binary particle swarm optimization clusters stable routing protocol mobile ad hoc network siemens mobile phones avr landslides gsm vanet broadcasting broadcast suppression techniques. broadcast storm problem smart phones. environment sensing bluetooth sensors biogeography based optimization wireless mesh network cost function big bang big crunch preventive maintenance predictive maintenance sensor arrays cellular networks packet scheduling performance evaluation. gps egt-10 visual basic map. e-learning; negative effect; studying; learners; i virtual private network (vpn) diffie-hellman algorithm
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