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 HOUSE TALK                                   S PR I NG 20 1 2                CHANGING A HOME TO UNIQUELY                ...
drawing                                                      House Talkconclusions                        A recently blend...
As Ken Moffitt and his future wife, Jennifer, envisioned their new life together, theycouldnt see it happening in his exis...
People continued...I remember in 2005 pulling                                                  House Talk…phase twoout of ...
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Spring 2012 Issue Of DRAWING INTERESTS from Macklin Design


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Spring 2012 Issue Of DRAWING INTERESTS from Macklin Design

Published in: Design, Business, Real Estate
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Spring 2012 Issue Of DRAWING INTERESTS from Macklin Design

  1. 1.  HOUSE TALK S PR I NG 20 1 2 CHANGING A HOME TO UNIQUELY EXPRESS A FAMILY’S NEW IDENTITY. …… 2 & 3  FOR PEOPLE AND BY PEOPLE PEOPLE SHARE THEIR DREAMS SO THAT OTHER PEOPLE CAN HELP MAKE THOSE DREAMS BECOME A REALITY …… 2 & 4 Macklin Design  HOUSE TALK... PHASE DRAWING TWO THE KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF THE HOME. SOMETIMES YOU NEED A HEART TRANSPLANT EVEN WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE WAS REPLACED…..….….CONT. ON 4PERSONAL INSIGHTINTO DESIGNING Y OURFINE HOME interests To Shake, or Not To Shake? That is the question that so many of our clients have asked us throughout the years when it comes to choosing real wood or manufactured shake siding.We have designed many shake The manufactured prod-style homes for people, whether on ucts mostly include fiber-a lake to fit in with the coastal style cement—“Hardiplank” asarchitecture or in the woods to fit in it is often referred—,vinyl,with the natural setting. A topic and metal. They offerthat always comes up for these warranties on the producthomes is whether to go with the and finish—many of those“real” shake or the “manufactured” start at 10 and go up to 25kind. People can’t deny that the or even 50 years. Withnatural cedar shake looks better wood shake the warran-and more natural….because it is. ties are looser, and the finish is The reason people hesitate to useHowever, the possible thoughts of usually what is covered under the wood, with its higher maintenancemaintenance nightmares often warranty. The major problem with costs, is also what some loveweigh heavy in their minds, so they the manufactured products is that about its endearing qualities. Itstart to consider the manufactured they often look fake or too plastic does change over time and vary inproducts. This article is not to say because they are missing the char- coloration because it is a livingthat you shouldn’t go with manu- acter of the real stuff. Often, the product that reveals a story as itfactured, because there is a good color options are not exactly what ages. True, if left untreated, it willplace for it. However, you will defi- people want. This is generally the look old very quickly. However,nitely notice a bias towards natural drawback of low maintenance ma- there is nothing quite as beautifulwood. terials. as when you see fresh cedar going up on the side of a house. 12940 OLD FARM COURT 810.714.0000 MACKLINDESIGN.COM CHRIS@MACKLINDESIGN.COM HARTLAND, MI 48353 1
  2. 2. drawing House Talkconclusions A recently blended family needed to remodel an existing place so that they could call it their own. A place where those new relationships can be nurtured and built upon.editorial by chris macklin Price, Quality, Time & People QIn the last issue we dis-cussed how crucial TIMINGis to every project. Successis determined by knowingwhen to start and stop, oreven if it should be done at Photos by Adam Cooke After-Street Viewall. Finally, in this issue wewill cover the point whichstands at the center of allprojects, PEOPLE. Projectsstart, continue and end herebecause architecture is cre-ated FOR PEOPLE and BY Before-Street ViewPEOPLE.When a project is first con-ceived by the home owners,it is most often thought of interms of how people will livewithin or around the space. Ican’t think of a project that Before-Lake Viewwe have done that didn’thave people as the mainpriority. Lifestyle and qualityof living are always the driv-ing force behind new homes/additions/remodels. It alsotakes people serving peoplein order for the project tohappen. Our homes are notcreated in the factory by onlymachines and then assem-bled by machines on site. Ittakes people conveying theirdreams so the other peoplecan help make those dreamsa reality in the built environ-ment. (cont. pg. 4) After-Lake View FACEBOOK.COM/MACKLINDESIGN HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/MACKLINDESIGN 2
  3. 3. As Ken Moffitt and his future wife, Jennifer, envisioned their new life together, theycouldnt see it happening in his existing home with its dark color palette, monoto- projectnous roof lines, and lack of flow of circulation through the house. They could, how-ever, see the benefit of staying on their beautiful deep lot on Lobdell Lake. As they sketchbookmarried they blended two families…there couldnt be a better time to createa fresh exciting look with spaces that would allow them ease of everydayliving, as well as a place to celebrate their new life together. They also de-cided to live in the house during the construction--they viewed it as an ad-venture for their new family.Sometimes one small change in a home can lead to solutions to severalother problems. As we looked at the layout of the house, we realized that theliving room was not functional with its small size and awkward placement ofthe fireplace. As soon as we decided to push out the great room wall another8 feet, everything else fell into place. We were able to move the fireplace tothe wall adjacent to the lake view, which enabled the Moffitts to enjoy boththe fireplace and the lake at the same time. The great room addition also Street Elevation SketchPhotos by Clinton Cooke After-Dining Removed Arch After-Kitchen/Dining Removedrequired the roofline in back to be broken, so we added a large gable that provided Wallmuch-needed character to the lake elevation. Also, the long deck on the back of the Before-Kitchen/Dininghouse would be separated into two, distinct outdoor spaces--a public areathat is covered to allow more comfort on hot sunny days and rainy days, anda private deck that is an extension of the master suite. Finally, the home re-ceived a new color scheme of navy blue and white, as well as a more invitingfront porch and cedar shake accents to complement the existing lap siding.Continue on to page 4 to see how the this family conducted phase two oftheir project. Everything else was updated in the first phase but the finalmove was to conduct a heart transplant by remodeling the kitchen. Builder: Exceptional Homes—810.348.0083 Rod & Dave Day Lake Elevation Sketch MACKLINDESIGN.SMUGMUG.COM HTTP://WWW.LINKEDIN.COM/PUB/CHRIS-MACKLIN/22/A49/704 3
  4. 4. People continued...I remember in 2005 pulling House Talk…phase twoout of the office complex and A few years after the construction dust This helped focus the view towards theonto Fenton Road and pray- had settled from phase 1 of the project, lake and provide two circulation to God that I felt too dis- they started to realize that the heart of Coupling this with booth style seating inconnected, relationally, to the home was still not flowing effectively the eating area helped gain better ac-some of our clients. We in their daily lives. They had altered cess to the covered deck. More day-were very busy with a good almost everything except the kitchen light was brought into the space throughsize workload and I felt that it and it needed a major change. It was added windows along with the openingstarted to take a toll on our the main thoroughfare from the garage between base and upper cabinetsclient relationships. Most of and utility area into the rest of the which allowed for more daylight into theour clients didn’t necessarily home, but it was still the main bottle previously dark foyer. A stub wall andfeel that way, but I did—that neck. They needed more circulation so arch were removed to increase the flow that family members would not collide from the garage and utility area throughmeant something needed to while trying to make a meal. Another the kitchen, which also extends the us-change. I told the Lord that I drawback was that the peninsula style able space. Lastly, they updated cabi-didn’t want to be so busy seating was facing away from the nets, countertops, and finishes to blendthat it would cost us our rela- amazing views to the lake. more with the previous remodel/tionships. I needed more The first thing was to remove the wall in in the office so that we the foyer to gain a few more inches in The heart was transplanted and nowcould better serve our cli- the kitchen so that an island could work. the family flows better than before.ents. Very shortly after thatmy brother Dave started do- Livinging some work for us, and Room Stairbefore I knew it he was with Frontus full-time and remained Mech./Plumb. Foyer Relocated to Porchover the next few years. Chase in CabinetIn the last year, when work Replace Removedstarted to pick up again, I Chairs w/ Wallhad a similar request to my Booth RangeFather. Low and behold, I Seating Diningreceived a resume from Tim & BenchMcCotter. When we firstmet, I could see right away Removedthat, in addition to his fine Stub Wallarchitectural skills, he would & Archalso serve our clients by put- Covered Ref. Pan. Deck Garageting their needs and dreams Mud/Laundryabove his desire to just cre-ate a good building.He has been with us sinceOctober for that very reason. What we do ... Founded in 2001, Christopher Macklin Design, is a residential design firm that specializesPrice, quality, and time are in the design of fine new homes, renovations and additions. Our focus is to provide eachmajor factors in designing client with creative and personal solutions for their unique needs. Each client is distinct;and building a new home, therefore each project should reflect this by being one of a kind. Throughout the designbut PEOPLE— you, our cli- process, we work to polish our client’s dreams and ambitions to arrive at a functional andents — will always be our aesthetically pleasing priority. Design Services Scope of Services  New Homes  Pre-Design & Planning  Remodels & Additions  Preliminary Design  Facade Renovations  Zoning Board Submittals  Feasibility Studies  Schematic Design w/ Cost Estimate  Existing Conditions Analysis  Construction Documents  Inclusive Design  Bidding & Negotiating  Interior Design  Construction Observation  Renderings (Concept & Character Drawings)  Project Management 12940 OLD FARM COURT 810.714.0000 MACKLINDESIGN.COM CHRIS@MACKLINDESIGN.COM HARTLAND, MI 48353 4