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20140701 etm Ispra Europa Terzo Mondo


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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20140701 etm Ispra Europa Terzo Mondo

  1. 1. Europa Terzo Mondo (ETM) On behalf of the ETM Committee http:// -
  2. 2. Who we Are • Europe Third World (ETM) is a no- profit association founded in 1968 by staff members of the European Commission • 100% of collected funds go towards funding concrete projects
  3. 3. What we do • ETM helps people in developing countries by funding micro-projects (e.g., equipment for schools and hospitals, water tanks) • ETM micro-projects mainly focus on : • Agriculture/Food security: irrigation, construction of wells, support of cooperatives, training, etc. • Health: access to basic health services, water and sanitation; treatment of AIDS patients, etc. • Education: construction of schools and orphanage, educational material; schooling for street children, etc.
  4. 4. Fund-Raising Activities
  5. 5. Dinners
  6. 6. Concerts
  7. 7. Lotteries
  8. 8. Dragonboat events
  9. 9. Dragonboat events
  10. 10. To do What?
  11. 11. Sports activities for a juvenile prison (Ukraine)
  12. 12. Fish farming (Ivory Coast)
  13. 13. Solar panels in Morulem school (Uganda)
  14. 14. Educational, medical and juridical assistance (Brazil )
  15. 15. Underground water tank District Hospital (Tanzania)
  16. 16. Electricity supply to Naoi school (Uganda)
  17. 17. Extension of a pedagogic center (Brazil)
  18. 18. References • help us organising events such as the ETM Day, the Christmas cards sale, etc.; • participate to our events and invite your friends and neighbors to come along; • inform us about worth-funding projects or interesting organisations and events; • when travelling to a destination where ETM has funded projects, visit the site and let us know about it; • participate actively! Join the ETM Committe or take over a specific task (you can join a working group or a task any time); Get Involved!
  19. 19. References • help us with regular financial contributions (by joining ETM as a member) or through an extraordinary contribution of any amount. • raise anwareness among your friends and colleagues about the possibility to donate ETM the contribution to birthday/wedding/maternity/farewell gifts! Bank account details: ETM via Fermi - 20127 ISPRA (VA) Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Ispra branch (VA) IBAN IT29O0100550340000000001188 *** SWIFT BIC: BNLIITRR Scope: Donation to ETM ***IMPORTANT! Please note that the first O is the letter, while all the other 0 correspond to the number zero. ETM Paypal account: Get Involved!
  20. 20. ReferencesThe ETM Commitee Gianfranco Selvagio Kevin Douglas Alberto Pistocchi Mariagrazia Mauro Roveri Ivan Fumagalli Anna Price Renzo Vivian Lorenzino Vaccari
  21. 21. References ETM http:// President Me Europa Terzo Mondo (ETM)