Twitter: Best Professional Development in 140 Characters


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This workshops introduces Teacher Librarians to Twitter for professional development and as a tool to build their Professional Learning Network

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  • we are going to talk about social media and that way in which you can connect and exchange interesting ideas with educators from all over the world. Learning is often described as a journey, a process. There are many stops to check out along the way. Credit A. Couros\n
  • Your students are probably already learning or ready to learn in this digital space. Do you know where they are talking about? Do you know how they are engaging here? Let’s discuss...\n
  • A good resource to look at this new book. It describes how becoming connected as professional learner is a journey. Available in print and in Kindle form.\n
  • Who has the time to look all this up? I can’t catch up! There is too much to sort through?\n
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  • Demo searching some hashtags: #edchat, #edapp, #sd36learn\n
  • Times where groups of twitter users get together and have a tweet up. #edchat has one every tuesday about 4:00pm (pacific)\n
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  • Flipboard (free) is a app available for iOS and Android that allows formats your feed into a personalized magazine. It allows you to explore and read blogs in a way that is useful and easy.\n
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  • Twitter: Best Professional Development in 140 Characters

    1. 1. Twitter: #BestProDEver in 140 CharactersLisa Domeier de Suárez @librarymall
    2. 2. The Professional Learner Tools to build your PLN (Personal Learning Network)
    3. 3. Where and with whom do you learn?
    4. 4.
    5. 5. Yeah, but...
    6. 6. Find out whatText educators are thinking right now!
    7. 7. Twitter: 24/7 best teacher binder sharing
    8. 8. #hashtag = a instant search filter
    9. 9. #tlchat
    10. 10. #sd36learn
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Twitter Chats
    13. 13. Twitter Chat #tlchatEvery second Monday of the month 5pm Pacific (unless it is a holiday)
    14. 14. Who to follow?Follow someone who you admire andsee who they follow.@langwitches@NikkiDRobertson@gwynethjones@joycevalenza @EMSCarlson@coolcatteacher@cybraryman1 (number 1 @ end)@bryanhughes@digitalnative @aaronmueller@Jyasinchuk @tlspecial@heatherdaly @northsurreylib@JHSS_Library @FH_library
    15. 15. Don’t fear....jump right into the conversations
    16. 16. FlipBoard App
    17. 17. It is no longerenough to dopowerful work if noone sees it. - Chris Lehmann
    18. 18. Twitter Lingo@ a reference to a user, seen by all followersDM a direct message to a user, only seen by the user# mark a word as a hashtag, the community determines the popularityRT credit a tweet to another userMT a retweet, but paraphrased or modified
    19. 19. Twitter User Life Cycle
    20. 20. Don’t tweet when angry.
    21. 21. Play nice on the Twitter playground: Thank people forretweets andshare, share, share!
    22. 22. Twitter in the classroom: @MrDyersClass students share learning with followers
    23. 23. @CHSEckert tweets learning challenges to students and info about Chemisty and Biology Classes
    24. 24. Activity:Let’s create a Twitter account and post item about what we are learning today with the #bctla #psaday2012 hashtag
    25. 25. We ask our students togrow everyday. We need to also.
    26. 26. Source: DaringLibrarian @gwynethjones
    27. 27. Resources Media is about relationships