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November2012 advocate


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November2012 advocate

  1. 1. Boston, MA 02111 Suite 402 38 Chauncy Street AFT Massachusetts November 2012Where We StandW ith the election just around the corner, AFT MA members are preparing to push untilthe final bell and make a differencein this year’s political picture. Allacross the Commonwealth, teachers,paraprofessionals, higher educationfaculty, librarians, nurses and otherpublic employees are getting the wordout and working to get out the vote fortheir favored candidates. While education is clearly a primeissue for this election season, thereare other matters that need to be In This Issuefollowed in order to make the rightdecisions come Election Day. In orderto understand how we can best supportour candidates, it is important tounderstand what they plan to do to 2 President’s Columnsupport us as well. BTU ratifies new contract As a service to our members, TheAdvocate presents this introduction 3 Celebrating Success in Law- rence, Lynn and Lowellto some of the key candidates we areendorsing. STANDING UP FOR WARREN AFT MA members, including Lowell elementary teacher Jessica Weintraub, retired Lowell teacher Mickie Dumont, 4 Diary of a New Teacher: A first year teacher learns that John Tierney Jerry Dumont and Billerica teacher Paul Gaudette, showed up in force at the Congressman John Tierney prides debate between Senate candidates Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. he has much to learnhimself on his ability to create jobs family and to educate and try to better in the evenings. Meet the new editor of Theand support workers. Having worked himself. Despite his work hours, he As a member of a small law firm, Advocatemultiple jobs as a youth, Tierney knows also found time for academic pursuits, Tierney also understands how smallthe value of work and the dignity andself-respect it fosters. He also knows including being class president at businesses work. As president of the 5 Supporting Voice: Students Salem State University (where he Salem Chamber of Commerce, Tierney stand with popular professorwhat it is like to support a family and to also served as a trustee for five years) was also able to support other smallpay for an education and the challengesthese tasks involve. From his early and maintained his focus on the business owners. 6 A View From Above on the Massachusetts Senate Race importance and value of education. As a freshman member of Congress,paper routes and caddying to working Even while at Suffolk Law School, he Tierney immediately found a positionat Empire Clothing in his native Salem, continued to work as a law clerk and in the Education and Labor Committee. 7 Retiree CornerTierney did what it took to support his even cleaned offices in the State House Continued on page 8Rallying the Troops hard work of reclaiming our country right now,” he said, “and I want to thank you for it.” Tierney. “We look forward to spending time on the North Shore talking to our members,” he said.U nion representatives from all best in our country - the best in our- “President Trumka further en- Congressional candidate Joseph over the Commonwealth packed selves - to build the future we know we ergized already energized activists,” Kennedy, III also spoke about the the hall at Boston’s IBEW Local can have...for us, for our children, our observed Teachers Union Political importance of the labor movement.103 on Monday, September 24. They grandchildren. And we will never, ever Director Angela Cristiani, who sat right “Labor understands better than anyonehad come to hear some of their political give up, back up or back down.” up front with a table of BTU colleagues. what we are up against,” Kennedyheroes speak and to rally together for Among the candidates in atten- After Trumka, it was time for the suggested, posing himself as a proudthe causes in which they all believe. dance were Senate candidate Elizabeth candidates and political leaders them- member of the Kennedy clan that “has From teachers to Teamsters to Warren, whom Trumka called, “an selves to speak. had an incredible partnership withtheatre workers and laborers to letter honest woman who’ll fight for working Congressman John Tierney, who labor for decades.” He then pledged tocarriers, over 650 union members people.” Trumka went on to denigrate is facing a difficult reelection chal- work to defend collective bargaining, acame together to support their political Senator Scott lenge, attacked living wage, and other principles sacredleaders, many of whom were in atten- Brown as a puppet We won’t rest until we “right-wing Re- to of the Tea Party publicans” who, he “Let me be clear about what I be- After comedian Jimmy Tingle and Wall Street. reclaim our country for said, “are trying to lieve,” Kennedy shouted, “This countryloosened up the crowd, it was time for “We won’t rest the people who make it undermine the very needs you. Working families need you.AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka until we reclaim foundation of the Our middle class needs you. And Ito liven them up. Thanking Massachu- our country…for work. middle class.” know you will not let them down!”setts AFL-CIO President Stephen Tol- the people who Richard Trumka “We must work Having heard from the candidates,man for his leadership, which Trumka make it work,” President, AFL-CIO to rebuild the union members left the hall energizeddepicted as “tough…compassionate… Trumka said. “We middle class,” Tier- and ready to push forward to electionunapologetic” and fair, Trumka rallied do what it takes...And we will take our ney said, echoing Trumka’s comments, day.the troops behind their chosen candi- country back!” “and organized labor must play a key Said Cristiani: “Now it’s up to all ofdates and their common cause. Once the audience was sufficiently role.” us to talk to our friends and neighbors “We’ll win for Massachusetts,” excited, Trumka showed his apprecia- According to Tolman, the Com- about what’s at stake in this elec-Trumka exhorted. “We’ll bring out the tion for their efforts. “You’re doing the monwealth’s labor movement is behind tion.” ▪
  2. 2. have prevented 280,000 teachers from being laid off, would have brought back other educators who had lost their jobs, would have extended Thomas J. Gosnell unemployment insurance benefits to five million jobless Americans, and President, AFT Massachusetts would have provided investments in infrastructure repair. Senator Brown also voted againstVote on Election Day allowing the Senate to consider another bill which would have prevented teacher layoffs and rehiredA thousands of teachers and other vibrant democracy needs Sometimes our views prevail; school employees who had lost their committed citizens willing sometimes they do not. However, if jobs during the past three years. This to participate in the electoral we do not participate in the political bill would also have kept thousands ofprocess. Usually in a vibrant arena, elected officials will ignore our police officers and firefighters on thedemocracy, multitudes of opinions views when they make decisions. That job.exist, many of which are, of course, is why we endorse candidates. His record is not of that hisin heated conflict with one another. For the election of 2012, the predecessor, Edward M. Kennedy.Those that prevail are the ones Executive Board of the American When it comes to advocacy for thesupported by a majority of the Federation of Teachers Massachusetts values we cherish, Senator Brown iselectorate. (AFT MA) has endorsed Elizabeth not Senator Kennedy. When all the votes are counted Warren for the United State Senate. It This edition of The Advocate has aon Tuesday, November 6, Election was an easy choice. list of those we are recommending forDay, we want our values and views Elizabeth Warren stands for the state representative and state be in the majority. That is why issues we value. She supports robust We shall be mailing literature to ourthe American Federation of Teachers funding for public services, including members in all districts where thereMassachusetts is working so diligently schools and libraries. She supports are contests. We encourage you toto help elect candidates who value action to increase the number of consider seriously the candidates AFTeducation, libraries, and unions. good jobs. She supports the right of MA is recommending. Over the past few years, some of the workers to organize. She supports the Every election is important andcandidates we have endorsed have extension of unemployment benefits. demands our attention. The assaultdisappointed us. Unfortunately, there She does not support a voucher plan on public services and unions, bothare now Democrats who no longer for Medicare. A voucher plan would in the private sector and in the publiccherish the traditional values of the cause seniors to have less medical sector, has been unrelenting. WeDemocratic Party. Nonetheless, the coverage and/or more medical costs. must fight hard and smart. We mustmen and women elected to office make In the October issue of The do our best to elect men and womendecisions that affect all of us. They Advocate, I wrote about Senator Scott who will stand with us.determine funding for the schools. Brown’s voting record. I shall now Vote on Election Day, Tuesday,They negotiate our contracts which reiterate some of those points. November 6.include salary, class size, working Senator Brown voted against If you have any questions orconditions, and many other items. allowing the U.S. Senate to vote on comments on this column, you canThey consider legislation which affectsretirement, professional status, andeducation programs in the classroom. the American Jobs Act. This proposal would have created as many as two email me at ▪ million new jobs nationwide, would BTU Ratifies Contract Proposal: to 20 percent of a school’s staff can Agreement brings salary increases volunteer to leave their school and be reassigned elsewhere (e.g., closer to O n Wednesday, October 10, tee and school site councils, a more where they live). “A lot of people want The official publication of hundreds of active and retired timely budget review schedule and to change assignments,” Stutman ob- AFT Massachusetts, AFL-CIO BTU teachers and paraprofes- adoption of the state performance served. “This gives you a good shot.” sionals gathered at the union hall evaluation model, which insists upon Once the package had been ex- Thomas J. Gosnell, President to vote on ratification of their long- such elements as a specific time line plained, the floor was opened for a Mark Allred, Sr., Secretary-Treasurer awaited contract. for feedback following observations, a half-hour of questions and answers. VICE PRESIDENTS It has been over 27 months since set due date of May 15 for the deliv- Among the topics about which mem- BTU teachers have worked under an ery of summative evaluation reports, bers saw the need for further clari- Tim Angerhofer Patricia Armstrong official contract, so the 49-page pack- and due process protections for the fication were the status of the level Deborah Blinder age had to be explained carefully by small number of teachers who may be 4 “turnaround” schools, case loads, Sean Bowker BTU President Richard Stutman and placed on improvement plans. assignments and excessing, and Kathryn Chamberlain AFT MA Director of Education Policy In addition to changes in language, professional development. With no Brenda Chaney and Programs Dan Murphy. the agreement includes changes to motion to extend, teacher and nego- Kathy Delaney Catherine Deveney Among the major issues under dis- staffing, including the addition of six tiating team member Erik Berg stood Patricia Driscoll cussion were the differences between nurses, eight social workers and 20 to applaud the BTU’s efforts before Marianne Dumont the state’s contract language regard- paraprofessionals to cover absences. officially presenting the motion to Brant Duncan ing performance evaluation - which “It’s a good start,” Stutman said, ratify. J. Michael Earle the district and union ultimately “and we’re glad we could do that.” In When President Stutman opened Margaret Farrell Mary Ferriter agreed to use - and that in the dis- addition to establishing a new BTU the floor to discussion, support was Jenna Fitzgerald trict’s original proposal. “The state’s professional development institute overwhelming, with only a handful Richard Flaherty language is by no means perfect,” (which Stutman called “an institu- of dissenters. “There’s no such thing Paul Georges Stutman observed, “but it is better.” tional monument”), the agreement as a perfect contract” one teacher Daniel Haacker While the district was “adamant” also offers raises to athletic coaches observed, noting that, especially Joyce Harrington Susan Leahy in their refusal to grant teachers and enhances opportunities for para- in an age when other public work- Francis McLaughlin and paraprofessionals a raise in the professionals, making them eligible ers are struggling to keep their jobs, Bruce Nelson first year of the agreement, Stutman for tuition reimbursement and other any raise is significant. With that James Philip comment ringing in their ears, the pointed out that the package included benefits, some for the first time. It Bruce Sparfven Richard Stutman across-the-board salary increases also allows and encourages specialists assembled vocally voted to ratify the Gale Thomas of zero and one percent going back to meet with their colleagues at least motion, which will now go forward to the last two years, a raise of two once a year at district-wide gather- the school committee sometime next Matt Robinson, Editor percent for this school year (effec- ings. week and then, hopefully, on to the 38 Chauncy St., Suite 402 tive November 1), and then a healthy Another point of great interest City Council for endorsement some- Boston, Mass. 02111 Tel. 617-423-3342 /800-279-2523 Fax: 617-423-0174 three percent per year going forward through 2016. Stutman also noted involved changes to what has hereto- fore been known as the “excess pool,” time around the end of the month. ▪ how many other elements the BTU but will henceforward be known as had been able to prevail upon, includ- the Post Transfer Placement Process 2 ing expansion of the steering commit- (PTPP). Under this new system, up
  3. 3. In Schools’ Success, Some Lessons for LawrenceT he high-profile turnaround the Frost has remained remarkably plan for the Lawrence Public consistent in recent years. The staff Schools may be dominating here also represents the whole rangelocal headlines these days, but the of experience, from veterans who’vesuccess of two of the city’s schools spent their careers teaching inmay hold the key for how best to Lawrence to beginning teachers. “Ifimprove education in the Merrimack you’re a new teacher here you get a lotValley. The Frost Middle School and of support,” says Doug Sullivan, whothe South Lawrence East Elementary works with students with emotionalbecame the first in the city to be and behavioral problems. “But it’s thatdesignated Level 1, meaning that sense of familiarity and communitythey have joined the state’s top 500 that has really made the Frost effectiveperforming schools. as a school. We feel supported and Jean Zembrowski, assistant valued and people opt to stay here asprincipal at the Frost, says that while a result.” CELEBRATING SUCCESS Faculty, staff and administrators at the Frost Middleeveryone at the school is thrilledto have their success recognized, Team work works School in Lawrence celebrate their new designation as a Level 2 school.The Frost principal Ellen Baranowski Frost and South Lawrence East Elementary School were recently added to themuch work remains to be done. “We list of the top 500 performing schools in Massachusetts.want the same success for all of our says that her philosophy of educationsisters and brothers in Lawrence,” is simple: teachers are the experts Finneran and Cynthia Roberge, in participate in. The school also has ansays Zembrowski, a former Lawrence in the classroom. “It’s our job as what he describes as a genuinely active group of parents who support it,teacher. “When we have a whole administrators to make sure that they collaborative effort. including planning events and raisingcommunity of schools here that are have all of the support they need and “We’re all united by a common money to pay for supplies and extrasLevel 1 then we’ll really have a reason that nobody feels as though they’re goal, to help our students succeed, that the Frost would otherwise beto celebrate.” working in isolation.” so it only makes sense that we would unable to afford. Teachers at the schools say that Talk to teachers at the Frost and work together to achieve that goal.” Doug Sullivan, who also servestheir success may hold important you’re likely to hear a lot about team Patterson, who joined the staff of the as a vice president of the Lawrencelessons for Lawrence. A majority work. Teachers here work together Frost in 2002, says that constant, Teachers Union, says that he hopesof students at the Frost and South in grade level teams which means consistent communication from that other schools in Lawrence canLawrence East speak a first language that there is less emphasis on what school administrators is essential too. follow the positive example of theother than English and are poor happens in individual classrooms “There is never any doubt that our Frost. Says Sullivan: “Our experienceenough to qualify for free or reduced than on how students are faring administrators are here to help us shows that there are ‘best practices’lunch, yet student achievement at the across the entire grade. At regular succeed.” for how to improve our schools righttwo schools far outpaces others in the team meetings, teachers and support here in Lawrence. “ Among those staff are constantly assessing and Collaboration best practices, says Sullivan: lettingdistrict. determining how best to respond to In addition to a climate of trust teachers lead. “It’s not a coincidenceStability counts the needs of their students. and support, teachers at the Frost say that the schools faring the best in the Teachers say that stability at their For the past five years, John there are a few other factors too. The city are the ones where teachers reallyschools has been key to helping them Patterson, a seventh grade math Frost is home to a thriving after school have a voice,” says Sullivan. “That’s asuccessfully reach students. While theofficial turnaround plan encourages teacher, has been working with four other seventh grade teachers, Rebecca program that half of the students major reason for our success.” ▪ Turnaround Schools Post Big Gainsstaff turnover, the teaching staff at Heggarty, Matthew Debrocke, Nicole 2013 AFT MA Scholarship Program Just three years ago, the E.J. At the Harrington, teachers Harrington School in Lynn was credit a new culture at the school O nce again AFT Massachusetts their guidance office, social studies declared “underperforming” by for their success. “The school cli- will be awarding scholarships teacher, or principal. A packet state education officials, who gave mate is so positive and so focused to eight eligible high school seniors including one labor history study teachers and administrators an ulti- on success, and that’s what makes who are dependents of AFT MA guide and one application is sent matum: Turn the school around or the teaching here so effective,” says members. Every year AFT MA to each high school in the state in risk closure. These days, however, John Laubner, a veteran English awards eight $1500 scholarships November. A study guide is also there is an air of celebration in the teacher at the Harrington who re- on the basis of a labor history exam available on our website. hallways here. Since 2009, student turned recently to serve as a master administered by the Massachusetts This year’s labor history exam achievement at the Harrington has mentor to new teachers. And while AFL-CIO, in cooperation with will be given on Wednesday, soared, and the school was recently a turnaround process can be tense the Massachusetts Department February 6. Once a student has cited by the state as one of the most by definition, Laubner says ad- of Education. One additional submitted an application to AFT improved schools in Massachusetts. ministrators have gone to remark- scholarship is being awarded by the Massachusetts and notified a The Harrington wasn’t the only able lengths to make the school an AFT MA Professional Staff Union in guidance counselor, he or she is formerly underperforming school “anxiety-free zone.” memory of long-time AFT MA field considered registered for the exam. to post big gains in student achieve- The success of schools like the representative Jay Porter. ment. The Charlotte Murkland Harrington and the Murkland are To be considered for the Additional scholarships Elementary School in Lowell saw more impressive still given the scholarships, named in honor Additional scholarships its scores rise for the second year in demographics of the students they of Albert Shanker and Sandra are also available through the row. Since 2010, the school in Low- serve. Virtually all of the students Feldman, both former presidents Massachusetts AFL-CIO. Be sure ell historic Acre neighborhood has who attend the schools are poor, of the American Federation of to visit to seen the percentage of students who while more than 30 percent are Teachers, and Jay Porter, the learn about other opportunities. scored proficient or higher on the classified as limited English profi- student must be a dependent of an Last year ten children of AFT MCAS climb by 18 points in English cient. AFT MA member and a high school Massachusetts members were and 13 points in math. Francine Lawrence, executive senior. The student must also attend awarded $1500 scholarships. Teachers and administrators at vice president of the American Fed- a college or other post-secondary The 2012 winners include Rose the schools attribute their success to eration of Teachers, recently toured school in the fall of 2013. Allocca, Abigail Heingertner, a model of shared responsibility and the Harrington to witness its prog- Brandon Higgins, Kayla Marandola, accountability that has paid off for ress for herself. “What impresses Applications Amalia Mendoza, Shawn teachers and students alike. “This me most is that this is a school that Applications for the 2013 Morrissey, Benjamin Soper, Boris is what it looks like when a school must educate every child who walks scholarships are available on the Stanchev and Sarah Vandewalle. embraces teacher-centered educa- through its doors,” says Lawrence. AFT MA website: www.aftma. Congratulations to last year’s tion reform,” says Paul Georges, “They don’t get to pick and choose, net. The deadline for submitting winners and good luck to all of this president of the United Teachers of yet the Harrington is making in- applications is Monday, December 17. year’s applicants. ▪ For more information call Lowell. “We’re proof that collabora- tion as a process is effective and can credible progress.” ▪ To take the labor history exam, 617.423.3342. result in fantastic gains in student students should apply directly to achievement.” 3November 2012
  4. 4. Diary T hree years ago, when I was LEARNING a senior in college, I knew CURVE everything. I knew I wanted to New teacher get married and to have kids sooner Himilcon rather than later. I knew I wanted to of a New Teacher start my own school someday. I also Inciarte says that he learned knew how to close the achievement a great deal dur- gap. ing his first year By Himilcon Inciarte When a Teach for America in the classroom. Fourth grade Spanish teacher interviewer asked me what I thought Among his find- Dever-McCormack, Elementary education in this country needed most, ings: becoming Boston, MA I immediately responded: “We need to put children first. If that means the super teach- calling students every morning, visiting er of his dreams parents regularly, or teachers making turned out to be themselves available after-hours, then much more dif- ficult than he’d Meet the 2012-2013 that’s what teachers should do.” At the time, I really did believe expected. New Teacher Diarists everything I was saying. Then, just as I had planned, I started The following new teachers will be teaching, got married, and had a baby. successful at school, me for knowing contributing to the New Teacher Diary that teachers can’t be their be students’ Any one of these would have been something after all. parents, and second, the student I during the 2012-2013 school year. The life-changing; having all three occur Or so I thought. What became clear started working with last year. His Advocate thanks all of these fine teachers within a few months of each other was to me as I was working with this continued successes—and trials— for sharing their experiences. disorienting. I went from having it student—by the far highlight of my remind me that children need both all figured out to knowing absolutely first year teaching—was the intense parents and teachers. Bradford Green nothing. time commitment and emotional This is not meant to abdicate English Language Arts teacher, Pickering In this new frenzied state, I made investment required. There were teachers of their responsibility to teach Middle School, Lynn every decision thinking only about mornings when I left home at 5:30 so well. It is, however, meant to caution my family. Staying after school for that I could pick the student up early that many popular reforms fail to Chaya Harris Fifth grade teacher, Mather School, Boston hours to plan lessons and grade work? and help him make up schoolwork. address what my student, and many Doubtful—I needed to get home in Other days, I would worry that he others like him, need most: a parent. I Himilcon Inciarte time to relieve my wife from baby-duty. would have nothing to eat when he can’t help but wonder if we can really Fourth grade Spanish teacher, Dever-Mc- Making home visits to develop good got home. When he got suspended, I claim to be reforming education when Cormack, Elementary, Boston relationships with difficult-to-reach wondered what he did all day while I the nation’s most needy children can’t families? Not unless I could go during was at school. And this was only one benefit from those reforms unless a Karina Dise work hours. Going to work early so that student! teacher takes on the responsibilities of Paraprofessional, Zanetti Montessori I could tutor my most needy students? I finally understood the reason I had a parent. School, Springfield Unlikely—it would mean missing my son’s wake time, which was non- shied away from becoming the super- teacher of my dreams after having Then again, what do I know? ▪ Bill Madden-Fuoco negotiable. a baby: I was already the parent of Humanities teacher, Urban Science Feeling like a failure for not one child. It dawned on me that my Academy ,West Roxbury, becoming the married-with-kids, brilliant plan to solve the nation’s school-opening, gap-closing, education inequality effectively called Eliana Martinez difference-making teacher I had for teachers to become their students’ Social studies teacher, Lawrence High envisioned, I tried to become that parents. School, Lawrence teacher for at least one child. For this As I start my second year of teaching, one student, I would do and be all I much has changed: I am now teaching Amanda Perez could. I did everything on my list and If you’d like to receive an another grade level, in a new language, Middle school teacher, Sarah Greenwood then some, even taking him to doctor’s at a different school; I no longer feel electronic version of the School, Dorchester. appointments and bringing him home anxious when I’m away from my family Advocate, send an email to to meet my family. and I no longer view extra time spent Please Robert Tobio When the student passed sixth grade before or after school as a punishment. Math and special education teacher, Mary include your home mailing after being on the brink of dropping Despite these changes, much has also Lyon Pilot School, Brighton. out, we both celebrated—he for being stayed with me: First, the realization address for identification.New Advocate Editor Ready to Go a Few Rounds nity would allow him to combine his passions of writing, education, andI supporting colleagues, Robinson ac- t has been a time of great change for school serve its students more effec- cepted the offer to become our editor our new editor, Matt Robinson. In tively. In addition to teaching English and looks forward to the new opportu- addition to becoming the new editor to three sections of students who varied nities this new position will entail.of the AFT MA Advocate, Robinson is widely in age, cultural background, “I am really looking forward toalso becoming the father of twins! and language proficiency, Robinson sharpening my writing and editorial But new things and making ad- also relaunched a school journalism skills while keeping a an eye on and ajustments are really nothing new for program that had fallen on hard times, foot in the world of education,” Robin-Robinson. As a freelance writer who bringing the school’s newspaper from son says.has contributed over 3,500 pieces to nonexistent status to being considered In recent week, Robinson has beenmore than 120 international publica- for a statewide honor and acclaim from travelling all over the Commonwealth,tions in the past 15 years and as an school staff and district administrators. introducing himself to locals to findeducator who has taught every age and He also introduced a boxing pro- out what they need and want from thelevel from pre-K to adult in public, gram to the school, offering an after- AFT and from the publication. Amongprivate, parochial, and other schools, school alternative that emphasized his new ideas are a column in which heRobinson is always ready and eager to personal discipline and self-esteem. To hopes to profile and celebrate notabletake on new challenges and make the support those students for whom col- graduates from AFT MA-affiliatedmost of new opportunities. As editor of lege may not actually be the most pro- FIGHTING FOR YOU New AFT MA schools.our paper, Robinson looks forward to ductive choice, Robinson called upon Advocate Editor Matt Robinson has “I really want The Advocate to bemeeting our members and to sharing our fellow unions to create a series of years of experience teaching in the the voice of the AFT in Massachusetts,”their stories and emphasizing their speaker panels featuring union repre- classroom and in the boxing gym. Robinson says. “I look forward to hear-voice, both within and outside of the sentatives who informed the students ing from all of our members and toeducation community. schools. Drafted right out of the Mas- about valid and viable options in the doing all I can to serve them and help Before coming to The Advocate, ters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) pro- trades and also helped them plan and them be heard.Robinson served for two years at theJeremiah E. Burke High School, whichis one of Boston’s Level 4 “turnaround” gram at Boston University, Robinson was part of a raft of new hires who had been brought in to help this struggling prepare for their futures. Upon learning that he was to be a Welcome aboard Matt! ▪ father and that this editorial opportu- 4 The AFT Massachusetts Advocate
  5. 5. Supporting Voice: Students stand with popular professorT he University of Massachusetts acknowledge the need for informed Amherst has one of the most consent, she took her opinions acclaimed education programs public and shared them with Thein the region. No wonder, then, that New York Times. Tough Madelonithe international corporation Pearson justifies her actions by explainingEducation came to them with a that “the struggle to obtain studentnew idea for a testing and licensing choice heightened my fears of howprogram. Unfortunately, UMass corporate influences and the discourseAmherst’s reputation was almost of accountability silence intellectualits undoing, as students supported freedom and democratic voice,” herone of the education school’s most administration was apparently not ofpopular teachers after her contract a similar mind. Less than two weekswas not renewed due to her refusal to after the Times story was published,participate in the Pearson program. Madeloni received a reprimand for Barbara Madeloni is a Senior speaking on behalf of the UniversityLecturer in the Department of Teacher and then a letter of non-renewal.Education and Curriculum Studies According to an e-mail fromat UMass Amherst, where she has Dean Christine McCormick, thereserved for many years, becoming one STANDING TOGETHER Professor Barbara Madeloni (left) and UMass students is “no connection” between what at a protest at UMass. Madeloni’s contract at the school was terminated after she suggests was the “expiration” ofof the most popular and progressive she objected to a plan to outsource the evaluation of student teachers. Madeloni’s contract and the concernsmembers of the faculty. “Professor Madeloni was an been a vocal critic…and my critiques When asked what prompted her to raised by faculty and students. Eveninspiration during my time at UMass were not welcome.” act in the way that she did, Madeloni so, many of Madeloni’s students areAmherst,” says former student However, it was not until Madeloni explained that her first priority was speaking out. Some co-signed a letterJennifer Mason. “She not only refused to take part in a program that “to advocate for student teachers” who to McCormick and organized a “teach-imparted her wisdom of how to be Pearson had submitted to UMass as wished not to participate. Madeloni in” on campus on October 19.a good teacher, but how to find my a new model for educator assessment went on to explain that her attention As her students come to hervoice and stand up for what I believe that her administration took action was particularly drawn to this study support, Madeloni remains dedicatedis just.” against her. by the Pearson name. “[They are] a to supporting them and all teachers. “Barbara Madeloni was the single Together with colleagues at publicly-traded, for-profit company,” “I was protecting teaching…frommost important figure at UMass Stanford University, members of she points out, claiming the new the...standards regimes that arein my evolution as an educator,” the Pearson team recently designed program represented “the incursion suffocating democratic education,”adds Catherine Smith, another of a new “field test” assessment for of private profiteers into teacher Madeloni maintains. “The degreeMadeloni’s many students and fans. student teachers called the Teacher education.” It is, Madeloni suggests, to which ideas about teaching and“She instilled in me a sense of social Performance Assessment (TPA). The an example of “how standards and learning have become subject tojustice and responsibility.” test requires that student teachers accountability regimes limit the voices outcomes-based…measures that grow Known for her dedication to justice send written work and video clips of of educators.” from business models and marketand to developing and supporting their teaching to Pearson to be scored When nearly all of her students logic is frightening….Accountabilityreflective practitioners, Madeloni by anonymous scorers. Concerned refused to participate, Madeloni felt is to centralized authority; I had ahas spoken out once or twice against responsibility instead to the students, ▪ about such issues as privacy, justified in going further. “I wantedschool policies, but had never been confidentiality and intellectual more people to know that we can and their students.”previously reprimanded for her property, Madeloni refused to stand up to these pressures,” sheactions. participate and, despite pressure from explains, “just as the students had.” “They’ve been angry at me for a Pearson and the school, 67 of her 68 As Madeloni found it “surprisinglylong time,” Madeloni admitted. “I had students did likewise. difficult” to get the administration to Lesley University Graduate School of Education Providing a better learning experience for teachers for more than 100 years. Lesley’s Graduate School of Education is marked by its commitment to the preparation and professional development of educators, innovative and challenging coursework, and lifelong learning. We offer a wide range of learning opportunities: • Master’s programs including those leading to initial and professional licensure • Licensure-only programs • Certificate programs, including Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) • Ph.D. programs Lesley offers programs to fit your lifestyle. Learn on-campus, online, or at a location Inquire about our near you. new M.Ed. in Questions? Effective Teaching! Contact | 888.LESLEY.U 5November 2012
  6. 6. On Campus Dan Georgianna, Political Director UMass Faculty Federation, Local 1895A View from Above on the Senate RaceT he Massachusetts Senate race lican Senate and a Republican House UNITED WE between Scott Brown and Eliza- would give Mitt Romney as President STAND beth Warren has not focused on clear path to full power. A Republican AFT Presidenteducational policy. Each of the candi- Senate would stifle any actions of Presi- Randi Weingartendates has followed his or her general dent Obama if he wins re-election. and Senatorialideological path on vouchers, testing Massachusetts is a swing state in this candidate Elizabethstudents to evaluate teachers, and Senate election between Brown and Warren at themerit pay for teachers. Brown’s voting Warren. Labor to Laborrecord in the Massachusetts State Sen- While Senator Brown presents him- Walk in Malden inate reveals other positions on educa- self as an independent to Massachu- October. It’s cleartion; he voted against using state funds setts voters, (his campaign literature where Warren stands, writes Danto supplement the federal school lunch within Massachusetts rarely mentions Georgianna. “Sheprograms for low-income students and that he is Republican), he walks the supports consumervoted against a 3-year moratorium on party line when asking for donations protection andcharter schools. from out-of-state voters. His campaign regulation of the Both candidates favor better schools, literature distributed outside but not financial sector; shemore technical training, and higher pay inside Massachusetts emphasizes that opposes predatoryfor teachers, although Brown said in winning re-election means one vote lending and thetheir debates that Warren’s high salary closer to Republican control of the Bush era tax cutsat Harvard adds to student costs. War- Senate. for high-incomeren has said repeatedly that she favors Professor Warren presents herself households.”public education; she graduated from as a liberal Democrat both inside andthe University of Houston and Rut- outside the state. She supports con- dent voters he must win over to be training, less regulation of for-profitgers, both state universities. Neither sumer protection and regulation of the elected in Massachusetts, Senator schools, return to student loan pro-candidate has specified how to pay for financial sector; she opposes predatory Brown presents himself as indepen- gram based on private banks that willimprovements in education. lending and the Bush tax cut for high- dent. mean higher interest rates on student The more important result for educa- income households. It’s clear where she In the debates, for example, Brown loans, more government constraintstion and every other policy question stands. said that current Republican Senate over teaching and research, and a re-from this election is its effect on control Apologists for Brown argue that any Leader Mitch McConnell “has a lot of duction in Pell grants.of the U.S. Senate, a powerful advan- politician in a tight race tells people work to do to earn my vote” for Senate The differences are clear in the Mas-tage for the winning party. A Repub- what they want to hear. To indepen- President if Republicans have a major- sachusetts election for U.S. Senator. ity. This is nonsense because McCon- nell’s name will be the only name on The choice, as they say, is ours. ▪ the ballot if Republicans control the Senate. Visit India Over To out-of-state republicans, Brown Winter Break SCHOOL OF EDUCATION, PUBLIC POLICY, AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT presents himself as the Republican Senator to secure Senate control. Who is he more likely to represent GEEO has teamed up with AFT Mas- sachusetts member Lillie Marshall at Master of Arts in Teaching in the Senate, Massachusetts indepen- dents or national Republicans? to put togeth- er an amazing trip to India for only His behavior in the Senate indicates $987! For more details go to http:// that Senator Brown will work for na- Flexible schedule - Financial aid available tional republican issues. Global Exploration for Educators 20% discount for teachers* In order to portray himself as in- Organization (GEEO) is a 501c3 non- dependent to Massachusetts voters, profit organization that runs sum- Brown can pad his votes for Demo- mer professional development travel Licensure areas cratic issues when the Republican or programs designed for teachers. include: Democratic vote is certain to carry. As Educators have the option to earn evidence, his voting record fell from graduate school credit and profes- • General Science 80% for Republican issues to 60% after sional development credit while seeing the world. The trips are 8 to • Biology Warren entered the race. Few voters 24 days in length and are designed can follow the arcane world of voting in • Chemistry the Senate or the side deals made. and discounted to be interesting and affordable for teachers. GEEO pro- • Physics Large donors aren’t as easily fooled, vides teachers educational materials especially on their issues. Much of and the structure to help them bring • Mathematics Brown’s funding came from the finan- their experiences into the classroom. cial sector. According to the Center The trips are open to all nationalities • English for Responsible Politics, Brown has of K-12 and university educators and • History received more from the finance, insur- administrators, as well as retired edu- ance and real estate industries than any cators. Educators are also permitted • Spanish other member of Congress or con- to bring along a non-educator guest. GEEO is also offering 22 different • French gressional candidate. Their dislike of travel programs for the summer Warren probably fuels their donations • Portuguese of 2013, including India/Nepal, Italy, to Brown for the election, but if elected, Portugal/Spain, Amalfi Coast, East- Brown will be pressured to vote their ern Europe, Budapest to Istanbul, way, e.g. “I gave you thousands of Vietnam and Russia/Mongolia/China. * Current teachers maybe eligible for 20% discount. Call 508.910.9050 for more information. dollars and if you want large donation For a complete list of destination Apply Today for Fall 2012 from me in the next election etc.” and detailed information about each The Republican platform and Gover- trip, including itineraries, costs, travel nor Romney’s white paper on educa- dates, visit For more information, call 508.910.9050 or tion show the party’s intent for public visit higher education: reverence for job 6 The AFT Massachusetts Advocate
  7. 7. Retiree Corner SENIOR SEMINARS Preparing for Retirement Marie Ardito, Co-founder (Given by Marie Ardito) Massachusetts Retirees United • November 14th: Beverly North Shore Consortium, 112 Sohier Road, 3:30-5:30 • December 1st, Wilmington, 314Giving Thanks to Teachers • Main St. Unit 105, 10-noon December 4th :Amesbury HighW School, 5 Highland St. 3:30-5:00 hatever happened to thank someone who has influenced your life time for them; for the youngster they • December 6th: Hingham South you?” These words are often and given you something. Then find taught to value education; for the child Shore Educational Collaborative the first two words that a way to express your gratitude by they are a mother or father to; for the Cafeteria, 40 Pond Park, 5:00-6:30toddlers learn to put together. Later spending some time with them. Make a youngster they taught to read allowing • December 12, Rockport Elemen-in life, however, many of these same phone call just to say thanks for doing the great door to opportunity open for tary School Library, Rockport,children seem to forget when and how something special for you or just being them. I want to thank all the teachers in 3:15-5:15to use them appropriately. there for you. It may be the best call you the name of the thousands of youngsters How to Protect Your Nest Egg and The gift of gratitude goes all the way make all day! whose lives they touched and whose Plan for the Right Outcome for Yourback to the Pilgrims. They also gave us Sometimes people feel gratitude lives are better because of their support Family (Given by Elder Law Attor-a great gift- the gift of gratitude. They is not necessary for a person because and guidance. I want to thank them in ney Mary Howie)knew they had so much for which to they are “just doing their job” or just the name of all those who have takenbe grateful, that they set aside a day to doing what they are “supposed” to be what they do and did for granted and • Saturday Dec. 8, from ten to nooncelebrate in gratitude for friendships doing. Even if someone is being paid never took the time to say, “thank you.”and the harvest- Thanksgiving! or otherwise rewarded, when we know I want to thank them in the name of the Understanding Your Social Security Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday someone has gone the extra mile or countless people who have crossed their and Medicarebecause it is not limited by religious extra step for us, a word of thanks is paths and whose lives are richer because • Saturday October 27, from ten tobeliefs; nor is it overly commercialized appropriate and appreciated. It can go a of it. Most of all I want to thank the noonlike some other holidays are. It abounds long way. One’s expression of gratitude teachers in my own name for makingwith tradition, some treasured from to another encourages them to extend teaching the profession I wanted to Living In Retirement As An In- formed Retireeour childhood and others created in our themselves again and again; to “pay it be a part of. I was blessed for so many • Saturday November 3, from ten toown families. No matter how the day is forward,” as the saying goes. When you years to be one a teacher and, even noonspent, gratitude should not be limited to do something good for someone else, it though I am no longer in the classrooma single day nor to just expressing it for can encourage them to enrich someone every day, my appreciation has not All the Saturday seminars are at 314 Mainbig things. We have so much for which else’s life and to pass on the positive diminished, and in fact has grown. Street Unit 105 Wilmington, MA be grateful that it should be expressed feelings. All it takes is a simple “thank Finally, I want to thank all my fellow Main Street in Wilmington is the samedaily and often. It is a small way to you.” teachers for making me proud to be one as Route 38. Please register by emailinglet others know that we appreciate At this time of year (and at all times), of you- a teacher in the Commonwealth Marie at mardito@retireesunited.orgsomething and don’t take what we have we should express thanks to those who of Massachusetts. or calling the voice message system atfor granted. It is important that we let spent their lives in the classroom or are Happy Thanksgiving and may you 617-482-1568. Be sure to tell the seminarothers know we value the gifts freely currently in one. Thank them in the find a reason many times everyday to for which you are registering, your name,given to us. Pause for a moment and think of name of the child that they taught to believe in themselves when no one had say, “Thank You.” ▪ phone number and the number attending. There will be no return call unless you request directions. Either of these com- munications registers you.Mass. Retirees United Honors ServiceA s retirement rights and retirement and fulfilling old dreams.” organizations. As the Commonwealth especially health care-related As so many retirees are living long, prepares a new comprehensive study on issues continue to be hot topics full lives, heath care and other benefits health insurance policy, Powell is at thein the political and personal arena, are more important than ever. However, forefront of the battle on behalf of theMassachusetts Retirees United (www. they are potentially being more MRU members and other retirees gathered at Hillview threatened than ever. Fortunately, AFT soon-to-be retirees.Country Club in North Reading for MA members have a fighter like Andy “It’s a scary, scary world,” Powelltheir annual meeting. At the meeting, Powell in their corner. A retired fire suggested. “We have to fight every day.”Senators Katherine Clark and Michael fighter, Powell now works to stamp out As part of that fight, Powell isRogdriques were recognized for their the flames of injustice and oppression working with his colleagues to makededicated service to the MRU and its that so many retirees face at the sure that any new legislation maintainsmembers. hands of unscrupulous politicians and if not improves retiree rights and With a few hundred of the privileges, including the percentageorganization’s 1,800 members in of coverage that they will be asked toattendance, representing AFT-affiliated pay out of pocket for health care andand other schools and unions in the other benefits. “There will be legislativefields of education and public service, reform,” Powell predicted, noting a newMRU enjoyed a presentation by retired report that is due out by year’s end that(but far from retiring) Boston Globe will surely result in major decisions bycolumnist David Mehegan and a Governor Patrick. And while Powellpresentation on health insurance by was “confident” that the new legislationAFT MA field reepresentative Andy would not affect current retirees, hePowell. reminded the audience that “we are In his remarks, Mehegan spoke of dealing with politicians, so….”is life after leaving The Globe and how While Powell said that AFT MA ishe has kept it full and vibrant through dedicated to preserving and protectingstudy (he has recently earned a PhD all he can for retirees ad for contributingat Boston University), travel and other to and supervising the report in wayspursuits. “You are not your work,” he that will benefit them, he also notedemphasized, “and retirement does not that, at this point, “the report on costsend your life.” Mehegan encouraged for retirees is a grim report.”MRU members to not look at retirement “You are at risk,” he said matter-as an end, but rather as a new beginning of-factly to the interested assembly. As RETIREE RECOGNITION Senator always, however, Powell pledged hisand an opportunity to try things and Katherine Clark received an support and his best efforts. “This is notpursue goals that were inconvenient Appreciation Award from the MRU a cost problem,” he said. “It is a promise ▪or impossible during their regular for work she did to get a maternitywork lives. “There is much to be said, that we must meet.” benefits bill passed and into law.Mehegan suggested, “for going back inNovember 2012 7