TBYR 2009 Elections Release


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Election Results and Information about the new Tampa Bay Young Republican leadership including club President Andrew Dorsey. VP Ash Mason, Secretary Kimberly Hill, and Treasurer Scott Strepina

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TBYR 2009 Elections Release

  1. 1. July 31 Press Release 2009 The July Elections of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans include Ashley Intartaglia changes to the club’s by-laws and changes to the elected officers. Information in this release includes new officers’ outlook on the future Director of and purpose. Communications TAMPA BAY YOUNG REPUBLICANS LOOK TO THE FUTURE Yearly election produces highly motivated executive board Tampa (July 31)--On July 28, the Tampa Bay Young Republicans swore in their new executive board, who hope to take the local political organization to new heights, and spread the message of a younger conservative demographic. Andrew Dorsey, newly elected president, also hopes to continue the vision and direction that out-going president Adam Smith helped establish when he first took the position. Andrew Dorsey released this statement on the future of TBYR: “Building the future Republican leaders of America is at the core of what it means to be in Young Republican leadership. We could be the first generation to have a less prosperous life than our parents. It is imperative to challenge young professionals, singles, and married couples to step up and not let the choices being made in Tallahassee and Washington happen without our voice and opinions reaching the halls of our government. We will continue to be in the community via charities, mixers, and sporting events. As a club we are strengthened by our past, looking to the future. Our region will know that Republican Leadership starts within the Tampa Bay Young Republicans.” Other new board members include Vice President Ash Mason (Senior Legislative Assistant to State Representative Ed Hooper), Secretary Kimberly Hill (Client Services Manager at the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy), and returning Treasurer Scott Strepina (mortgage advisor with Benjamin Ruth Mortgage). Please see attached pages for a full biography on each board member. “TBYR has been run very well and received a lot of recognition for its achievements in the past year,” said Ash Mason. “At the Florida Federation of Young Republican’s annual state convention in May we were recognized for Best Newsletter, Best Charity Event, and Club of the Year. We have plans to do even more this year and I’m proud to be a part of the team.” In addition to electing a new executive board, TBYR voted on changes to the club’s by-laws. One amendment will now make it possible for members to vote during the annual election via absentee ballot, if they can not make the meeting, as long as they give at least 7 days notice prior to the election date. PHONE (813) 476-3720 E-MAIL tbyr@tbyr.com WEB SITE http://www.tbyr.com
  2. 2. President: Andrew Dorsey Phone: 813-476-3720 E-mail: andrew@andrewdorsey.com Website: www.andrewdorsey.com mailto:vice-president@tbyr.com TBYR Member since: April 2007 Community Besides working with TBYR, Over the years, AJ has been involved with organizations such as the Red Cross and Civil Air Patrol. He has contributed to various charity events within TBYR including American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, and the Spirit of Tampa. His goal for TBYR is to be an active team in the community that can drive members toward a unified vision to reach our local charities and make TBYR known statewide as a group concerned with developing tools for members to grow and empowering them to run for office and as the next leaders of America. Business Professionally, AJ has been involved with several local firms. His education is in the field of International Business. This includes corporate accounting, business operations, and supply chain management. Fulfilling a life-long goal, AJ has moved to start his own company, Adventures for the Mind, Inc. As a den of innovation, it leads the way for individuals to recapture and explore the imagination and power of their own minds. His business experience has been in IT consulting, as an IT Network Administrator. He has worked on computer networks and managed EDI systems, as well as exchange, blackberry enterprise servers, SQL servers, POP, DVR, Print Servers, Phone systems, including Intertel, NEC, and others. These have been put in place in small businesses, as well as enterprise level networks spanning multiple locations. Primary Issue: Foreign Affairs - His time spent teaching English in China, and as a student emissary for St. Petersburg College has shown him that the American vision abroad is skewed as to the reality of the American Dream and vision of liberty for mankind. Political Ambitions: AJ is unsure as of this point what his future in the Political World will be. His greatest desire is to see strict constructionist thought return to the government of the United States. A government that works for the people, cuts red-tape. He wants the Tax Code updated using modern methods that would make filing easy, either through the usage of a Fair-Tax, or Flat Tax system. He is wary of the Federal Government continuing to expand. He often asks, where does government expansion stop? PHONE (813) 476-3720 E-MAIL tbyr@tbyr.com WEB SITE http://www.tbyr.com
  3. 3. Vice- Vice-President: Ash Mason Phone: 813-380-7071 E-mail: ash.mason@live.com mailto:vice-president@tbyr.com TBYR Member since: March 2009 Community: As a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Party, Ash looks forward to being involved in many of the upcoming local elections. He hopes that his new position in TBYR will lead to a greater involvement between the two organizations which will be mutually beneficial to all involved. Ash enjoys taking part in activities with his rescue greyhound, Blast, which he adopted from the Bay Area Greyhound Association. He also is a member of his local Rotary club and attends Idlewild Baptist Church. Business: Ash is currently the Senior Legislative Assistant to State Representative Ed Hooper. Before working for Rep. Hooper, Ash also worked for the Republican Party of Florida as a campaign manager for House Speaker Larry Cretul, Speaker Designate Will Weatherford, Chairman John Legg, and Rep. Rachel Burgin. Prior to entering the public service field, Ash was a small business owner in Tallahassee, where he operated an All-Star Gym for kids. On Fridays, Ash would open his gym to the special needs students of Leon County and eventually went on to develop a national competition team of Special Olympic athletes. Education: BS Interdisciplinary Social Science/ Florida State University Primary Issue: Developing a world class educational system will go a long way towards solving the numerous problems all societies are faced with. That’s not solved by throwing money into the system, but by putting an emphasis on how we learn and changing the out of date methodologies that are crippling our schools. Political Ambitions: Ash would like to continue working for the citizens of Florida. Whether as an assistant or one day as an elected official his goal is to stay true to the idea that we make the world better by helping one person at a time. One of his favorite quotes is that “The smallest good deed is better than the greatest good intention.” PHONE (813) 476-3720 E-MAIL tbyr@tbyr.com WEB SITE http://www.tbyr.com
  4. 4. Secretary: Kimberly Hill Phone: 865-591-2412 E-mail: secretary@tbyr.com mailto:vice-president@tbyr.com TBYR Member since: July 2008 Community Kim is a Tampa native who likes to stay active in the community through politics, her church and various community service projects. Business Kim is the Client Services Manager at the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy at Saddlebrook Resort. Education University of Tennessee – Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies Primary Issue: Homeland Security and maintaining a capitalist, free-market economy PHONE (813) 476-3720 E-MAIL tbyr@tbyr.com WEB SITE http://www.tbyr.com
  5. 5. Treasurer: Scott Strepina Phone: 813-732-1914 E-mail: treasurer@tbyr.com mailto:vice-president@tbyr.com TBYR Member since: August 2007 Community In addition to working with TBYR Scott has recently joined the ranks of the Hillsborough County Party as a Republican Executive Committee (REC) member. Outside of Republican organizations Scott can be found giving speeches at his Toastmasters club and is involved in various networking events on a weekly basis. A highlight of Scott’s year is his annual Gasparilla charity breakfast at his home and for 2009 a goal has been set 100/1000. 100 people in attendance and $1000 dollars raised for charity. He hopes to see as many YR’s out there as possible. His goals for TBYR in the upcoming months/years are to support the Republican Party by volunteering on campaigns at the both local and presidential level. Focus needs to be on how to impact the community in the greatest way and how to bring Republican voters to the polls. Business Scott is a mortgage advisor with Benjamin Ruth Mortgage and can be found on the web www.scottstrepina.com. His education in finance and tenure in corporate accounting has provided Scott the balance needed to help individuals with the largest financial transaction of there lives a home mortgage. Education: BS Finance: Northern Illinois University Political Ambitions: Future involvement with Hillsborough County in some capacity. I have loved Tampa from the moment I moved here and would be honored to serve in a capacity that would allow me to strengthen the community and further develop the resources available to us. PHONE (813) 476-3720 E-MAIL tbyr@tbyr.com WEB SITE http://www.tbyr.com
  6. 6. Non- Non-Elected Board Positions: Community Affairs: Communications: Chair: David Atkins Chair: Ashley Intartaglia Fundraising: Marketing: Chair: *Vacant* Chair: Jonathan Torres Membership: Political Affairs: Chair: Jose Herrero Chair: Dan Sullivan Asst: Dywan Washington Social Committee: Religious Affairs: Chair: James Alvarez Chair: *Vacant* Technology & Web: Chair: Andrew Dorsey Asst: Joseph Gruber PHONE (813) 476-3720 E-MAIL tbyr@tbyr.com WEB SITE http://www.tbyr.com