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Lions siliguri greater hospital

  1. 1. New Areas in Ophthalmic Services: Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital Kamalesh Guha Chief Executive Officer
  2. 2. Content About the organization Changing scenario of eye care A new direction: Diversification of Services  Dedicated Retina Department  Sight for Kids  Child-friendly Eye Care Center  Comprehensive eye care – a pilot project  Vision Centers  Hospital Management Information System Future Plan
  3. 3. About the Organization Established in 1982 with an aim to eradicate avoidable blindness Organization undergone many changes in last three decades – infrastructure, service delivery approach & human resources. More than 5,500 surgeries performed annually; 60% free of cost The organization has become financially self-sustainable Training courses like DOT started to strengthen workforce Hospital has 54 beds, 7 ophthalmologists and 46 paramedic staff, a well-equipped pathology lab, optical and pharmacy shop. With the support of various international agencies the organization has initiated new ophthalmic services
  4. 4. A photographic glimpse of Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital
  5. 5. Need for Change Incidences of blindness is still rapidly increasing Diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and childhood blindness are emerging Roles and strategies of new eye care players as well as policies of the governments are also changing Sustaining increased volume of patients who can not pay Growing need of trained human resources for delivering high quality eye care services
  6. 6. “It is not the strongest of the speciesthat survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” …Charles Darwin
  7. 7. New Areas in Ophthalmic Services
  8. 8. Vitreo-Retina Department• Diabetic screening camps• Latest equipment• A full time trained VR surgeon• More than 3,500 OPD patients• More than 300 stitchless retina surgeries and 600 laser treatment in a year.
  9. 9. Child Eye Care• Vision screening – more than 60,000 in a year• Child-friendly ambiance• Equipping the centre• Team approach: Training personnel• Around 300 annual surgeries• Quality Assurance Systems• Continuous Medical Education
  10. 10. Workshop on PaediatricOphthalmology – December 15, 2011 Between December 11-16, 2011 Dr. Ken will examine paediatric patients and demonstrate paediatric eye surgeries at Siliguri Greater Lions Eye HospitalDr. Ken NischalPaediatric Cataract SpecialistMoorfields Eye Hospital, London
  11. 11. IEC and Awareness Activities Social marketing of eye care services
  12. 12. Comprehensive eye care This project was launched with support from OEU Trained local eye care workers conduct eye screening in 5 Gram Panchayats of Rajganj block. The aim is to identify patients through door to door survey, create awareness, improve health seeking behaviour and uptake of services.
  13. 13. Vision Centers Set up Vision Centres in collaboration with Lions Clubs. Aim is to improve uptake of services by addressing barriers like distance. Vision technician routinely conducts school eye screening, OPD, Camp, Refraction, Referral and Spectacle dispensing.
  14. 14. Hospital ManagementInformation System Electronic medical record – towards a paper free environment Tracking performance Managing patient waiting time Building customer satisfaction
  15. 15. Tracking Waiting Time
  16. 16. A Patient Case Sheet
  17. 17. Future Plan• Expand eye care services in under-served areas.• Increase uptake of comprehensive eye care services by strengthening sub-specialty services.• Optimum utilization of the current infrastructure and human resources.• Effective outreach program to improve camp productivity.• Become a regional learning and training centre.• Operational and evaluative research.
  18. 18. Tele-ophthalmology• Mobile van fitted with broadband/VSAT connection• Video-conferencing• Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy and GlaucomaSiliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital
  19. 19. Cyber-sight
  20. 20. Thank youSiliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital